B&B Friday Update 9/13/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/13/19


Written by Anthony

Katie walks into Brooke’s house. Katie doesn’t want her to get too excited to see her. Brooke thought she might be Ridge. Katie wonders what is going on. Brooke explains that they had a fight and he walked out. She is worried about her.

Shauna will keep her opinions on Brooke to herself. Shauna knows why he is drinking. He got into a big fight about Flo being released. Shauna thinks that Brooke can be upset all she wants but she is forever grateful for him.

Flo wants Wyatt not to hate her. Wyatt doesn’t hate her. He just cannot let her think that he will just get over this. She brought all this nonsense to their lives. That is the saddest part of it all. Flo knows it is true but it is hard to hear. Wyatt thinks it is hard. Flo thinks that for the record she believes in miracles. She wonders if there could be another miracle in store for them.

Katie is shocked that Flo is out. Brooke explains that Ridge disregarded what Flo did in order to shield Thomas. He expects Thomas to move back in here and be a father to Douglas. Brooke doesn’t think that makes sense. He manipulated Douglas. He used Douglas. He shouldn’t be anywhere near Douglas. It was a huge mistake. Katie thinks it sounded intense. Brooke admits it did. She is worried about him.

Shauna thinks that Ridge needs to not drink as much. Shauna doesn’t want to talk about the fight. She actually just came from seeing her. Ridge asks if she talked with his beautiful wife. Ridge has not found forgiveness to Flo. Shauna thought it would open her heart a little bit. Shauna thinks they are both in the doghouse with Brooke. She is glad that the company is good at least.

Wyatt asks if she really believes in Miracles. Flo thought it was a miracle when she got him to pick up his socks and fix all those things without asking him. Wyatt thinks picking up the socks was a miracle but that was about it. Wyatt doesn’t think that Quinn is mother Theresa but she has Eric and she believes in him. She is a different person than before. Wyatt’s phone goes off. He gets a text. He needs to get to an important client. (Sally hears at the door.) Flo cannot undo anything she did. She is determined to make things up for him. Flo knows that he trusted her more than anyone ever has. She knows that she will not stop trying. Flo will never stop believing in miracles. Wyatt walks away. Sally walks in and asks how she managed to get out of jail.

Brooke would do anything to protect her children. Brooke doesn’t think that her children are that cruel. He says he is sorry but it is an act. He will do or say anything to keep Ridge by his side. Katie knows that he wants Thomas nowhere near Hope. Brooke doesn’t want him anywhere near Douglas either. Brooke wants a restraining order against both of them. Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge can be objective. She cannot be an advocate for Douglas. Katie is sure that they will work this out. Brooke doesn’t know where he is.

Shauna suggests that Ridge not go home drunk tonight. Ridge doesn’t think he is drunk. Ridge tells Shauna that Brooke is worried about her daughter. Shauna tried to explain things to Brooke but she didn’t want to listen. Shauna thinks that it is wrong for Brooke to be angry. Ridge tries to stand up but passes out. Shauna tries to get him to wake up.

Flo asks if Wyatt was expecting him. Sally doubts he was expecting Flo. Sally asks who bailed her out. Flo was granted an immunity deal. Flo is not going to stand here and make excuses for her. Flo got caught up in something that she wasn’t fully aware of. Flo feels awful for what she did. Sally thinks she is going to need a miracle that she says she believes in. Flo cannot believe she listened in. Sally reminds her that Hope is her cousin. She let everyone believe she was something she isn’t. Against all odds, she is out of jail. She wouldn’t push anything. No one is that miracles.

Brooke tells Katie that Shauna came over. She couldn’t believe she would come over after everything that they did to them. She doesn’t want them anywhere near people she loves.

Shauna tells Danny that Ridge passed out. She knows it won’t go over well with her wife. Danny says that there is a room upstairs. Shauna will not let Ridge go home like this.

Katie asks when Hope and Liam will find out about this. Brooke isn’t sure. Flo’s lies and deception… Shauna knew about this. She told Flo to be quiet. Brooke wonders what would have happened. Brooke thinks that Ridge and she will be ok. She doesn’t want to argue about their children. She needs to stand up for Hope, Beth, and Douglas. Brooke thinks that Ridge and her will get over this. The longer they stay away, she wonders what will happen to them.

Shauna thanks Danny for helping her up here. Sauna tells Ridge to get up. Shauna goes to get him some water. She pours him a glass and hands it to him. She tells him he needs to wake up a little bit. She asks if he feels better. Ridge wants to lay down. Shauna is going to get him a little bit more comfortable. She starts to take off his shirt and shoes. She takes off his pants. Ridge asks what she is doing. Ridge tells her that he can do it. Ridge takes off his pants. Ridge is going to lay down for a little bit. Shauna tells him to do so. Shauna is going to go downstairs. Ridge needs Shauna to stay. Shauna will stay. Shauna thinks he is an amazing man. This is something that Brooke isn’t willing to do. He would never treat her like this. Shauna kisses Ridge on the lips as he sleeps. She lays next to him.

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