B&B Thursday Update 10/24/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/24/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge thanks two models he was dressing as Thomas runs in. Thomas explains he had a meeting with Hope. Hope wants to take his son. She has adoption papers. She wants to keep Douglas forever.

Brooke explains that they are waiting to tell Douglas. Hope thinks that Thomas will sign the papers.

Bill is shocked that Wyatt is watching Kelly. Bill normally would dock an employee’s pay for not showing up at the office, but in this situation he will allow it. Wyatt asks how Katie is doing. Bill explains that she is getting better every single day. Bill knows that they haven’t had much to talk lately. He heard about the engagement to Sally Spectra. Wyatt tells Kelly to never let Bill tell you what to do. Wyatt admits he is engaged to Sally. He doesn’t want to hear it. He knows he never liked her. Bill reminds him that she took a shot at him. Bill actually came here to hear him out. He wants to know how he really feels about Sally.

Hope thinks that Thomas would do it because of her. Douglas does need a mother. Thomas is not psyched about them being alone. Brooke needs to make sure that Douglas is safe.

Thomas tells Ridge that they want to take him permanently. He is not sure if he wants to get rid of him. Ridge doesn’t want him to sign his rights away.

Wyatt is ready to take his relationship to the next level. Quinn paid him a visit. She wanted him to talk him out of going forward with this engagement. Bill doesn’t think that this is about his feelings. Bill needs to talk about Flo.

Brooke thinks that Thomas is in no condition to raise a child. Hope thinks that Thomas could come in here and take him away at any moment. Liam is not defending Thomas but this is about what is best for Douglas. Liam thinks that this has been good. It has helped him cope. To take on all parental rights sounds concerning. Brooke thinks that Douglas deserves a better father than Thomas ever could be.

Thomas knows that keeping Beth from Hope was wrong and he owes her. Thomas thinks that being alone with her was amazing. Ridge reminds him that he cannot just give him away. Thomas is confused. His head is spinning. Ridge promises that everything is getting better. It doesn’t matter what papers Hope drew up. Thomas explains that it was Brooke who did this. She had her lawyer draw up the papers. Ridge asks how she could do this.

Bill thinks that marriage is a lifetime commitment. Bill wants to forget about Quinn. It be a good thing to step back. Wyatt thinks that Sally is it for him. Bill knows how hard it was for him to end things with Flo. Bill doesn’t think either of them moved on. Wyatt knows how much he hates Flo. Bill does have issues with Flo. He cannot deny what she did though for Katie. Even if it was about getting back in the family’s good graces. He can only imagine how conflicted Wyatt is. He can see that he is right.

Hope thought that Liam was on board with this. Liam is on board with taking care of Douglas but they have Beth and he has Kelly. He doesn’t think it is fair for him to not be there for Douglas. Liam thinks they have other custody arrangements. He has other grandparents who would happily take him. He loves him dad. Hope cannot turn her back on him. Douglas is their hero. He gave them back Beth. Hope knows he doesn’t trust Thomas. She hears the way that he talks about him. Liam knows what it is like to grow up without a dad. He finally understood why his mom kept him from Bill. Thomas is despicable but he could get the help he needs. If they permanently adopt him then he is not sure that is what is in best interest. Hope cannot let him have a legal right to Douglas. Hope begs Liam to trust her that this will work out. They are making this official.

Thomas needs Ridge’s guidance and patience. Caroline’s death left him in a fog. He wanted a mother for his son. He couldn’t rip Phoebe away from Beth. He thanks him for making him a priority. Thomas thinks that they all need to be together. Three generations of Forrester men. Ridge tells Thomas they are getting his son back.

Bill thinks he proposed to Flo before he knew. What Flo did he could see that this would throw him for a loop. Wyatt thinks that this was the Flo he fell in love with. Bill hears someone needs a diaper change. He needs to take care of his niece. He is a good man. As his dad he doesn’t want to see him blinded by his commitment. He ants him to be clear what he wants.

Brooke thinks that Thomas used Douglas to go after Hope. Brooke wants to keep Thomas away. Ridge and Douglas show up. Ridge asks if he showed up with adoption papers. Brooke did this for. Douglas. Ridge tells them to stop. It isn’t happening. The little boy needs to be with his father. Ridge thought that they were going to heal the family. Brooke thought he knew. Brooke thinks that Douglas is thriving. Ridge thinks he is trying to get back at Thomas. Ridge tells them that if they want to do something then take a step back. They will not threaten his child with legal papers. No one.

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