B&B Wednesday Update 10/16/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/16/19


Written By Anthony

Thomas listens in on Ridge and Shauna talking about what happened that night. Shauna couldn’t help but look at him. It was a nice kiss. Ridge didn’t kiss her back. Shauna says he did kiss her back. She felt something that made her want to kiss him again.

Brooke gives Katie a kiss in the hospital. She feels so much better knowing that she will be out of here soon. Brooke still cannot get over that her donor was Flo.

Wyatt thinks what Flo did is the best thing ever. He is incredibly thankful. Wyatt thinks she gave his little brother his mom back. Flo loves the entire family. She did it for her dad too. Wyatt thinks what she did was give her life back. She gave a part of herself back. Flo thinks that she is still on a journey back. She hears she is doing well. Wyatt thinks they owe it all to her. Flo only did it because it felt right. It felt like the right thing to do.

Pam sees Thomas in the hallway. Pam caught him. She thinks he thinks that he can just get away with anything. She is on to him. He thought he could just sneak in here and steal lemon bars. He needs to ask. Pam guesses that he can have a lemon bar. She gives him one. Thomas thanks her. Thomas ran into Quinn. She needed her. It sounded urgent. Pam is not going to go finding her.

Shauna thinks it was a tender kiss. She promises that Brooke will never know about the kiss though. It will be their little secret.

Katie understand why they both feel the way that they do about Flo. She got to wake up though and see her beautiful baby boy. Brooke thinks they can be grateful without forgetting what she did. Will walks in. He had a big juicy burger. Will also brought her candy. Katie sees that they are gummy bears. They are her favorite. Katie wants to come home soon. Will loves Katie so much. Katie loves him too. She hugs him.

Flo would like to be welcomed back to the family but Katie being alright is all she cares about. Wyatt cannot think of anything more meaningful. Flo thinks that this is a good thing. Wyatt cannot imagine that Hope and Brooke will not see her differently because he does.

Shauna has another confession. She told Flo about the kiss. She cannot imagine how Brooke would react. Shauna thinks it is nice to see him smile. It is nice to see them in a good place. Shauna wonders how Katie is doing. Shauna thinks that Flo is an incredible woman. She wants Ridge to get to know her. She wants him to convince Steffy as well. She has an old showgirl move if she needs too. Ridge is going to carry that image with him the rest of the day. Ridge needs to get going. Shauna doesn’t want to cause a scandal. She will wait. Ridge leaves. Pam finds him and tells him to sign a few things. Thomas makes his way back into the CEO office. Thomas asks if she really kissed his father.

Will asks if it feels weird. Katie admits that it is a little sore but it feels amazing that she can have a working kidney. She thinks that Will is going to be stuck with her for a long time. Will asks if there are angels here on earth. Will thinks like the person who donated the kidney. Katie thinks in a lot of ways she is. Will wants to thank that angel.

Wyatt thinks it is really amazing what she put herself through for Katie. Flo never met Storm but she feels so close to him. Wyatt thinks it is crazy. Wyatt thinks that Bill probably appreciates it. Wyatt will work on Liam. Flo doesn’t think anything will change between them. She knows that him and Sally are engaged. She didnt have to figure it out. She couldn’t wait to tell her. Wyatt is sorry that she had to find out that way. He wanted to be the one to tell her. He felt like he owed her that.

Brooke sits down in her living room. Ridge walks in. Brooke thanks him for coming. Ridge knows things got heated. Brooke knows he is staying at Steffy’s. Ridge thinks that he is only there to figure out what happens with their family. Brooke misses him. RIdge does too. Ridge thinks it is what is best fr now. Brooke knows he wanted to be there for his children. Ridge needs to help Thomas back on track. Ridge has to do it somewhere else.

Thomas locks the door. Shauna was about to leave. Thomas is not going to let her ignore that kiss. This is one of the best things he has heard in a long time. He thinks that she is falling for him.

Bill needs to get Will home. Will wishes she could come home with them. Katie does too. She will be home soon. Katie is so lucky to have had the best guys ever. Will is by her side all the time. Katie has a long road to recovery but knowing she will be with them makes it better.

Flo should congratulate him on his engagement. Flo thinks it is great. She would be lying if she didn’t want his happiness with her.

Ridge thinks she banned Thomas from the house and company. Brooke has issues with how he spent time with Shauna. She didn’t tell her anything. Brooke wants to work past all of this. Ridge knows she can’t even look at him. Brooke is just being honest. She doesn’t trust him. Brooke doesn’t want this to all come between them.

Shauna claims that nothing happened. Thomas doesn’t career if she is interested in Ridge. He just wants Brooke out. Thomas is mending his relationship with Ridge. His designs are excellent. Thomas thinks it is only a matter of time when a changing of a guard happens. This is an opportunity for her. He knows neither of them want Brooke and Ridge together. Thomas can tell that Ridge is into her too. If she can get Brooke out then he will be forever grateful. There will be no more letting Brooke and the Logan’s take whatever they want. It is time for payback.

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