B&B Thursday Update 10/3/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/3/19


Written by Anthony

Shauna continues to look at pictures of Brooke on her tablet. Someone knocks at the door. Thomas knocks on the door and Shauna tells him that he is not welcome here. Thomas thinks that she is being over dramatic. Shauna tells Thomas that he needs to go. Thomas tells Shauna that Flo is not in trouble. She is not on his radar. He knows about her and Ridge.
Ridge hates this. Brooke hates this too. What Thomas has done to their lives and him walking out that night. She especially hates what he did with that woman. She does believe him but that doesnít matter. The fact that Shauna brought him breakfast in bed. That is unacceptable knowing what Shauna and Flo did to Hope.
Hope thinks that Douglas and Beth are so good together. Hope thinks that this is their life now. Hope thinks that Beth drew a beautiful cat. Liam thinks that he can hear this cat per. He asks if Douglas can hear it. Hope takes pictures of them. Liam thinks that their daughter is going to be a beautiful artist. Douglas asks if he can see the pictures. Hope shows him. She thinks that Beth lights up when he is around. Douglas likes being with her and Liam.
Brooke cannot believe that he would involve himself with Shauna of all people. Ridge wants to come together. He is deeply worried about his children. Brooke is concerned about Steffy but if Thomas didnít do thisÖ Ridge thinks that it was Reese who did that. Brooke will not forgive or forget what his son did to her daughter. Brooke is not going to allow that to happen.
Shauna doesnít know what Thomas is talking about. Thomas reminds her about the upstairs apartment. Shauna wanted to make sure that Ridge didn't go home drunk. Thomas is not here to go after her or to defend his dadís marriage to Brooke. He is here to encourage her.
Douglas tells Liam that Beth fell asleep while he was reading to her. He loves Beth. Hope loves Douglas too. She doesnít want him to forget it.
Thomas thinks that she seems surprised. He has never been a cheerleader for his fatherís marriage to Brooke. Thomas doesnít like how Brooke and the Loganís have dumped on them. Shauna doesnít blame how the Loganís have kept him from his son. Thomas assumes that she wants Brooke out of the picture.
Ridge begs Brooke to listen to him. Brooke tells him that Thomas repulses her. Ridge thinks that this is his son. Brooke thinks that her life and marriage were ripped apart. Brooke asks why he has gone so soft on Thomas, Flo, and Shauna. Brooke thinks defending them is unacceptable. Brooke thinks it might have been innocent but he still spent the whole night with another woman and that is where the problem lies. Secrets destroy a marriage. There is everything they know that Thomas did. She still doesnít know if he had something to do with her death. Thomas cannot be around Douglas. He is not good at all for his emotional well being. Thomas needs to help his son and daughter. Brooke is not sure if years of therapy will help him. Brooke cannot be apart of this. Neither can Douglas. He needs a safe and secure home. He has that with Liam and Beth. He should live with Hope. If he loves his grandson he would agree.
Hope asks how Douglas is doing. Liam thinks he is doing good. Hope should text a few of the photos of Douglas to Brooke. Liam thinks that family is kind of a big deal to Brooke. Hope thinks that is why Brooke is so strong about Douglas being around.
Shauna doesnít know what he is getting at. Thomas thinks she was sleeping right next to his dad all night. Thomas kenos that Ridge is the one who sprung her daughter from jail. Thomas can only see them going a few rounds before they break up.
Brooke thinks that Hope does everything that a mom would do for a precious little boy. Brooke gets a text from Hope. She shows a picture of Douglas. Brooke needs Ridge as Douglasí grandfather to realize that he needs to hand over Douglas as a guardian. It is the only way they can save him. Brooke thinks that this is good for Douglasí wellbeing. Brooke thinks that so much is happening right now including Katie. Brooke might be the only one who can help her. She might be the only match. She is sorry if she is not sorry about Thomas and Shauna. She thinks he knows that this is what Douglas needs. He cannot go back to Thomas. He will be tortured the rest of his life. She cannot allow the to happen.
Brooke thinks that Douglas has been through so much. They need to keep Thomas as far away as possible.
Thomas thinks that Shauna wants the same thing as him. Brooke away from Ridge.
Ridge asks if she really wants him to tell Thomas to give up his son. Brooke cannot be around Ridge if he is going to continue to act this way. Brooke thinks that has lost all focus. Ridge cannot help his family here so he guesses he is going to have to find another place so he can fix them. Brooke thinks that Thomas needs professional help. Ridge thinks that Thomas needs his family. Brooke thinks that he has had years of parental love and needs some serious help. Brooke doesnít know what else he can do for him. Ridge is going to try to figure things out. He cannot just throw him away. He is his son. Brooke guesses he can be with Thomas. When he comes back she wants him to bring papers. Brooke thinks that he needs to sign the custody papers over to Hope and Liam. He has to do this. She knows that this is hard for him but they have to do this for the children. She wants him to go take care of Thomas and Steffy and she will take care off Hope and Douglas. They will spend time apart and what needs to be resolved will be resolved itself. Brooke thinks that sweet boy needs to be taken care of with Hope and Liam. Brooke thinks that they need their marriage to get through in tact. Ridge will call her when he gets settled. Brooke loves Ridge. She really does. Ridge loves her too. Ridge leaves.

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