B&B Friday Update 10/4/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/4/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy is on a conference call and Ridge shows up. Steffy hugs her. He asks how she is holding up. He asks if her guest room is available. She admits it is a lot quieter without Liam and Phoebe. Ridge admits Brooke and him are taking time apart.
Katie thinks that it is boring to be here all day. Brooke asks if she got her results back for the donor list. Katie asks if something is wrong. Brooke reminds her that her little sister is in the hospital.
Flo is going to get them some groceries. Shauna has been dying to tell her a few news flashes. Thomas showed up and told her that Brooke knows that he spent the night with her husband. Flo asks how she found out. Flo didn’t tell anyone. Flo had this fantasy that the Logan’s would forgive her. Shauna doesn’t think that she is the one who slept with Ridge. Shauna knows that Brooke hates them but she actually feels sorry.
Donna shows up with ill. Katie thinks that this is the best medicine ever. Will asks when she can come home. Brooke is going to give them time to spend as a family and then they will get her home as soon as possible.
Steffy could use the company. He could help babysit. Ridge came for Steffy. There is tension at home. Steffy assumes that this tension is because of Thomas. Steffy knows how it feels to be used by Thomas. Thomas shows up. Ridge told him to meet them here.
Will receipts a poem. Katie thinks that was beautiful. Will wanted to receipt a poem about flowers. Katie promises she is not sad. Donna promises that Will has been perfect. Will admits that sometimes he gets scared that she won’t come home. Will wonders what happens if the doctor says something. Katie promises that doctors can be wrong. Mommies can’t.
Shauna doesn’t want to hurt Ridge considering that he is the reason she is not behind bars. Shauna is amazed by her mental powers. Shauna tells her to go get them some damn food. Flo suggests that Shauna stop answering the door. Shauna thinks that might be a good idea.
Steffy doesn’t want an ambush. Ridge asks if they are not going to talk with him the rest of her life. Steffy is not ready. Ridge wants to be there for them. Ridge left the house. Goodbye almost felt final.
Someone knocks on Shauna’s door again. Brooke shows up. She doesn’t think that she is shocked to see her. Brooke thinks that outraged wives are something she is used to.
A doctor tells Will that they will take special care of Katie. Donna suggests that they could go to the gift shop next-door. Bill asks if Katie can come home. The doctor thinks that Katie needs to be monitored. The average waiting time is three to four years. Which is why they need another option. The nieces blood type is not a match. Donna’s does match but she has picked up a handful of diseases are not available. Bill wonders about Brooke. The doctor says her samples look good. She should have news later. Donna is sorry. Bill knows that Brooke will be the one. Donna is going to check on Will. She should have not left money in the hands of a Spencer. Bill thinks that five years is unacceptable. Katie promises that they will be ok no matter what.
Thomas asks if this is Brooke’s idea. Ridge wants him to talk with Steffy. Thomas heard from Flo what happened. His first impulse was to come here and talk with her. He walked in here and tried telling her. She was picking up toys. She was being a mom. As he was trying to tell her, Liam was here trying to move in. He saw them being parents. He was holding Phoebe. He couldn’t be the one to rip her away. He came up with a lie and it was the start of everything wrong. Steffy thinks it was. Everyone claims to have good intentions. Flo and his mom. Zoe and her dad. Him. None of them had the power to break her heart. Only him. The one person she loved and looked up to every day of his life.
Shauna asks how Katie is. Brooke thinks it is baffling how she pretends to care. Brooke asks what the game is with her husband. Brooke thinks she wanted more than what she got. Shauna only stayed with her husband for what he did for Flo and her. Shauna asks if she drove or if she should order her a car.
Katie explains to Will that it will be a little longer for her to come home. Will says that his room is really clean. Katie doesn’t want him to be anything more than the wonderful son that she is. She has a feeling they have had a lot of pizza and hamburgers. Katie cannot wait to come home.
Ridge knows she never thought her brother would betray her. Thomas loves his son. Steffy thinks that he manipulates him. Ridge wants to be like the Logan’s. Thomas doesn’t want to be. Steffy agrees on that. Ridge thinks that they are both in a lonely place. Ridge thinks that Thomas can be the person that she looks up to.
Brooke thinks that Shauna should have taken him home. Brooke thinks that she should have called her. She would have picked him up. Brooke doesn’t know what her brother saw in her. Brooke thinks that she is a slut from the dessert. Shauna thinks she is a hypocrite. She has slept with every male member of the Forrester family. Hope’s father was her son-in-law. If anyone earned the title of being a slut. Brooke slaps her. Brooke tells her to stay away from him. She shouldn’t go anywhere near him. He will not be here. He knows she is trash.

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