B&B Tuesday Update 9/17/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/17/19


Written by Anthony

Eric tells Brooke that a watched pot never boils. Brooke never realized how angry Ridge was. Brooke doesn’t want to be in fight mode with Ridge. She understands leaving after an argument but not to come home at all. She wants to know why he would do that. She wonders where he is.

Ridge thanks Shauna. Ridge thanks her for breakfast and for being here this morning. He cannot believe he got this drunk. Shauna promises that Brooke will never hear about this from her. She is very grateful for him. Shauna promises to always be here for him, whatever he needs.

Flo looks at a picture of her and her aunts. Katie shows up at her house. She wants to never see her again. Katie heard about her plea deal. Katie doesn’t for a moment think she really cares about what she is doing. She is a liar and the exact opposite of her father. Katie asks if she feels her heart. That is storms anger and disgust. She hopes he feels his shame. Shauna already knows that he is ashamed of her. Katie asks why everyone keeps throwing that word around. She stole her cousins baby. She watched a mother grieve for her dead child for months. She was given this deal and this opportunity. She understands that she never wants to speak with her again. She would like to earn her respect back. She knows it is a long shot but it could happen. She doesn’t want to forget any of this but Ridge could have fought the feds but he didn’t.

Ridge wonders if he was wearing a belt. Ridge grabs his phone. Shauna tells him to call her.

Brooke picks up her phone and says it is his him. Brooke picks up her phone. She was so worried. Ridge will explain himself when he gets home. Ridge will find out what happened when he gets home. Shauna has no desire to tell her what happened but he is free too. Ridge thanks her.

Katie doesn’t want her to expect forgiveness ever. Flo wonders if Storm would understand. Katie finds the picture on her table. Katie wants to tell Flo about the sacrifices that Storm made for the family. He took care of them. She is delusional if she thinks that he would have been anything but horrified about all of this. Katie thinks that she betrayed her family in the worst way. Storm sacrificed his life for her. She knows that. How dare she use his goodness as some pathetic plea of forgiveness. She feels it all the time. Right now she can feel Storm’s disgust and disillusionment. Flo is happy the secret is out and it is no longer causing all this damage. Katie thinks that it still is. This is affecting her sister’s marriage. She better hope and pray that this doesn’t end their marriage. Flo regrets ever getting involved with Reese. Flo will do whatever it takes to earn their trust back. Katie tells her she can leave town. They can crawl back to wherever they came from. She never wants them to come back.

Shauna thinks about kissing Ridge last night. She walks towards the door and leaves. Danny walks in and sees the room looking like a mess.

Ridge walks into Brooke’s house. Brooke begs him never to do that to her again. She asks how she couldn’t be worried. She didn’t get a call or a text. Brooke thinks that he could have borrowed a phone. Ridge couldn’t have come home. Brooke asks what happened last night.

Flo asks if she really is supposed to leave LA. Katie thinks it is what is best. Flo doesn’t think that Vegas feels like home anymore. Katie assumes that LA reminds her of all she has done. Katie wants her to go away. She can speak for all the Logan women when she says that they don’t want anything to do with her. Shauna tried speaking with Brooke and she chewed her out. Shauna guesses all the talk about the Logan and Forrester family’s being supportive The only one to be so was Ridge.

Ridge might be a lot hungover today. Ridge admits that drinking sounded good last night. Ridge didn’t want to say something he would regret last night. He went to Bikini last night. Brooke wonders who else showed up. Brooke could have called him a car. Ridge might have told Carter to leave him alone. Ridge was left with Danny. Ridge passed out last night. He doesn’t want to talk about this right now. Brooke guesses he was that upset that he had to drink enough to pass out. Brooke wonders where he slept. Ridge says that he slept in a small apartment above Bikini. They let him sleep it off. Ridge guesses he was in good hands.

Katie respects Ridge. He has been an important part of her life. Ridge should have thought about what he was doing. He should have thought about how this would affect everyone. Shauna thinks he showed kindness and compassion and it was a good thing. It is really sad that she has to defend her with her aunts. She tells Katie to leave. Katie wants her to leave Hope alone. She wants her to leave them all alone. Flo cannot blame her for wanting to say her peace. Flo wonders why she didn’t come home last night. She is wearing the same clothes. Shauna tells Flo that the most unexpected thing happened. She spent the night with Ridge.

Ridge thanks Brooke. A waitress helped take care of him. It was nice. Brooke should have been taking care of him. Ridge would have liked that. Brooke hates that they argued. Brooke is saying that they will always have different opinions when it comes to Thomas but she doesn’t want to fight with him anymore. Ridge asks what she wants to do. Brooke doesn’t know. Brooke doesn’t want anything to come between them. She is glad that he is home safe and sound. Brooke hugs him. She was so worried. She just kept picturing him in a ditch somewhere. She kept waiting for the police to show up. Brooke assumes it was hard to sleep for him. Ridge is lost without her. Brooke asks if they are not going to let Thomas come between them.

Shauna thinks it was wonderful to spend the night with Ridge.

Ridge knows he never should have left. He feels terrible about all of this. There is something she needs to know.

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