B&B Friday Update 11/1/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/1/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy will give Kelly some of the candy. She thinks that last year she was too young but this year she went all in. Liam explains that Kelly tried to grab every piece of candy she could find. Steffy thinks that it is great that Beth got to go trick or treating as well. Liam knows that Hope is still out with Douglas and Thomas.

Eric explains that the winner of the how many pumpkins are in a jar is Douglas. Hope knew that he could do it. Eric gives him a bag of candy. Ridge thinks it is nice to see him happy like that. Ridge is shocked that Hope showed up tonight. Thomas always wanted Hope to be a mother to his little boy.

Brooke tells Donna that Hope came up with a plan. Donna asks what kind of a plan. Brooke explains that Ridge and Liam donít know about this. Brooke explains that Hope wants to gain custody of Douglas.

Steffy is glad that Beth and Kelly are finally asleep. Liam didnít honestly think he would be spending the night here. Steffy knows how Thomas went over to the cabin and took Douglas. Steffy thinks it blows her mind how they expect Douglas to just be handed over to them.

Douglas thinks that Hope helped him guess. Hope thinks he won fair and square. Thomas is glad that Hope is here. Shauna does think that he is doing what is best for his son. Shauna understands why he would support him. Shauna asks if this is the best he could do for his Halloween costume. Douglas asks if Hope can tuck him in. Hope is wanting there to be many nights where she can tuck him in. Thomas needs to get Douglas to bed. Douglas says that Hope is going to tuck him in. Shauna thinks it is sweet that Hope found peace with Thomas. She hopes that one day she can find peace with Flo as well. Douglas asks if she can read her a story before bed. Hope might even read her two.

Liam thinks that Hope always has the best interest at mind. Her brother is her brother. He is manipulative. Steffy doesnít think it is ok for them to be this eager to adopt Douglas. Steffy asks if he really wants to adopt him. Liam really doesnít.

Donna is shocked that Hope is going to trick Thomas into giving parental rights. Donna asks if Liam knows anything. Brooke says that no one knows. Brooke guesses she is going to take advantage of having more than two children. Donna is scared to think about what Thomas might do. Brooke is worried.

Hope tells Douglas that he has to brush his teeth. Thomas has always wanted this for him. Hope will always care for him like a mother. That will never change. Thomas never would have screwed it all up for Douglas or the two of them.

Shauna asks if Ridge had a good time. It was so nice for her to be invited. Shauna asks if he wants to stay for a drink.

Steffy asks if Liam really didn't know. Liam didnít know that Brooke would take things this far. Liam thinks that Douglas has Hope. Steffy doesnít think that anyone is abandoning him. Steffy thinks that Hope is obsessed with becoming Douglasí mom. Hope tells Douglas that he didnít even make it through the first story. Thomas thinks about the first kiss they shared. Hope thinks they had a good time. She will never be able to think about Baby Shark without thinking of Douglas. Hope wants to be a part of Douglasí life. That is why she wanted the adoption papers. Hope wants what is best for Douglas. She thinks that being a mother to him is a good thing. She thinks that they could do the adoption policy. Thomas doesnít want Douglas to lose her. He doesn't want to lose her. He asks if there is actually a future for them.

Brooke wishes that Ridge could see that there is something wrong with Thomas. Brooke wants to get back with Ridge.

Shauna doesnít want Ridge to leave. The two kiss one another. Shauna wakes up from her fantasy and drinks a glass of wine alone.

Steffy is sure that they are having fun at the Halloween party. Steffy asks if he plans on taking Bethís candy. Liam says she can have the damn candy. Liam thinks that this has been nice. He thanks her. Steffy is glad she is here. Liam thinks it is just what he needs.

Thomas thinks that she is being nice to him. Hope thinks they would all get along well. Thomas thinks she is so beautiful. He thinks that Douglas could bring them together. Hope thinks they could co-parent as friends. Thomas knows she wants Douglas. She wants that more than anything. Thomas wants something more than anything. He can give her what she wants if he gets what he wants and they have sex. No one needs to know. He will give her Douglas.

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