B&B Monday Update 11/4/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/4/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy asks Liam if Beth is still asleep. Liam thinks she loves her old room. Steffy asks if Liam is ok. Liam is a little shocked that Hope wouldn’t have called him.

Hope asks what Thomas is saying. Thomas thinks if she gives him her body then he will give her a place in Douglas’ life. Thomas wonders if she is not as committed as he thought she was.

Brooke thinks they all know that Thomas cannot be a good father. Brooke thinks that this is risky. Donna knows it is risky to herself too. Her marriage to Ridge.

Shauna finds Ridge. She came to find bottled water. Ridge explains that Thomas is up there with Hope. Ridge thinks she is up to something.

Donna is already worried about her marriage to Ridge and now she finds out what Hope is doing. Brooke thinks that Liam would be very upset with Hope.

Liam just finds it weird that Hope is with Thomas. Liam doesn’t think that adopting Douglas is in their best interest.

Ridge hopes that Hope is not trying to take Douglas away from Thomas.

Thomas knows that Douglas wants her to be his mother. Hope thinks that this is confusing. Thomas suggests a backrub. Thomas thinks that Hope will be fine with him. He kisses her shoulder.

Steffy doesn’t trust Thomas with much right now but she does trust him to do right by his son. Liam is worried about a lot of things right now. The more loving people that Douglas has around him is better. Liam explains that Bill has been sprinkling little hints about Spencer. He isn’t sure if he wants to go back. Steffy thinks that Liam is invaluable to Forrester but it is his birth right. Liam thinks it has taken him a while to be able to work with him again. Liam wants her to forgive and move on. Steffy thinks it is time for him to move on too. Steffy wants him to forgive Bill. Steffy thinks that it would also make Pam’s cooking time less stressful. Liam thinks that was a vegan joke.

Ridge calls Brooke and wants to know why Hope is still here. Ridge hopes that Hope is not trying to get Thomas to sign over things. Brooke has to get going. Ridge doesn’t want their children to divide them anymore than they have. Brooke misses him. Ridge thinks they need to leave his son alone.

Hope sits on the couch. Thomas thinks that she is so beautiful. He never thought that they would be here in his bedroom again. Hope knows that his dad is here and there is a community for him and Douglas. Hope suggests that he continue to rub her back a little bit. Thomas keeps thinking about it. He doesn’t really want to stay here. He wants to go to Forrester International. He knows that Douglas and Hope would miss each other. He asks if there is a reason for him to stay.

Steffy thanks Liam for letting Beth stay in her life. Steffy gets a text for a reminder of a meeting she has. Liam asks if that was a dating app. Steffy says that she does want to find a man. Liam thinks that is good for her. Steffy downloaded the app but she isn’t sure if she is in that part of her life yet.

Donna asks if Hope is still there and that is why Ridge called. Brooke is worried about this.

Ridge thinks that Brooke sounded nervous. He asks why they can’t leave his son alone. Shauna thought that Thomas was working hard on healing. Hope and Brooke are convinced that he is crazy. That is not who he is.

Thomas asks if Hope is starting to relax. Thomas thinks that her skin is so soft. Hope doesn’t mean to say anything. Thomas thinks it be a terrible idea. Hope thinks that they would have a lot to discuss. Thomas wants them to be together and close. He thinks that he cannot just put away his feelings. He needs to be close to her when he is near her. He thinks they could bring into their desires. She could forgive him. Hope wants to raise Douglas with him. She has Beth with Liam and is planning her life with him. Thomas still says that Liam is better off with Steffy. Hope thinks that Liam and her will probably get married and they will be co-parents. Thomas wants to be the man lying next to her at night. They have what each other want. They can be adults about it. They can seal the deal tonight.

Steffy doesn’t think he likes the idea of her dating. Liam admits that this is not easy to think about. A man in her life means a man in Kelly’s life with different parenting theories. He is going to exist and it will be sooner than later. Steffy might have him write up the profile.

Shauna hates seeing him get worked up over this. Shauna trusts him. Ridge is sure that Brooke is in over priced slippers at this point. Shauna needs to get her water and head back to the guest house. She kisses him goodnight.

Brooke doesn’t like this. Donna thinks that he will be so upset. Brooke knows that her daughter is alone now with Thomas.

Thomas wants to do this starting tonight. Hope wants him in a healthy way. Thomas asks why Hope is here wasting his time. Thomas can see right through her. She is being nice and flirting. He gets that she is doing what he would do. She needs to. Show that there is a possible future for them. Hope thinks that bribing her for her son with sex is not the way to get her. Thomas thinks that it was a nice night. They should do it again soon. Thomas tells Hope to bring those papers. Hope would like that. Thomas wants one last hug. He promises not to bite unless she wants him too. She needs Douglas and he needs her.

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