B&B Tuesday Update 10/1/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/1/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge walks into Brooke’s living room. Liam is sitting on the couch. Liam just got back from seeing Katie. It is crazy how sudden things were. Katie wants to be herself again. He understands that. Liam needs to have a word with Ridge. Liam explains that this is about Douglas. He hopes he agrees with him that it is not ok for Thomas to show up and scare his child like that.

Thomas tells Danny that Brooke is going to be fine. It will just be her marriage to his dad. He wants to get rid of Brooke. She has stopped pretending to be nice to him. Thomas thinks that the favor that he is doing will be good. He will be strutting down international runways. Thomas just wants him to tell Brooke that Ridge spent the night with Shauna.

Shauna asks a nurse information on Katie. Bill walks over and tells the nurse that he has this. Bill asks what the hell she is doing here. Shauna is not here to cause a scene. She is concerned about Katie. She just wants to know how she is. Bill tells her that she is doing a little better. Katie needs a kidney transplant. Bill explains that they are all looking for potential donors. Bill explains that she encouraged her daughter to destroy his sons life.

Liam explains that Thomas shouldn’t be anywhere near Douglas right now. Liam explains that Douglas came home from a playdate with a stomach ache because Thomas yelled at him. He told them that Thomas is still mad at him. Ridge will talk with him. He is clearly confused. Liam has gotten to know Douglas pretty well. He asks if he was there the entire time. There must have been a point where he got scared. Ridge thinks that Thomas is trying to be a better person.

Thomas tells Danny he is on. Danny says hi to Brooke. Brooke thanks him for helping Ridge out. Brooke wonders if someone else was with him.

Shauna will get out of here. She just wanted to check on Katie. Bill asks how Shauna could let everyone suffer. Shauna explains that it was a pretty big mistake. Shauna thinks that Flo and her didn’t have it easy. It was a struggle. She had no family or friends to speak of. When Flo found all of that she made a huge mistake convincing her to stay quiet. Bill thinks they belong in prison along with Reese. Shauna is so grateful to Ridge for having mercy on her daughter.

Liam thinks that Thomas has proven time and again that he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Ridge thinks that Emma’s death was an accident. Liam thinks that Thomas lies. Ridge knows he needs help but he is getting it from Taylor. Liam is still here to add his voice to everyone’s to tell him that he doesn’t want him near Douglas. Ridge thinks that they need to pull through this. That includes him and Brooke.

Brooke asks who else was with him. Danny explains that Ridge was in good hands. He is shocked that Brooke doesn’t know who was there. Brooke would like to extend her thanks to whoever else as well. Danny thinks they would rather stay anonymous. Brooke asks who gave him breakfast. Brooke doesn’t think he is making sense. Brooke asks if it was a woman. Danny admits it was. Brooke asks if it was someone she knows. Brooke has a right to know who helped him. Danny doesn’t want to start anything. Brooke will not leave here until he tells her. Danny admits it was Flo’s mother. Brooke is shocked to hear it was Shauna Fulton.

Bill still cannot believe that Ridge did nothing to block Flo’s release. Shauna thinks that Liam and Hope got the best outcome. She knows there is tension between Ridge and Brooke. Bill thinks that Brooke should take this all hard.

Ridge preps for a nice dinner with Brooke in the living room. He takes a drink. He thinks about his drunken night with Shauna. Ridge gets a phone call.

Brooke is shocked that Shauna is the one to help him with Ridge. Danny explains that Flo works here. Shauna is a cool lady. Brooke wants to know all the details. Danny guesses that Ridge came here angry. Carter tried to get him to slow down. Danny explains that Shauna came in and took a seat next to Ridge. Ridge was a little grumpy but not hostile by any means. Danny had to get back to work. Shauna said she would take care of Ridge. Danny came in the next morning and she was wearing the same clothes. Brooke cannot believe that Shauna spent the night with her husband. Brooke looks at her phone.

Bill doubts that Brooke would want her concerned about her marriage. Bill doesn’t want Katie to be any more stressed. Bill is going to make this clear for her one more time. None of the Logan sisters want to see her or her con artist daughter. Bill tells her to stay away.

Thomas thinks that Danny dropped the Shauna bomb. Danny doesn’t like doing this. Thomas tells Danny that he is the future of FC. He wants to be on his good side. Danny thought he got what he wanted. Thomas gets it. A part of him hates this. He needs to get the Logan family out of his life once and for all.

Brooke walks into her living room to see the house decorated. Ridge walks in. He was waiting for her. It is a surprise. He thinks it worked nicely and it is nice to surprise her after all these years. Brooke agrees that when she thinks he can’t he does. Bill knows that she is worried about Katie but they need to reconnect. Ridge knew he would love her for the rest of his life. Brooke doesn’t think this is the perfect time. Ridge thinks that they are perfect for one another. Ridge misses her laugh and giggle. He misses her. He asks what is going on. Brooke explains she is stressed and worried. She asks what happened the night he got drunk in Bikini. Brooke is just trying to get a clear image of what happened. It has come to his attention that more happened. More than what he told her. She can see that she is right. Brooke wants to know the whole truth. She asks if he was alone that night or if he spent the night with Shauna.

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