B&B Wednesday Update 9/25/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/25/19


Written By Anthony

Donna doesn’t think that this is just something that happens overnight. Bill doesn’t need listening skills from a man who ignored his psycho son. Brooke doesn’t want to do this right now.

Wyatt tells Quinn that Sally stealing a few designs are a little different than stealing a baby.

Sally tells Flo that she is engaged. She guesses she has Flo to thank for making her look good in comparison.

Quinn asks what is wrong with Wyatt. Wyatt knows it was wrong what Sally did but she didn’t steal a baby. Quinn asks Wyatt a question. She wonders what he would say to someone that he loves so much more to herself. Quinn thinks that the person is completely wrong for them. He shouldn’t hurt himself.

Sally is sorry if she hurt Flo’s feelings. She kind of wanted to. Flo just doesn’t understand Wyatt suddenly deciding that he wants to marry her. Sally told him that she doubted his feelings. It sounds like he is trying to prove it to her. Flo thinks it is proving something to her too.

Armstrong thinks that there is a lot of structural damage to both of Katie’s kidney’s. He is going to check on what is going on. He thinks that they need more than just surgery. He will make sure that Katie has the top anthropologist assigned to her.

Donna thinks that there must be something they can do.

Bill sits down next to Katie in her room. He tells Katie if she cannot come back for him then she needs to come back for their son. They cannot end this way. She knows what to do when he doesn’t. He cannot lose her. She is scaring him. Katie starts to move around a little.

Wyatt asks how Quinn could possibly defend Flo right now. Quinn doesn’t think that people need to be perfect. Wyatt guesses only Sally. Quinn thinks that Sally cuts corners. Quinn thinks that Flo is a different story. All the dominoes were falling all over the place. Quinn thinks he feels guilty by association. The woman that he loves got caught up in all of this. Quinn thinks he needs to be innocent in all of this. There were circumstances in all of this.

Flo knew that this would destroy Wyatt and her. Sally thinks that they all tell each other stories that they know are not true. Thomas being perfect is her own. Flo thinks that this was all Wyatt’s choice. Sally thinks that she sat back and watched knowing that she was just as guilty.

Katie starts to wake up and asks where she is. Bill explains that she is in the hospital and collapsed. Bill promises that Brooke, Ridge, Donna, and Eric are all outside waiting for her. Bill is going to get the doctor. He was so worried. He loves her so much. Bill walks out and tells them that he will get the doctor. Eric will wait. He doesn’t want to overwhelm her. Katie wonders why she is like this. She feels like she is made of led from the neck down. She wonders what is happening to her.

Sally guesses that Flo never saw her as a threat. She guesses that his feelings for her were not essential. Sally doesn’t think that his proposal is about her. Flo doesn’t think she comes across as someone who wants marriage. Sally admits that wearing a ring always seemed possessive to her. She isn’t wearing a ring. He got one knee and asked her.

Quinn asks if there is a ring. Wyatt doesn’t have one. Quinn doesn’t think that they ever intended to get married. Wyatt thinks that just standing there is what he wanted. Quinn gets a message from Eric. Eric informs her that Katie is at the hospital with kidney failure. Wyatt says he is coming down here right now. Quinn tells them to keep them posted.

Eric tells Ridge that he spoke with Quinn and Wyatt was there. Eric wonders if they should go in. Eric cannot believe that Katie is in there. He always thought of her as a healthy and beautiful young woman who could stand for herself. Eric is the healthy one though. Eric thinks that he is healthy because he needs him to be.

Katie was just having lower back pain and her ankles were swelled up. Armstrong tells her she has kidney failure. Armstrong hopes that she doesn’t fight him every step of the way. Katie hasn’t seen too many hospital rooms since her kidney transplant. She will not be getting out anytime soon.

Wyatt is going to call Liam. Wyatt gets a call from Sally. Sally says her meeting was canceled but she could join him. Wyatt explains that Katie has kidney failure.

Flo tells Sally that she needs to order something else. Sally tells Flo that her aunt Katie is in the hospital and it doesn’t look good.

Armstrong tells Katie that years of damage from the anti-rejection pills have done this. She will need a new kidney. Armstrong thinks that they need to get her a new one now. She can get dialysis and she will stay until she gets stronger. Brooke thinks that Donna and her would be matches. If they can find a donor now then they don’t need to put her on a list. Ridge thinks that Katie will be ok. Eric thinks that all of them would give her one in this room. Bill needs a couple of minutes with Katie. Brooke promises that everything will be alright. They will be outside. Katie wonders how Will is going to think about this. She asks who she will be once she is damaged. Bill thinks she will be the woman he loves. The mother of his son. The woman who taught him what happiness is. Bill loves her.

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