B&B Thursday Update 10/10/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/10/19


Written by Anthony

Katie tells Will how they are going to monitor her throughout this operation. Will heard about his friend having surgery but then it came back. Bill explains that it is different surgery and Katie will be fine after the fact.

Liam tells Hope that Beth is fine and is enjoying her time with Wyatt and Sally. Hope thinks that Katie is doing well considering all that has happened. She thinks that there are still good people in the world.

Flo is shocked that there is so much paperwork for giving up a kidney. The social worker asks if she has any questions. Flo needs to make sure that she remains anonymous. Flo doesnít know how Katie and the others would react. Shauna explains that they have done their best to have the family come forward. Flo has a chance t do something good here. She will know she has brought something other than pain to this family.

Ridge asks Hope and Liam if Katie is in surgery yet. Hope says that Brooke is in there if he wants to see her. Ridge wants to be there for Katie and Brooke of course.

Brooke thinks that this is the answer to so many prayers. The doctor walks in and asks if Katie is ready to do this. They will be taking her down to the OR shortly. Katie wants them to know she has appreciated them all taking such good care of her. Katie knows that this happened suddenly and it is scary. It will be over soon. Katie will go back to doing what she loves doing and that is being his mom. She thinks that Will has been so brave. She wants Will to go and do something fun. Katie thinks that Will will know when it is ok to come back. She loves Will so much. Will loves her too. Katie will be dreaming of him the entire time and his face will be the first one she wants to see when she wakes up. Katie says Bill as well. The doctor tells her that she will be on a ventilator. The doctor thinks that she will be fine with having the new kidney. The nurse explains that they are ready. Bill promises that they will be back in here before they know it. Bill thinks yesterday they were waiting three to five years and today she is going to get her kidney. Bill only knows that the mother of his son is going to be healthy again and that donor is a hero to him.

Shauna asks when she gets to see Flo again. The doctor thinks it will actually be pretty quickly. Flo wonders if no one should know if she had surgery when she is done. The doctor says that she will be able to live a somewhat normal life right away. Shauna doesnít want Flo to be scared. If she gets nervous she needs to think about the selfless thing she did for the Loganís. Flo is doing this because the mistakes she made are not who she really is. Shauna thinks that she is brave and beautiful. She is proud of her and her father would be too.

Hope cannot believe what she is hearing. Ridge is shocked about Shauna. He thinks that the only reason he is not at the house right now is so he can spend time with his kids. Brooke walks over. She says that Katie is doing alright. She is just having some down time before surgery. Ridge tells Brooke that he missed his wife. He knows that she is protective and supportive and always there for everyone. He thinks that sometimes even the strongest people need to be held. He hugs Brooke.

A nurse tells Shauna that there is a snack room around the corner. She assumes that she is proud of her daughter.

Liam asks Bill if the surgery started. Bill explains that they just took her back. Bill thanks Ridge for coming. Ridge thinks anything that he needs. Justin finds them. He wanted to spend time with them. Bill tells him that Will is trying to stay Spencer strong. Brooke thinks that he showed him a lot of love and support. Brooke thinks that all that she has shown Will is how much she loves him.

Katie is in the surgery room. Katie wants to get this over with so she can get back to her life.

A surgeon tells Flo she is doing a wonderful thing for her aunt. He wants to begin. Flo is ready.

Ridge hands Brooke a cup of coffee. They all wait together.

The doctor starts Katieís surgery.

Flo gets her kidney removed from her.

Shauna waits and ready a magazine.

Ridge and Brooke sit together. Justin asks if he can get Bill something to eat. Bill is not hungry. Bill hates this. He doesnít know what is going on in there. That is how crazy this is making him. He doesnít even care that Ridge is here. Brooke missed Ridge. Ridge missed her too. They old each otherís hands. Brooke wonders how things are going over at Steffyís. Ridge wants Steffy to let Thomas in so he can fix his family. Brooke explains that Douglas is happy and cared for. Ridge wants to focus on Katie. Brooke is. She saw Katie and Will together and it reminded her of how children need to have love and support. She thinks that is what they are doing with Thomas and Hope and Liam are doing with Douglas. She really thinks that Douglas should stay with them. Ridge reminds her that they have their own child. Brooke thinks that Douglas is a part of their family now. Brooke thinks it kills her to think what Flo and Shauna did. Brooke wants to be positive for Katieís sake. She just knows she will never forgive Shauna.

Shauna asks if she has an update on her daughter. Shauna begs for Flo to be ok and to let the Loganís open their hearts again.

Brooke asks what the nurse said. Bill explains that Katie is still in surgery and there are no complications. Brooke thinks the waiting is so hard. Brooke knows that they thought that they could give Katie what she needed. She should have more faith. Even though they couldnít help Katie someone out there could. That person is giving this family a gift so amazing. This wonderful person has become part of them.

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