B&B Thursday Update 9/19/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/19/19


Written by Anthony

Wyatt walks into his living room and receives a phone call from Sally. Sally is excited about dinner today. Wyatt wants her to stay for breakfast. Sally doesn’t think that is going to happen. Wyatt wants to get there. Bill and Katie walk in. Katie is glad that he is not with Flo anymore.

Flo begs Shauna not to get caught up in all of this anymore. Shauna tells her that this was just one crazy drunken night. Shauna was full clothed in bed with Ridge. It was one innocent little kiss on his lips. She only wants to focus on her. She gets to move on with her life and move on with Wyatt.

Sally walks into the CEO office and asks Quinn if she had a chance to look at her latest designs. Quinn looked at some. She is not sure if they work or not. Quinn knows that she is seeing Wyatt again. She asks if Quinn doesn’t approve.

Bill is glad that Wyatt is done with Flo. What she did to Hope and Liam is not forgivable.

Shauna doesn’t want her to give up on Wyatt Flo doesn’t think that this is something you just get over. Shauna wants her to fight for this. She needs to show him that he is the girl that he fell for all those years ago.

Sally already knows how Quinn feels for her. She doesn’t expect her undying support but she cannot imagine that her eyes haven’t been opened. She cannot truly believe in a future between Flo and Wyatt.

Bill thinks what Flo did to Liam and lying to him. No second chances for Flo. He assumes that she begged for forgiveness. Wyatt says she did come by the office. She said she was sorry and realized that she messed up. Katie says that she said the same thing. She told Flo that her father would disown her. Bill thinks that he would disown her.

Flo is trying to be realistic. Wyatt will never forgive her. Especially, now that Sally is hanging around. She is sure that she wants to get back together with Wyatt. She came in ripping her apart. Flo knows that she will never forgive her. She is worried that Sally might be right. Flo thinks this might be too much to ask of Wyatt. Shauna wonders if she really thinks that he would get back with her. Flo doesn’t know.

Sally thinks that Flo deceived him. Quinn admits that Wyatt was not pleased. Quinn doesn’t think that means that Sally needs to be with Wyatt. Sally says that Wyatt and her are taking it slow. She is not rushing right back to him. Quinn thinks that is good. She believes deep down that Wyatt still loves Flo and he always will.

Wyatt is doing work when someone knocks on the door and it is Flo. She was in the area. She asks if he has a fork she can borrow.

Bill thinks that Wyatt better listen to what he told about Flo. He doesn’t want him with Sally either. Katie feels a little weak. She thinks she pulled a muscle in her back or something. She needs to sit down for a moment. She promises se is fine. It will pass. Will walks in and asks if Kae has room for him. Katie needs a big hug.

Pam asks Sally how it went with Quinn. Sally says the same as it always does. Pam knows that they aren’t exactly best friends. Pam knows that Quinn pretends to not like her lemon bars. She is a tough one. She is shocked she has even one friend.

Shauna shows up to the CEO office of FC. Quinn is shocked she got in. Shauna thinks they had fun times together. Quinn thinks that Eric is still angry at her. Quinn heard that Flo got out of prison. Quinn is so glad that she is free. Quinn hopes she uses this opportunity and does something with her life. Shauna wanted to talk about Flo and Wyatt.

Flo wants to eat and talk a little bit. Wyatt already has dinner plans. Flo assumes his dinner date is Sally. Flo feels like they have a lot left unsaid. She just cannot think of him hating her. Wyatt doesn’t hate her. He has loved her since they were kids. She was his everything and first love. That doesn’t change what she did. The way that she hurt his own brother.

Bill thinks that Will takes after Katie. Will asks if Katie is ok. Katie is just a little tired. Will asks if she wants to go to the park. Bill wants to take him to the bank. Katie wans them to have fun. Will can bring her back some ice cream. Katie thinks that she will eat Will up instead. Bill takes Will.

Sally thinks about spending time with Wyatt.

Shauna thinks that Flo regrets so much and always will. She asks if there is anyway that she can get through to Wyatt and help.

Wyatt thinks that Flo hurt so many people. Flo knows. She hates seeing disappointment in his eyes. She understands why he would want to go back to Sally but wonders if the have had sex. Wyatt says no. Flo doesn’t want to lose him again. Flo made him something before she leaves. She just emailed it to him. Wyatt looks at pictures of them from when they were in high school. Wyatt thanks her. Flo hopes they can continue to make memories together. Wyatt gets a text message from Sally. Flo guesses she should get going. Flo wants to be clear that she knows that he is the man that she is supposed to spend her life with. She has to believe that true love doesn’t just go away. Flo believes that true love can find forgiveness. Flo says goodbye to him.

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