B&B Monday Update 10/28/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/28/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge is going to fill every corner of this house with family. Eric tells them that tonight is a Forrester guys night. Eric walks over to Ridge. Eric knows he doesn’t want to talk about this in front of Douglas but they need to talk about the adoption papers. Eric asks what affect this will have on his marriage. Ridge shows Eric Brooke’s wedding ring.

Donna thought that Thomas and Ridge were ok with Douglas being here. Brooke guesses it was ok when she was babysitting. Ridge doesn’t care though. Nothing else matters but Thomas right now. Donna asks what happened to Brooke’s wedding ring. Brooke gave it back to Ridge. Donna asks why Brooke would take off her wedding ring. Brooke asks what the point is if her husband cannot be loyal.

Eric doesn’t think that this can be what Brooke wants. Ridge doesn’t think that this can be what they want. Ridge tells Douglas that Beth is back with Hope and Liam because of Douglas. They all need to heal. He has learned a lot of lessons in this room. Most of those lessons were from Eric. He taught him to make a family stronger. They need to find a way to figure this out. Ridge will do whatever he can to make things right for all of them always.

Douglas asks if this is his room now. Eric confirms it is. Eric thinks they better let Douglas get to sleep. Ridge says goodnight to Ridge and Eric. Eric will make sure that Douglas has a special breakfast. Thomas thinks pancakes would be good. Thomas tucks him in. He asks if he is comfy. He knows it is a really big room. Douglas asks if they are going to. Live here forever. Thomas thinks that this is the Forrester family castle. It has a lot of people who love them and that is all they need. This is another big change. This will be a good thing. They are finally together and he is here for him. He will be the dad that he needs him to be. They are Forrester’s and he realizes they have to stick together. They cannot let anything come between them. Douglas misses Hope.

Donna doesn’t want Brooke to let Thomas rip her apart like this. Donna begs Brooke to call Ridge back. Brooke thinks that Ridge made his choice. Brooke thinks that Douglas needs his family. He doesn’t. need Thomas. Ridge refuses to see this. She doesn’t think that there is moving forward from here.

Ridge asks Brooke to call him back. Ridge doesn’t know what is going on. Brooke has a vendetta against Thomas. She wants him to pay with Douglas. He doesn’t want to take another child from Hope. It never was her kid. Ridge asked for a little bit of time. Ridge just wanted time to heal his family and get his family back on track. He cannot tell Thomas to give up his kid to let Hope and Liam to raise. The only dad he knows that hasn’t made mistakes is Eric. Eric knows that Stephanie wouldn’t say that. Ridge thinks that Brooke looks at Thomas the way that Stephanie looked at her. Ridge is not the enemy. Eric asks if this is the end of the marriage.

Donna knows that Ridge is siding with Thomas. Brooke thinks that Ridge’s only loyalty is too Thomas. Brooke thought that he would see the bond that Hope and Douglas were forming. It was heartbreaking but she knows she has a little girl that needs to be raised. He is relying on the adults around him. Donna thinks that Ridge loves her and wants to talk with her. Brooke cannot talk with him. She is scared what will make things worse. Donna thinks nothing can be worse than taking off her wedding ring.

Eric thinks that Ridge needs to go to bed. Ridge tells Eric that it will look worse in the morning. Ridge thinks that this is disrespectful. This is their house where he grew up. They are the Forrester’s. Eric thinks that Ridge can stay here as long as he wants but his home is with Brooke. Ridge doesn’t recognize the woman he married. He sees a woman who cannot forgive Thomas. She took off her wedding ring. They made vows to one another. For better or for worse. He thinks that she likes to run away. Ridge takes his ring off. He will not abandon his boys. Not even for the love of his life. Eric knows they said things in the heat of the moment. Eric doubts either of them want to end the marriage. He cannot give up. It is late they need to get rest. They can take this in the morning. She probably went to bed. He will see things more clearly in the morning.

Donna will let her get to bed. Brooke never goes to bed angry with Ridge. Donna wants her to call if she needs her. She knows she is not the one she wants to talk with. Brooke doesn’t know what else to do. Ridge needs to understand how important this is. She needs to believe they will get past this.

Ridge goes into the pool house. Shauna is sleeping in the pool house. Quinn said that she could stay in the guest house. Ridge just wants to go to sleep. Shauna will leave. Shauna thought the vacation would be over by now. Ridge explains she took off her wedding ring. Shauna asks if his marriage is over. Ridge thinks that she looks like she should be in a galaxy far aay. He takes off her sleep mask. Shauna asks if his marriage is over. Ridge kisses Shauna.

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