B&B Tuesday Update 9/24/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/24/19


Written by Anthony

Bill holds Katie’s hand in her hospital room. Bill begs Katie to fight this. He will be here right alongside her. They will fight together. When they work together, they are unstoppable. Bill wants to get her together and take her home. He wants to give her all the love she can stand.

Brooke and Ridge find Armstrong. Brooke tells him that she is Katie’s sister. She really hopes that it is not her heart.

Eric spoke with Hope earlier. She is so happy. Quinn cannot imagine what that would be like to be reunited with a child that you thought was gone forever. Quinn thinks that people disappoint you in life. You have to buck up and move on. Quinn hasn’t given up on Flo and Wyatt yet.

Sally asks if Wyatt really asked her to marry her. Wyatt thinks that all that is missing is a ring on her finger. Sally doesn’t need that so long as she is happy with him.

Eric doesn’t know what to think of her loyalty to Flo. Quinn thinks that she made a horrible mistake. She has the opportunity to show everyone that she can be honorable. Quinn thinks that a reunion with Wyatt was possible.

Sally has a meeting at Bikini she has to get to. Wyatt knows how hard it was for her to get these guys to the table. Sally wants to stay here with him and not leave him. Wyatt knows that there is not a ring on this hand but time is on their side. They will have plenty of it soon. Wyatt didn’t say that she couldn’t be a little bit late.

Bill walks into the hall and tells them all that there has been no change. She hasn’t been feeling well lately. She said her back was hurting her. It didn’t seem that bad but he insisted on calling her doctor. The next thing he knew, she was lying on the floor. Brooke promises that she has to be alright.

Eric thinks that they have to let Wyatt decide what he wants to do. Quinn thinks that Flo was also a victim. Eric thinks it is highly likely that Wyatt will never forgive Flo. Eric thinks that Wyatt deserves a say in all of this. Quinn doesn’t want Wyatt to go back to Sally. Quinn is going to visit Wyatt.

Wyatt helps Sally get dressed. Wyatt thinks it is so sexy when his fiancé quotes him. Sally never thought they would stand another shot but now they are engaged. Wyatt promises that they will be ok. Wyatt doesn’t want her to worry about anything involving his mother. He will handle everything.

Brooke and Donna ask a nurse if anything is doing alright. Bill admits that things have never been better for them since they got back together. Brooke asks Armstrong what is going on. Armstrong explains that Katie has kidney failure.

Quinn asks Wyatt if a bomb went off in here. Quinn thinks that Wyatt looks suspiciously happy. Quinn always wants him to be happy. She is hopeful that he will be again. Quinn thinks that happiness will be found with the only woman that he should spend the rest of his life with.

Danny thinks that it is is nice to have Flo back. Sally sits down. Flo says hi. Sally sees she is back to the old grind. Flo wonders if she can get her something. Sally wants an ice tea. Sally has been where Flo has been a few times. Flo doesn’t imagine she is being sympathetic. Sally thinks that when you feel like you have hit rock bottom, there is still more fall to have.

Armstrong explains that Katie might need surgery or a transplant. They will make that choice later on though. It is too soon to tell right now.

Quinn thanks Wyatt for the drink. Quinn doesn’t think that this is like Flo at all. Quinn thinks that they know that Flo is a good person. They cannot take this for granted. Wyatt agrees. Quinn thinks he needs to find forgiveness and learn how to love again. Wyatt has and he proposed. Quinn is so proud of him. She is happy that he was able to move passed all of that and reclaim his future. Quinn thinks that this will be a way to reclaim their lives. Quinn has to call Shauna and she was in earlier. Quinn thinks that she can wear her wedding dress. Wyatt means Sally. He proposed to her not Flo.

Sally admits that she was thinking of going back to Wyatt’s. She was there earlier. Sally wonders if he invited her over. Sally went to see him too. She was shocked that he got down on one knee and proposed. Wyatt and her are engaged.

Brooke and Donna walk in with Ridge and Bill. Brooke tells Katie that they are here. Bill tells her that everyone is here. They are all talking about how happy they have been. She is so full of life. They have work to do. They need Katie to get better soon. Brooke needs Bill to listen to him. The life she thought she lost she didn’t. It is waiting for her right here and now. She can live it with Bill and her precious little son. Bill needs her to teach him how to be the best man that she can be. Brooke promises that he will be there with Katie. She will not want to miss this. Donna sobs. Brooke promises that they will be here for her. Brooke thinks that she is the beating heart of the family. She is stronger than she even knows. She has to fight like hell. She has to do that for them. For her family. For Will. Her son needs her so much. She needs to wake up. Brooke begs her to come back to them.

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