B&B Friday Update 9/27/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/27/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas meant what he said. Ridge heard him. He is going to take Douglas to his playdate. He thinks that Thomas should leave before someone sees him. Thomas will not be banned from his family. He needs a way to fix the family. Ridge doesn’t think that Brooke will let this happen right now. Thomas thinks that him and Shauna, Flo, and Xander, and Zoe was all terrible. It was awful but Reese is the one who sold this. He is not saying what they did was ok, but it was his scheme he was caught up in. Thomas thinks he has been so compassionate. It means the world to him what he has done. Thomas doesn’t want him to ever forget this. He hugs Ridge.

Vinny sits down at Bikini. He has Thomas sitting on his couch. His dad won’t let him anywhere near the office. Thomas is saying that Brooke will not let him anywhere near Ridge and she owns him. Danny thinks that Ridge does his own thing that Brooke definitely doesn’t know about. He made that clear the other night. Vinny sips a beer. Danny tells Vinny he got busy for a second. Vinny wonders what Danny meant before. Danny shouldn’t have gossiped. Vinny wonders if Ridge was really that drunk. Danny thinks he got wasted. It looked like he had fun too.

Shauna shows up at FC. Shauna sweet talked Charlie into letting her into the building. Ridge doesn’t think she should be here. Shauna cannot stop thinking about that night that they spent together.

Brooke walks into her living room and finds Thomas. She tells him to get out. He is not allowed here. She can either call security or he can leave willingly. Thomas wants his life back. He will not be treated this way by her or the Logan’s any longer.

Vinny thinks that Ridge sounded like he was having a good time the other night. Ridge told him to get him more drinks. He wants what is right. He demanded to be fed drinks. Shauna showed up and then it become obvious that Ridge could hardly stand. Shauna and him brought him upstairs. That was last call. Vinny assumes that Shauna left after that.

Ridge never should have let himself get out of control. Ridge appreciates that Shauna looked after him. Shauna is remembering the face he made when he woke up in the morning. Shauna only came over to make sure that she was ok. Ridge doesn’t want to remind her of anything. Shauna promises that she will not say a word to her. Ridge has not changed his mind about her or Flo. A lot of people were hurt in this. Brooke feels that they all need to pay.

Thomas tells Brooke that Ridge took Douglas on a playdate. Thomas still has sole custody of his child. If he wants her daughter to spend time with Douglas than she will be nice to him. Brooke thinks that all he cares about is what happens to him. Brooke thinks what he did was more than wrong. Thomas didn’t want Steffy to lose her daughter. They had an amazing life together. He asks if he really committed a crime. He didn’t force anyone to do anything. Brooke asks if he did. She is still trying to figure out if he is responsible for Emma’s death. Thomas tells Brooke that he committed no crime. Brooke thinks that there is human decency to think about. Brooke is never going to trust him again.

Vinny wonders if Shauna spent the night. Danny confirms that he did. Vinny is shocked that he cheated on his wife. Vinny says that they were both still there. Danny knows that the two of them slept in that bed. He knows because he made it.

Ridge thinks that Brooke is upset with all involved. Ridge thinks that Steffy went through a lot as well. Shauna cannot imagine what it has been like for all of them. Ridge knows that Brooke wants justice. Shauna understands. Ridge thinks that they get into an argument even about Thomas.

Thomas thinks that Brooke can hurt him if he wants. Brooke thinks he conned her daughter into marriage. Thomas has something that she wants and what her daughter wants. Brooke cannot listen to this. Brooke thinks he is so unfit to be a parent. Brooke is not going to change the way that she feels about him. There is no way that he will hurt her family ever again. Thomas thinks that the Logan name will only get her so far. She needs to stop getting involved with his family. Shauna knows that both their children have gotten involved in this. She is not comparing Thomas and Flo but they both understand how to protect a child. Ridge thinks that Thomas is spoiled. Brooke will not let Thomas go back to work. Ridge thinks that Shauna is easy to talk with. Shauna is sorry that Brooke is putting him through all of this. Shauna thinks that if this was Brooke’s son she would do what she needed to. Shauna gets what is going on and Brooke will understand eventually. He is too cute to be stressed out. If he wants to talk more, then she is here for him.

Vinny thinks this is huge news. Ridge spent the night with another woman. Vinny needs to tell Thomas. He will flip out.

Thomas gets a message from Vinny. Brooke wants Thomas to go stay with Taylor. She can deal with him. Thomas thinks that Taylor feels for him. He is not after Hope anymore. He knows that she is there with Liam. This will be his company and future. Thomas thinks that she might be Ridge’s wife but he is Ridge’s son and he is tired of her being around. She wants Ridge to herself. That is what she does. His family was together. She ruined his family. Steffy made peace of it. She met her match with him. He is sick and tired of her stealing his family’s success. Brooke slaps him and tells him to get out. Thomas says that she might have his father around her slutty finger. Her reign ends with him.

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