B&B Tuesday Update 10/15/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/15/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge says hi to Brooke in the CEO office. He asks how Katie is doing. Brooke is going to check on her in a bit. Ridge does think that Flo really stepped up. Brooke thinks she should have got back to prison. She doesn’t want them back in their lives. Ridge thinks it looks like they are trying. Brooke cannot give her forgiveness after what she did to her daughter.

Flo thinks they need to find a new way to go. These walks are getting boring. Flo feels a little better. It still hurts though. Flo is not complaining that she had to help Katie. Shauna thinks that she will always be her baby. She is so impressed by her. Flo is happy she is a match. Shauna cannot believe that Hope and Brooke would still turn her down.

Wyatt asks where Hope is. Liam thinks that he needs to know something about Katie. It is about the transplant. There is more to it than he knows. He needs to tell him something big. Liam knows who the kidney donor is. It was Flo.

Flo doesn’t want her to let Hope and Brooke get her all worked up. Shauna cannot help it. She asks if she really expected something different. Flo didn’t do this to get back into the family. She needs to come to the fact that the Forrester and Logan family will not forgive them. Shauna thinks that Ridge will.

Brooke is grateful that Flo saved Katie’s life but she did keep Beth away for months. Brooke will not allow them back in. Ridge asks what sacrifice is worth her forgiveness. Thomas walks in. Brooke asks what he is doing here. Brooke says he gave up on FC when he betrayed Hope.

Wyatt thinks that they must have all been stunned. Liam cannot even imagine what went through all their heads. Wyatt thinks that it is kind of sad. She donated a kidney to Katie and she was still rejected by the family. Liam thinks that not everyone was so forgiving. He gets that there is a piece of him that will always love Flo.

Flo wonders if they need to have a serious talk. She cannot keep getting stuck up in this. Shauna cannot keep thinking about the kiss. Flo thinks that Ridge is still married to Brooke regardless of all of this. Shauna thinks that Brooke has been so obnoxious lately. She has a target on Thomas.

Thomas is sorry. He didnt mean to upset her. He is just dropping off designs. Ridge says that this is a family business and it is his son. Brooke will not reward him for stealing a baby. Brooke asks when she will stand up for him. Ridge thinks that he is family and they need to learn to heal. Thomas guesses Brooke is right. He was just trying to give Douglas a family, He misses his boy so much. Brooke thinks that Douglas has a family with Hope and Liam. Thomas thinks that she needs to give him a chance to make things right. Brooke will not do that. He did so many horrible things to Douglas. She will never forgive her. Ridge asks what happened to the beautiful and caring woman he married. He thinks that she would see he is working on things. Brooke thinks he lied and manipulated people. Ridge reminds her that this is his son. Brooke suggests he go to a mental facility. Ridge is not going to send him away. Brooke asks if she is supposed to invite these people back into their lives. Brooke is going to see Katie before she says something she regrets. Thomas doesn’t think that she will ever forgive him. Ridge thinks that Brooke will come around eventually. Ridge tells Thomas that Flo was Katie’s donor.

Shauna thinks that taking care of her is her specialty. Wyatt shows up. Wyatt is sorry to drop by unannounced. Shauna thinks it is nice to see him. Wyatt asks how she is doing. Shauna is going to step out for a minute. Flo likes to call this post hospital sheik. Wyatt thinks she just said someones life. He asks if she will be ok. Flo will be fine. Flo thinks it is crazy that they only need one of these things. Flo wasn’t going to let Katie die. Wyatt thinks that this is a big deal. Flo thinks it is the least she could do. Flo thinks that she feels like the universe put her in this place to have the power to save her. Flo thinks that this gives her a lot of peace. She hopes she made him proud. Wyatt thinks that she made him proud too.

Thomas guesses that Flo literally saved Katie’s life. Thomas thinks that it was ironic. Ridge wonders how Brooke cannot see how this wasn’t all Reese. Ridge sees that they all did wrong. Shauna walks in. She knows it isn’t smart for her to be here. Shauna thanks Ridge for being supportive of Flo. Thomas heard about Flo. He thinks it is amazing that Flo did this. Thomas leaves. Shauna thinks that Thomas was actually nice about Flo. Shauna was sad that Brooke didn’t show more about Flo. Ridge is disappointed in the way that Brooke handles this. Shauna didnt say a word to her. Ridge knows. She needs to tell her something else. She had asked him to stay with her. So she sat next to her and she has admired him for so many years from a far. She couldn’t stop looking at him. He asks what she did. Shauna leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back. It was magical and electric unlike any other kiss she has ever had.

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