B&B Friday Update 10/11/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/11/19


Written by Anthony

Katie is still under for surgery.

The surgeon has finished taking out Flo’s kidney and goes to close her up.

The kidney is taken into Katie’s room and they are ready to go.

Bill looks at Liam and Justin looks at Bill worried. Hope holds Brooke’s hand. Ridge looks at Brooke. Brooke gets a text that Donna is bringing Will back. Brooke explains that Will wants to be here even if it means waiting. The nurse tells them that the transplant is underway. Brooke thanks the donor whoever they are.

Shauna asks the social worker if the just put Flo’s kidney in Katie. Shauna is so shocked she did this. She just hopes that Flo has no reason to regret this.

The doctors start to operate on putting Katie back together.

The doctor tells his team to get Flo’s mother on the right track.

The social worker thinks. That this is a good thing. A nurse tells them that Flo is being moved to recovery. Shauna is so glad. She thinks that Flo has done her part. She thinks it is up to Katie. Shauna explains that Flo doesn’t have a traditional relationship with her aunts.

Brooke wishes they could thank the person in person. Liam thinks that they were all willing to see if they were a match but for someone to go under the knife takes a special kind of person. Bill is always going to be grateful. He knows that this is going to work.

Katie is underway in surgery.

Bill sits down. Will and Donna show up. Will asks how mom is doing. Bill explains that everything is going well. Donna tried to take him to go see a movie. Bill thinks that Katie wants his face to be the first seen when she wakes up. Will read something online. Bill promises that the things he read online happen on rare occasions. Katie will be good as new. Brooke asks who the strongest person that Will knows is. Brooke promises that Katie will wake up from this and live a very long life. They have to trust that and trust the doctors and her moms strength. Brooke asks if he knows where the vending machines are. Ridge offers to take Will. Brooke thinks that is fine. Donna hugs Brooke. Brooke wonders if Hope is ok. Hope is fine. She is glad that Ridge is here for her but he told her about spending the night with Shauna. She wants to know what the hell happened. Brooke admits that was her reaction as well. Ridge is here and being supportive. She is lucky to have him in her life. Brooke thinks that Shauna better understand that. Brooke doesn’t care what Shauna understands. Brooke doesn’t think that Shauna or Flo could ever score with her. She has had it with the Fulton’s.

Flo wakes up. Shauna says. She is right here. She asks if Flo is ok. Flo says yes. The surgeon says that he is not seeing anything to be concerned about. Shauna promises that she is ok. She is so proud of her.

Bill thinks Justin The nurse explains that Katie will be in recovery for a while and they will let them know how things went.

The doctor tells Flo that the kidney transplant went well. She is lucky to have her in her life. Shauna thinks they all are.

The nurse explains that they can see Katie now. Bill takes Will into the room and explains that he was born ready to see her. Will says hi to katie. Bill wonders if they are worried about rejection. The doctor explains that complete failure doesn’t happen. Katie starts to wake up and she sees Will next to her with Bill. Katie wonders if she is ok. Will thinks that she knew she would be ok. She promised. Bill is glad that Katie always keeps her promises. Will thinks it is very good. Liam and Justin walk in and wanted to make sure she was ok. Bill suggests they get Will something to eat and then will spend more time with Katie. Katie tells him to go eat. Bill loves Katie. Katie explains she will be here for a while. The doctor thinks she has a lovely family. Donna promises to spoil the heck out of Katie. Ridge thinks the Logan girls look after one another. Katie wants to meet the person who gave her, her life back.

Flo tells a nurse she is fine. The social worker walks in and explains that there is something important that they need to talk about. The transplant was a success. Katie would like to meet her donor. She said she would at least ask. Shauna wants her to think about everything she has gone through for a family who wishes she didn’t exist. She needs to tell them the truth.

Donna asks if they can meet the donor. Hope thinks that the donor will feel like an honorary member. The social worker walks in. An orderly is bringing the donor over now. Shauna walks in. Brooke asks what she is doing here. She cannot just barge in like this. Brooke doesn’t care why she is here. This is just family. Shauna will leave. This is a family moment. A family that includes Flo. She is still a Logan. She sees them gathered around Katie and this is something that Flo should be a part of she was worried about her aunt. Flo is brought in. Shauna introduces Katie to her donor. Brooke asks if she is serious. Shauna says that Storms daughter and their niece saved Katie’s life.

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