B&B Friday Update 10/25/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/25/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge thought that they were going to help Thomas. Brooke reminds him that they have been helping Douglas. Ridge thinks that Thomas can take care of Douglas. Hope thinks that Douglas is happy in a home with her and Liam. Ridge thinks they should support Douglas as friends.

Donna asks Eric if they are alone. She was actually looking for Ridge. She is supposed to patch him into a conference call in the next five minutes. Eric explains that they are picking up Douglas. Thomas is taking him back.

Ridge will not let Thomas take his rights away. Thomas has been struggling since Caroline died. He is not unfit to be a parent. This is his son that they are talking about. Ridge thinks that Hope has done a wonderful job. She cannot take his son because she wants to punish him. Liam thinks that he feels safe in this house. Brooke tells Ridge that this is not happening. Brooke tells Ridge that this is where Douglas will stay.

Donna thinks that Thomas and Ridge are snatching him away. Eric hates how much this is hurting Hope. Donna thinks that bonding with Douglas saved her. Eric thinks it is a horrible situation.

Brooke thinks that Douglas is thriving here. Ridge thinks that Douglas can keep his friendship with Hope. Liam thinks that they all know he doesnít like Thomas. Thomas understands where Brooke is coming from. He is trying to make himself feel better. Ridge thinks that undermining Thomas at every corner is not ok. Liam thinks that they are all trying to do what is best for Douglas. Hope is the one who takes Douglas to and from school. She is the one that the teachers know. Ridge tells them that they are not the parents. Hope has been the adult that stepped up and now he wants to take this away from her. All the lies. She begs him not to do this. Ridge tells Hope that Douglas is not her child. Brooke thinks that she has been functioning as his mother. Ridge asks if taking Beth out of the only home she knew was a mistake. Ridge didnít like that and Steffy didnít like that. She had every right though. Hope thinks that he will always be a father to him. Thomas wanted that to be with him not instead. Douglas misses him. Brooke asks how crashing at a friends house is a stable environment. Ridge is moving into Ericís with Thomas. Hope gets a text from Andyís mom. She is dropping Douglas off soon. Brooke tells Thomas he will not do this. Thomas asks if she remembers the last time she pushed him. Brooke thinks that Ridge can do right by his grandson. Thomas is dangerous and he knows that. He cannot let him walk out of this house with Douglas.

Donna thinks that whatever happens will have a huge impact on Brooke and Ridge. Eric hopes that this is not too much.

Ridge thinks that this will be great for Douglas. Brooke is his wife. She is a Forrester but he doesnít see her that way. Thomas and Douglas are his family but not her and Hope. She can see it in his eyes. This is the way that Stephanie used to look at her. No slut from the Valley is worthy of raising a Forrester.

Thomas asks what Douglas did with Andy. Thomas has news for Douglas. He is going to live with him again. Douglas thought this was supposed to be his home now. Thomas thinks it is time for him to come and live with him. Thomas wants to prove he can trust him. Douglas has missed him so much. He is not mad at him. He was mad at himself for keeping that secret. He promises to be the daddy he needs him to be.

Ridge thinks that this is about what Douglas needs. Hope doesnít think that this is what Douglas needs. Ridge thinks he needs to be with his father now. Brooke has tried to be patient but ever since he took his sons side in all of thisÖ He hasnít gotten him any help. He gets whatever he wants. Thomas is sick and shouldnít be around Douglas. She will not allow this. Ridge will not let her decide where he lives. Brooke guesses that is where they stand. Brooke gives him her wedding ring. She thinks he promised to love and cherish her above all else. He canít though. He is not capable. Ridge will not allow her daughter to steal his grandson. She is not capable of forgiveness. They have all made mistakes. Thomas will not lose his child over this. Douglas asks if Hope will still be his mommy. Hope promises she will. Hope doesnít want him to go. She wishes that she could stay here. Douglas guesses that Thomas wants him now. Douglas loves her. Hope loves her too. Thomas will get back later for the rest of his stuff. Hope starts sobbing. Liam is so sorry. Hope thinks that he abandoned him. He was scared. He is happy and healthy and all that progress will be thrown out the window. Hope begs Ridge to look after him. Douglas runs back in. He gives her his rabbit. Hope cannot take this. Caroline gave it to him. Douglas thinks it will make her feel better. He promises. Hope wants him to go back to his dad. Ridge tries to give Brooke her ring back. He walks away. Brooke hugs Hope along with Liam.

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