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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/17/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy is on the phone and is trying to set up a meeting. Liam walks in with Beth. He shows her that she is able to stand with one hand. Steffy thinks she is getting so beautiful. Liam thinks that something tells him that she is mad that they showed up. Liam wanted to make an unscheduled stop. Steffy is glad that he did.

Brooke was hoping that she would see her granddaughter. Hope explains that she is out with Liam. Brooke is grateful for Flo but it doesnít change things. She is only asking because she has heard news about Reese.

Zoe sees Thomas in the hallway.

Hope heard that Reese was awaiting Trial. Brooke has been getting kept up to date. Hope wants to make sure that the monster is not getting off. Brooke explains that Reese is going to jail for a very long time. Hope hugs Brooke.

Thomas asks Zoe what she wants. Zoe wonders why is in his building. Zoe could only afford to live here. Thomas only has here to stay right now himself. He asks if she wants to grab a glass of water. He assumes she has a million questions about what happened. Zoe can come in for a minute. Thomas guesses that they have both had things rough. Zoe explains that today her dad got the maximum sentence.

Steffy thinks that Kelly is happy that her sister is here. Steffy thinks that she has grown so much. She looks happy. Steffy thinks this is a wonderful surprise. Steffy doesn't think that he knows how great this is. Liam wanted to stop by. Steffy guesses that Hope doesn't know. Liam says she doesn't know yet that they are over here.

Zoe hates what Reese did but he is still her dad. She felt like she had to be there for him. Thomas doesnít think that family should be ripped apart. Thomas explains that Brooke thinks that Douglas is better off with Hope and Liam. Ridge realizes that he didn't steal from Hope and Liam. Zoe is just glad that Hope is back. Thomas thinks that if Hope wants to spend all her life with a man who is not committed that is her problem. He has more important things.

Hope thinks all that matters is that Reese is in jail. Brooke doesnít know what floors her more. Flo or Thomas. Brooke wants her to focus on her life and being a mommy. Hope thinks that she is everything good in this world. Brooke thinks that her and Liam make amazing parents. Brooke asks if she has thought about making choices about her relationship.

Steffy doesnít believe that he just was in the neighborhood. Liam reminds her that they need to be in each otherís lives. Liam promises that things will be better. Steffy hasnít even heard from Hope. Steffy assumes she wants to keep Beth to herself. Steffy understands. Liam explains that they day they took Beth home was devastating. Liam thinks that Hope didnít want to be away from her. Liam knows who she is to Beth. She loved and raised her. He knows that Kelly is her sister. He would do anything he could to keep her in her life. He promises.

Zoe thinks that Thomas was obsessed with Hope. He asks if he really wants nothing to do with her. Thomas thinks that she might be willing to live like this but he does not. Thomas thinks that they will have to find some other way. Thomas thinks that the Loganís think he doesnít. belong. Thomas thinks that the Loganís better think again.

Brooke asks if Liam and her are talking about being more than a couple. Brooke could certainly watch the children for her. Hope has had plenty of time too reconnect. Hope thinks that being with the children brings her so much joy. Brooke knows they are devoted parents. She wonders if she made choices about their commitment to each other. Hope asks if she means if Liam proposed. Hope doesnít think it has even crossed their minds. Brooke thinks it should have.

Liam thinks it is just like old times. He didnít think that the visit would tire her out. Steffy thinks she feels at home here. Steffy wishes that they could have eased into things somehow. She wishes that Hope could have moved in here. Steffy was losing another Phoebe just as suddenly as she lost her own sister. Steffy knows she wanted her daughter. Steffy gets it. She wishes she could have understood where she was coming from.

Thomas guesses that Zoe is the only one who showed him loyalty. Zoe explains that Xander and him are not in trouble. Thomas thinks that it was all on Flo. They lied about everything but the Loganís want to lump them all in together. Thomas says that his father has not given up on him. Brooke wants him to be punished but she is the one who will pay. He asks which column she wants to be in. Thomas thinks that the Loganís have been a problem long enough.

Hope knows that Liam is committed.

Liam is shocked she is not bitter. Steffy wants to be positive. Steffy thinks it will take time. Steffy is good some days and others it is different. She will wake up scared and confused. She realizes that she is safe but then she remembers the moment when Hope took her away. Liam is sorry that he didn't support her. Steffy doesn't doubt him. She understands him though. That sweet little girl needs her. He is the one constant in her life. Steffy knows how important that all is. She knows how much Kelly needs him and how much she loves him. She looks at that photo and she thinks what she wants with her life and what she wants with her daughter. She wants to feel happy. She cannot wrap her head around what has happened. She cannot forgive Thomas like Ridge wants. She needs to be there for her family. Liam can help. He will be here for her and Kelly. Steffy believes him. He is living with Hope though. If he chooses to stay with Hope and Beth she will be ok. She thinks it is hard that people want to pretend their time together didnít exist. It is too bad. They could have had a beautiful family. She thinks that his face tells her otherwise. Steffy asks if it is possible. She asks if they can do it again.

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