B&B Monday Update 9/30/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/30/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke cannot believe that Thomas would talk to her like that. Brooke thinks that Ridge will see how he really is. Thomas tells Brooke that a Logan will never dictate who works at Forrester Creations. Brooke demands that Thomas get the hell out of her house. Thomas leaves. Vinny calls him outside. He has big news about Ridge.

Ridge appreciates that Shauna came by. Ridge hopes she knows that he is grateful for what she did that night. Shauna thinks it felt good to be there for her. Shauna thinks it was good to have that enormous gift that he gave them. Shauna thinks that tucking him into bed is just the start. Ridge is glad that one of them has fond memories of that night. He is not happy to be keeping secrets from his wife.

Brooke asks Hope where Beth. Hope explains she is down at the cabin. Liam says that Katie and Bill are together right now. Brooke wonders when the last time she checked in with Beth. Brooke wonders if Amelia is really friendly with Thomas. Brooke wonders if Thomas would go down to the cabin. Brooke explains that they just missed Thomas.

Thomas tells Vinny that his news better be good. Vinny thinks that he should have had a good day today. He was doing his sketches. Thomas explains that Brooke wants him out of the company and the family. Vinny wouldn’t be so sure. Vinny explains that he saw Ridge here drinking with a blonde woman who wasn’t Brooke.

Ridge thinks that even though nothing inappropriate happened he doesn’t want to tell Brooke. Ridge thinks it is best to just leave things alone. He knows that she is trying to return a favor but she doesn’t owe him anything. Shauna thinks she would still owe him. Shauna thinks it is more than that though. Shauna doesn’t know how to say this but he is Ridge. She never thought that he would change her life as much as he has. She knows that he doesn’t want to be responsible for how things are today. Ridge thinks that Brooke has every right to feel the way that she feels. Shauna doesn’t think he feels supportive at home. Brooke is pushing him away. Until then she is here when he needs her. No drinking needed.

Liam thanks Amelia on the phone. Liam says that Thomas didn’t go near the cabin. Brooke is glad. Douglas shows up. She thought she was picking him up a few hours from now. Douglas promises he didn’t get into a fight. He just didn’t feel good. Brooke thinks this is fine. She promises that the boys can come over here next time. Hope is sorry that Douglas is not feeling well. Douglas thinks he has a tummy ache. It is the same one that he gets after Thomas yells at him. Thomas is still really mad at him.

Thomas asks Vinny what he is talking about. Vinny has to get going. He will see him back at the apartment. Vinny cannot wait to see how he reacts towards this. Danny asks Thomas what he can get him. Thomas asks what happened with Ridge and a woman. Danny saw Ridge drinking like crazy a few nights ago. Brooke and Ridge were arguing. Thomas asks who he was with. Danny says Carter but then it was Flo’s mom who was here. Thomas is shocked that Ridge was here drinking with Shauna.

Shauna can see that his eyes are glazing over. She is boring him. Ridge doesn’t think she is boring. He is just trying to figure out how Brooke could have more insight on things. Shauna knows that Brooke is hurt over what happened with Hope. She would be that protective as well. Ridge asks if she would tell him that his son is not fit to raise his own child. Ridge is not sure what to do.

Brooke asks if he saw Thomas earlier today. Hope is sorry that he thinks his dad is mad at him. Douglas says that he called him bad because he disobeyed him. Liam doesn’t think that he is bad though. Douglas told him that he was a hero and he didn’t like that. Brooke thinks that Thomas is working through some things. In the mean time he is here with Ridge, her, Hope and Liam, and he is getting all the love he needs. She will make sure that the feeling never returns.

Danny explains that Shauna showed up and that Ridge passed out drunk. He asked Shauna to drive him home. Thomas would have paid to see Brooke’s face when Shauna dragged him to the door. Danny explains that Shauna and him to Ridge to a room upstairs. Danny had to get back to the bar and Shauna said she would take care of Ridge. Danny saw Shauna wearing the same clothes from the night before. Thomas thinks this is all amazing. He just wishes that there was proof. Danny explains that some amount of clothes were taken off. Thomas cannot wait for Brooke to find out. Thomas explains that Brooke hates him and Shauna. She will come unglued when she finds out. Thomas cannot wait to tell Brooke. Danny is not going to tell her. Thomas needs Danny to be subtle with this. Danny thinks this never needs to be talked about again. Thomas tells him to casually mention how Ridge got drunk. Thomas thinks that she will need to ask questions. Danny doesn’t feel comfortable about doing this. Thomas needs a favor. He thinks he will not have to bartend anymore. He needs to do this for him and himself.

Brooke promises Doulas to not worry about his father. Brooke gets a call from Danny. Danny explains that he is at his other job right now. He has something of hers. He has Ridge’s belt from the other night. He was thinking that she could come pick it up. Thomas asks Danny if she is on her way. Danny confirms she is. Thomas thinks that Brooke is nothing. She is Brooke from the family. She ruined Taylor and his childhood. The humiliation coming her way is deserved. Thomas thinks this is best for the family. This will end today. Thomas thinks the marriage is over.

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