B&B Friday Update 10/18/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/18/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy holds Beth in her arms and plays with her. She asks if she sees this. It is a little one. Her sister is asleep. She wonders why she isnít as well. Steffy thinks she can nap for a little while longer then they will play in the sand. It used to be her favorite thing to do. Steffy hopes she remembers living here. How much she is loved around here. How much Kelly and her love her so much. Liam knows how much it hurt to let her go. Thanks to Liam that is all about to change.

Taylor asks if Liam left Beth with Steffy and Kelly. Liam needed to get some papers. Hope didnít know she was taking her to see Steffy. Liam assumes that the papers are in the other room. Liam says he will be back in a second.

Zoe thinks that Thomas is wound tight. Thomas wants every last Logan out of the company. That starts with Brooke and getting her away from his father.

Shauna thinks that Ridge should go to happy hour at Bikini. Ridge will never let that down. Ridge asks if he can do something for her. Shauna thinks that is a loaded question.

Steffy thanks Liam in a text message.

Hope checks Liamís phone. She reads that Steffy has thanked him. Hope leaves. There is something she needs to take care of right away.

Shauna assumes that Ridge wonder how he got past security. Ridge assumes she flashed Charlie. Shauna asks if Brooke is working from home. Shauna explains that Thomas knows about the kiss.

Thomas thinks that Brooke could be in jail right now. Brooke is not taking it easy on him. Thomas needs a shrink and to go away. It shows them who Brooke really is and what the Loganís will do. Zoe asks if he is just bitter right now.

Liam gets his phone and grabs papers.

Hope shows up at Steffyís. Hope explains that she came to get Beth. Hope is putting Steffy on notice. Hope reminds her that Liam is living with her. She is putting her on notice. Thomas doesnít care that Hope is with Liam. Thomas thinks that Hope is just another Logan. Thomas explains that Ridge already moved out. Thomas explains that Brooke moved out because of him. He intends to make that permanent. Thomas thinks that there might be another woman in his dadís life.

Shauna thinks that Thomas loves and respects him so much right now. Ridge needs to make sure that there is no misunderstanding. Thomas is in a tough spot right now. Ridge needs him to know that he can turn to him. He doesnít need him thinking anything is meant by this. Ridge needs Steffy on his good side too.

Hope thinks that Liam, Beth, and her are a family. They just want to raise their daughter without any added pressure. Steffy reminds Hope that Kelly, Liam, and her are a family. Something that she insisted on. Everything worked out until it all fell apart. Steffy had enormous empathy for her. She loved and cared for her every single day. She doesnít even realize that she took her sister away from her. The pain they are going through. Loganís take and take. All she does is take from otherís. Especially, from her family.

Zoe asks if the other woman is really Floís mother. Thomas explains that Ridge hit the sauce to hard but then slept with Shauna. Zoe doesnít really believe this. Especially, after what they did to Hope and Steffy. Thomas thinks that nothing really happened that night. Not that Shauna didnít want it to. Thomas thinks that Shauna is getting closer.

Shauna is impressed with how committed Ridge is to Steffy and Thomas. She wishes she was a better mother. Ridge knows it is the past. All they can do is be in the present. He wants to be there for Thomas and Steffy. She wanted that child. When they took her away something broke inside her. Shauna might be wrong but she gets the feeling that Hope and Brooke are not sensitive to Steffy.

Hope asks if she is really going to go there. Steffy thinks it felt bad watching her all out the door with her daughter. Kelly is her daughter with Liam. Hope asks if that really gives her permission to do anything. Steffy has given her space to be with her daughter and Liam. She has been focusing on herself. Kelly and her are family with Liam too. She needs her daddy. Hope knows that Liam sees her future with her. Steffy thinks she is getting a head of herself. Hope thinks that she is acting like she is still fair game. Steffy asks how long they are going to be together. Hope doesnít think that she gets to go behind her back. Hope is not going to tolerate this. Liam walks in and asks what is going on.

Thomas had to watch the Forrester family get broken by the Loganís for years. He fell for Hope but she is exactly like her mother. They donít care that they hurt them. He was hurt. All they care about is latching on to a man. They have a daughter of their own. His place should be there and not with the Loganís.

Liam asks why she is talking with Steffy this way. Liam thinks that for Steffy it is like there was a death in the family. She lost the child she raised for months. Liam asks her to feel compassions. Liam thinks she needs to respect his choice. Liam thinks that they are all in a tough spot. Hope thinks that Steffy is under the impression that she is stuck in limbo. Hope asks Liam who is heart belongs too. Hope thinks that this is where things end. She needs to be straight with Steffy. Hope thinks it is good that they are all here. There are clearly shades of gray. They need to set things straight. They are co-parenting. He needs to tell her. They donít need a piece of paper to tell others that. Hope needs Liam to tell her that they are just co-parenting. Hope asks Liam to make that clear. Hope thinks it is the right thing to do. Hope tells Liam to tell Steffy it is over.

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