B&B Monday Update 10/14/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/14/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke cannot believe that this is true. Hope doesn’t think that this can be happening. Shauna knew that this would be shocking.

Sally wanted to restock the diapers before Hope and Liam got home. Wyatt is sure that the list tells them where the extra diapers are. Wyatt cannot find the list. Douglas walks in with the list. He has the extra diapers on him. Sally could use a Douglas around their house. Sally guesses it is time for Beth’s nap time. Douglas says that naps are important. Liam usually rocks Beth in his arms. Sally thinks that Wyatt and her have not looked after a lot of babies. It has been so easy with Douglas here. Douglas is glad that Beth is back with her real family. Wyatt thinks that is all because of him.

Ridge demands that Shauna start explaining. Shauna wanted to help in some sort of way. Brooke asks what they wanted to get out of this. Brooke doesn’t think she should have come. Shauna is trying to explain things. The doctor asks how the patients are doing. Brooke thinks that Katie is doing well too. She thinks it is a wonderful sacrifice. She wishes that there were more people like Flo. Shauna realizes that this is shocking but they should just be grateful that Flo helped her aunt out. That is what is important.

Wyatt checks his phone. He asks if Beth is alright. Sally says she is in dream land. Wyatt tells her that Katie got through the surgery like a champ. Sally guesses that they can be happy. Wyatt thinks that if this all goes well then it will be ok. Wyatt thinks that Douglas helped end the lies for Beth. Sally thinks that Flo should have come clean right away. She gets she would have lost a lot but she shouldn’t have stayed silent. Wyatt doesn’t think that is the girl that he fell in love with in high school. Sally knows that she loved him and still does. Sally is positive that she will not try to give him up.

Flo is happy to see that Katie is ok. Hope asks why they weren’t told. Shauna thinks that Flo didn’t want anyone to know. She was afraid that they wouldn’t have allowed it. Flo give a piece of herself. Katie asks why. Flo did it because she had too. Katie is her family. Flo wants to say this now. She knows she hurt her and Hope. She knows they all hate her. She knows that her dad would bee disappointed in her. She never met him. She never got to know him except through all of them. There are a few things clear. He was a great person who would have done anything to save his family. Flo did it for Katie. She did it for Will. She did it for everyone who loves her like she does. She also did it for her father so that he could be proud of her.

Sally wonders why they are still talking about Flo. They are the ones who are engaged. Wyatt thinks that he needs to put a ring on her finger so she doesn’t doubt him. Sally doesn’t think that he is. Wyatt wonders about her first love. Sally doesn’t think it was the same. Wyatt knows a side of Flo that he didnt know. Sally thinks despite all that, she still wants him.

Donna is not forgiving Flo for what she did to Hope but they at least need to thank her for giving her a kidney. Will could have lost a mother. She cannot ignore that. Brooke thanks her. It doesn’t erase what she did. Hope doesn’t think it erases what she did though. Brooke thinks that there is no forgiving anything she did. She giving a kidney doesn’t matter. They are glad that Katie is alive and well but it doesn’t change the way they feel. It definitely doesn’t mean she is back in the Logan family. She never will be one. Katie thinks she hurt so many lives. She will not ask anyone to accept or forgive her but she is so grateful for her. Her father gave his life for her. Her gift hasn’t been wasted because of her. She could see her beautiful boy smiling because of her. He has his mother back because of her. She has her life because and her father would be proud.

Sally thinks that this is making her head spin. Sally doesn’t even know what half these things on the list are. Sally is ready for kids when he is. Sally has no pet name for him and she is trying different ones out. Sally didnt mean to bring Flo up. Wyatt wants her to know that she has nothing to worry about. The doctor asks if they are ok. The doctor wants both patients to rest. Katie will never be able to thank her enough. Ridge wants to get coffee. Shauna thanks Katie for saying that to her. She is grateful and please she will be ok. Donna asks if she can get her anything. Katie asks her to stay until Bill, Will, and Liam get back. Brooke will get Will.

Shauna wants to make sure her daughter is alright. Brooke walks over. She wanted to tell her that she is thrilled that Katie is well. Brooke thinks she wanted the Logan’s to be indebted to her. Brooke does believe she did it for Katie and Storm. Brooke will not paint her a saint after what she did to Hope. She is not back in the family. She is putting Shauna on notice too. She needs to stay away from her family and husband. Ridge looks at Shauna.

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