B&B Tuesday Update 10/22/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/22/19


Written by Anthony

Hope asks if Beth was ok in the car. Liam thinks so. She assumes that he is annoyed with her right now. Liam was just shocked. Liam gets a text message from Pam at work and it has hearts in it as well. Liam thinks that Hope wanted her to get a verbal smack down. Liam knows that she is trying to hand this all in grace. He doesn’t want to hurt Steffy more. Hope realizes she took it too far. Steffy is not a threat but Thomas is. They need to keep him away from Douglas. Hope wants to make that permanent.

Zoe will take Thomas’ offer to move in. Thomas explains that Brooke is trying to get Douglas adopted away from him. Thomas thinks that this is the Logan MO. Zoe asks if this is happening because he is not living with Douglas. Thomas thinks that Brooke did this after she forced Ridge out of the house. Hope lost her child so it is ok for him to lose his.

Hope thinks that he has seen Douglas the same amount. She clearly wants her. Brooke asks if Douglas is back from school. Hope sees the adoption papers. Hope thinks that they reached the same conclusion. Brooke thinks Thomas will need to sign first.

Thomas asks if she has been contacted by anyone to testify. Zoe wouldn’t incriminate herself. Thomas gives her a key. He needs to check on a few things. He didn’t abandon his child.

Brooke thought that they wanted to be the parents. Brooke doesn’t think it will be hard to get Thomas to sign the papers. Liam thinks that Brooke and Ridge are already strained. Liam isn’t sure if he sees this as home or a cool place to stay. Brooke wants to make a good choice for Douglas. It will damage him and she doesn’t want that for Douglas. Brooke has nightmares at night thinking about all of this. Douglas comes home. Hope thanks the mom in the carpool. Douglas has a box. Brooke asks what is in the box Douglas says that it is soap. Douglas asks if he can show Beth. Hope says that she is asleep. He can go and pick flowers for the dinner table. Hope loves him. Liam thinks it is the best feeling in the world but he hardly gets to spend time with his other daughter. He wants to think about options.

Vinny walks into his apartment. Zoe asks if he is looking for someone. Vinny says that this is his apartment. Zoe thought that he was out of town. Vinny was visiting his girlfriend. Thomas let him have his old car. He really is a good friend. Zoe is beginning to appreciate him more and more. Vinny can stay with his girlfriend. Zoe could probably tell him but it seems like people want to take Douglas away.

Brooke wants to get started on this right away. Liam wants to take this one step at a time. Thomas walks in. he knows if he has knocked he wouldn’t have been let in. Thomas calls for Douglas. Brooke tells Thomas that he isn’t going to take Douglas from this home. Liam tells him he needs to call if he wants to see Douglas. Hope thinks that Douglas is happy here. Douglas walks in. He asks if Douglas is ok. Douglas says that a bee flew away. Brooke suggests that Liam take Douglas to the main house. Thomas tells Douglas that he missed him something awful. He is trying to get things set up so they can have their life like before. Liam tells him that they won’t be far. Hope asks why the sudden interest in Douglas after the long absence. Brooke thinks that he saw Douglas’ reaction. Brooke thinks it is obvious that Douglas feels better with Hope and Liam than with him. Thomas thinks that this will all change when he is with him.

Vinny is shocked they are going to take Douglas away. He was neighbors with the Forrester’s growing up. Vinny explains that Thomas had so much going for him growing up. Zoe doesn’t think that Brooke or Hope want to give up Thomas.

Hope thinks of only one thing that scares Douglas. Thomas doesn’t think that this is his life. Thomas thinks he will be fine. Thomas can pay for any help he needs. There is not one person that Douglas is related to by blood around here. Brooke says that the Forrester’s are scattered. They are not. Brooke had a lawyer draw up papers to adopt Douglas. Thomas doesn’t think that Douglas is an orphan. Thomas never wants them to question his love for his child. He is trying to create a bigger and better life for him than he had. Hope thinks that children need help being loved. Everything between them was a disaster. She remembers reading Caroline’s last wish. She doesn’t even know if that was true but she does feel it. Hope is not talking about never allowing him to see Douglas again but they are like family. Brooke says all he needs to do is sign the top paper. If he loves Douglas the way he says he will do this. Hope wants to be a mother to Douglas.

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