B&B Wednesday Update 9/18/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/18/19


Written By Anthony

Ridge needs to talk with Brooke about something. Brooke knows they won’t always see eye to eye. They need to be more sensitive. She knows that they are not on the same page she still loves him more than anything. Ridge thinks that she made this about them. Which is why she loves her.

Shauna tells Flo to close her mouth before something comes in. Shauna asks why she finds this so hard to believe. Ridge and her slept together.

Danny asks a waitress to get some napkins from the back. Carter walks over and asks how Ridge was after he left. Danny thinks that Ridge crossed the line.

Shauna was right by Ridge’s side all night long. Flo asks what she was thinking. She has been out of jail for a day and she is already giving the Logan’s another reason to hate them. Flo wonders what she did.

Brooke is glad that Ridge went somewhere to drink where people know him. She will have to thank everyone for taking care of him. Ridge admits this wasn’t a great moment for him. Brooke is glad that he was there to help him upstairs.

Danny gives Carter something. Carter cannot stop thinking about last night. He has never seen him drink like that. He thanks him for helping him.

Brooke thinks they need a date night. They need to get back to who they are. Brooke wants to set up a big surprise. Ridge has to be honest with her. He knows this is hard for Brooke. It is a hard thing to process. Ridge doesn’t want to admit that he knows something is going on. He is making bad choices and he doesn’t know when it started. Ridge didn’t know how to fix it. He cannot have it affecting them. Things could have been so much worse last night. Brooke is just glad that nothing terrible happened to Ridge. She kisses him.

Flo wants to know how she ended up in bed with Ridge. Shauna tried speaking with Brooke yesterday. She thought it was worth a try. She threw her out. She would have knocked her out had they not been related. She was furious with Ridge for not fighting her release. Ridge was at the bar drinking last night. She told him how she met with Brooke and begged for her forgiveness. Ridge kept drinking all night. Danny finally cut him off. He passed out. Then Danny helped her take him upstairs. Ridge was just not in a good place. She took his shoes and pants off. She got him a glass of water. She planned on leaving afterwards but then Ridge asked her to stay. She wanted to make sure that he was ok so she stayed. Shauna couldn’t help it. She kept thinking about all those decades about how she would hear about how charming he is. He was laying right next to her. Flo asks if they had sex. Shauna says he was passed out. She did touch his face. She kissed him.

Carter has known Ridge for a long time. They have seen each other through a lot of changes. Carter thinks he can come of as rough but he is the most genuine human being. He values his friendship. He knows he is navigating through a rough patch. Danny promises that he was in good hands.

Ridge knows that Thomas needs professional help. Ridge asks if this is round two. Brooke is just wanting him to know that she thinks that Thomas is a danger and she doesn’t want him here. Ridge knows. He wants to agree that they look at Thomas from different angles. He thinks they can deal with that then. Brooke thinks that is fine. Brooke asks if he wants breakfast. Ridge ate something before he came home. Brooke is sorry this happened.

Shauna kissed Ridge. It was amazing to feel his lips on her own. She felt something. She felt something amazing. Flo asks if he woke up. Shauna says that he was passed out. She went to bed after that. Flo cannot believe this. Shauna thinks she did a good deed. She might have spent the night but no one will find out. Nothing happened.

Ridge hugs Brooke. He tells her that they will be ok and they will figure this out. They will find a solution about Thomas. Brooke is happy to hear that. Ridge is aware of everything that Thomas did to Hope, Liam, and Steffy, and Douglas. What he did to them and he doesn’t blame her for being angry one bit. Brooke admits that there were other people involved but he was the one who put the dead baby in her daughter’s arms. That is what put Hope on a downward spiral. Then Shauna showed up and told the truth. It was ridicules. It makes her blood boil just to think of it. Brooke cannot believe she would plead for forgiveness for her daughter. Brooke doesn’t want to see Flo or Shauna ever again.

Flo cannot believe she kissed Ridge. Shauna only told her because she trusts her. She cannot tell anyone ever. Nothing really happened but she doesn’t want her to say anything. Flo thinks that crawling into bed with Ridge is inappropriate. Flo thinks they sound like the witches of Vegas. Shauna asks if she is not allowed to feel good. She stole a moment for herself. Flo tells her not to do this with Ridge anymore. They cannot give the Logan women another reason to hate them. Shauna is not going to confess to them that this happened. That night was for her. It must be amazing to wake up with Ridge everyday. She thinks it must be amazing. Flo tells her to stop doing this. Shauna thinks if she were his wife she would dedicate her life to making sure that Ridge was alright. Flo tells her she needs to come back down to earth. He is happily married to Brooke. It was not some meant to be destiny. That was all it was.

Danny walks into the bedroom at Bikini. He thinks about Shauna helping him get Ridge up there. He looks around the room.

Shauna doesn’t think that anyone will ever know what happened with Ridge. It will be their little secret.

Brooke wants to put this all behind them and focus on their family. Ridge feels the same way and kisses her.

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