B&B Wednesday Update 10/9/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/9/19


Written By Anthony

Katie asks what is going on with her heart. The doctor says it is no better but also no worse. Katie wants to know how much time she really has. The doctor thinks it is best to not give up hope. Bill doesn’t want her team to give up on them. Bill tells Katie she is not allowed to give up. Donna and Brooke are on their way over with Will. Bill is not going to let Katie check out. She will get her miracle one way or another.

Flo wants to know why the transplant center hasn’t called yet. She wants to know if she is a match for Katie yet. Shauna thinks that her loving and generous gift would be very appreciated. She thinks that her goodness would remind Wyatt why he has loved her most of his life.

Wyatt wanted to check up on Liam. It is good to get out of the office. He has been running the business while Bill is with Katie. Wyatt explains that Brooke is not a match. That leaves zero candidates in the family. It might take longer to find a donor than Katie really has.

Will asks Katie how she is feeling. Brooke told Will that he is the best medicine. Will wants to talk with her doctors. He wants to be her donor. Katie thinks that is thoughtful but he needs both his kidney’s so that he can grow up to be big and strong like Bill. Will thinks that they will find a donor. Katie kisses him. Shauna thinks that if she can be Katie’s kidney donor then so many good things will come for her.

Flo gets a call from the transplant center. They would like to meet right away. There is a lot they need to go over and it is best they do it in person. Shauna says that she has to come in and talk with the donor advocate person. She could actually give Katie the gift of life.

Liam doesn’t think that Katie can survive like this forever. Everything they discuss is confidential. She needs to make sure that they understand all the reasons behind this. Flo thinks that giving her aunt the kidney is the least she can do. Flo explains that she is estranged from that side of the family. Her aunt is an amazing woman and she needs to stay around. Shauna thinks that Flo is extraordinary. The results should be in shortly and they can go from there.

Katie thinks that she has everything she needs right here. Katie has been so lucky to be Will’s mom. She wishes everything for him. Health and love and maybe even kids of his own someday. She wants him to be confident and trust in his dreams. He cannot ever stop dreaming. Will understands. Katie is so proud of him and the person that he is. Sometimes she cannot even believe that she helped create such a beautiful human being. He is a light in this world and she never wants him to forget that. She loves him so much. She never wants him to forget that either. Brooke tells Katie that Donna took Will to get something to eat and Bill is talking with the doctor. Katie thinks that this is a repeat. Brooke really thought that she would get to be her donor. Katie thinks that she had a good life. Bill is trying to be strong but she knows that this is killing him. Brooke knows he doesn’t know how to face hard facts. Katie thinks that the odds of a miracle donor are slim to none. Katie needs Brooke to do something for her. If she is not here, if she cannot be there for her son she needs Brooke to take care of her baby. She needs Brooke to promise her. Brooke says of course.

Bill doesn’t think that they have time to wait for a kidney. Bill needs that kidney. Bill will not lose his Katie. There has to be someone out there that can save her.

Flo is told she is a match. Shauna thinks that this is fantastic. Her recovery can take several weeks. She needs to be sure of this. Flo is absolutely sure. Flo doesn’t want her aunt or the rest of the family to know she is the donor. Shauna tells Flo that this is a big deal. Flo wants to do anything she can to help save Katie.

Liam asks Wyatt what Bill said. Wyatt explains that they are holding hope. Wyatt guesses that Katie is slipping away. Liam thinks it is one thing after another right now. Wyatt thought that he had known Flo. He was closer to her than anyone else in his entire life. She showed them all who she really was.

Flo thinks that she has had a lot of time to think and ask herself what the point was. She thinks that maybe she was meant to save Katie’s life. Shauna thinks like her dad did. Shauna is shocked she doesn’t want anyone to know that she is the donor. Flo thinks the point of this is to save Katie, not get redemption. Shauna promises that her aunts will know what she did. The Logan’s will be honored to have her back in the family.

Brooke asks what is going on. Donna asks why the doctor wants to meet with all of them. The doctor walks in. They have a match for Katie. The donor wants to remain anonymous. She can have it first thing tomorrow. She needs to get some rest. She congratulates them. Katie didn’t think that there would be a chance. Brooke wished they knew who the donor was. Brooke thinks that whoever it is, they have their undying gratitude. Will asks if this will affect his inheritance.

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