B&B Monday Update 10/21/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/21/19


Written by Anthony

Hope needs Liam to make Steffy understand that he sees his future with her and Beth. He needs to tell Steffy right now.

Thomas tells Zoe that it is wild that they both ended up in the same apartment complex Zoe thinks it was tough seeing her father get arrested. Zoe liked getting closure though. Thomas tells Zoe that Flo’s mom might be the one to fix everything.

Shauna tells Ridge that she can model for him anytime. Shauna wishes that Flo didn’t get involved with Reese. It ruined everything. Such as having a friendship with Ridge. Ridge asks why they couldn’t have a friendship. Shauna thinks that Reese did so much bad. What he did affected so many lives. Ridge has to defend him and help him. Shauna thinks he is a good man. Ridge thinks that he could move back in with Brooke after this.

Thomas thinks that so long as Liam is with Steffy and Brooke is gone then all will be right. He would be with Steffy if it weren’t for Hope. His dad has been sucked up into it his entire life. Liam can still get out.

Hope thinks that this needs to be talked about. They finally have their family. Hope wants to hear his words so they can all move on. Steffy goes to check on the girls. Hope thinks it is time that they hear this already. She deserves this. They all do.

Shauna thinks that Ridge is a good dad. Ridge tries. Shauna thinks that sometimes that is all they can do. She has to remind herself that she is giving Flo what she didn’t have. Shauna didn’t have a lot of opportunities but then she got desperate and she thought she could live her life in a casino. It took her a long time that they were just looking for a good time and that was it. This was the lowest point in her life. Shauna decided to focus on her life and career. Ridge imagines it wasn’t easy. Shauna admits it is the hardest job in the world. When she saw Flo’s face she realized she could do it. It was a love she never had before. Ridge thinks that what Flo did for Katie is amazing. Shauna wonders if the Logan’s could forgive Flo.

Thomas doesn’t think that this is about Hope. His grandmother tried to stop the Logan’s years ago. He will accomplish what his grandmother never could. Donna is an idiot, Katie is at death’s door every other week and Brooke is a slut from the valley.

Hope wants Liam to set boundaries. Hope thinks that Liam needs to make sure that Steffy knows that the romantic part of the relationship is over. Steffy explains that Kelly slept a little. Kelly asks Liam to stay. Liam will stay as long as he can but he doesn’t live here anymore. He will come by as much as he can. Daddy loves her and she can’t forget that.

Zoe thinks that it sounds like he traded one obsession for another. Zoe is just concerned. Thomas is an accomplished designer. Thomas owns house of Forrester not Logan. Zoe asks if she is going to get any threatening texts over this. Zoe has no job or place to live. Thomas thought she had a lux studio apartment. Zoe has a temporary sublet. She will be kicked to the curb tomorrow. Xander is not answering her calls. Thomas promises she won’t be out of ork for long. Thomas shows Zoe pictures that he drew of her.

Shauna wonders if forgiveness is possible. Ridge thinks that it is a start. Shauna thinks that there is more to Flo than Reese. Ridge believes that she deserves forgiveness.

Liam asks if Beth is asleep. Steffy says that she is stirring. Hope just needs to know where they stand. Liam tells Hope that this is where they stand. Liam wants to put all the children first. Hope realizes that Liam is right. Steffy asks why she is doing this then. Liam wants to go home. Steffy asks Liam to take her home. She needs a moment with Steffy. Steffy tells Beth it was good to see her. Liam leaves. Hope knows that acting like adults and putting the children first is something they both know what that means.

Zoe thinks that this is so surprising. Zoe is flattered that he would even think of her. Zoe is not sure if modeling is her future. Zoe explains her mom has been pressuring her to go back to London. Thomas tells Zoe she could stay here. It will give her some time to figure things out. Zoe doesn’t have money right now. Thomas thinks they will work things out. Zoe doesn’t know. Thomas is passionate and likes to go all in with things.

Shauna tells Ridge that she has known a lot of guys over the years. Men she thought were kind and sophisticated. There is no one out there like her. She hopes that Brooke realizes how lucky she is. She would never let him walk out no matter what he did.

Hope thinks it is obvious that Kelly loves her. Hope thinks it is fair to let Beth have a good upbringing as well. Liam is focused on rebuilding her family with the four of them. She is talking about Douglas. Steffy says she is not Douglas’ mother. Hope explains that Thomas is not really stable and not able to care for Douglas. Hope thinks that Liam will do what is needed for all the children. He is always going to be there for the children. Steffy thinks that Hope is seriously crazy and making demands. She tried to be sympathetic. She clearly thinks that her family is hers. She is so self-absorbed. Liam said he is focused on both children. It is his choice not Hope’s.

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