B&B Thursday Update 9/12/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/12/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge is not going to exile his son. Brooke wants Douglas to stay. Brooke has been considering getting a restraining order. They need to protect Douglas and Hope.

Flo admits to Wyatt that he is the first person she wanted to see. Wyatt tells her that is funny because she is the last person he wanted to see. Flo is sure about that. Flo wanted the chance to talk with him. Wyatt knows that she is helping with the police. Flo was given a second chance and she will not waste that. That is why she is here. Flo just wants to explain. Wyatt wishes that there was a way to justify what she did but there isn’t. She helped steal his brother’s baby. Wyatt told her how bad he felt for them. She kept that secret with her for months. She was lying the entire time.

Ridge will not let Thomas be kept from his son. Brooke doesn’t think he is fit. Douglas could stay here with them. That little boy needs safety and stability. Hope can give him that. Any judge would agree. Ridge wants to deal with this as a family Brooke thinks that there are children involved this time. Thomas cannot be a parent to Douglas. Brooke will not let him ignore what he did to his own son. Douglas told them how scared he was. Ridge thinks he was scared because he raised his voice. It was a lot for him to handle. Brooke reminds him of all the terrible things that Thomas did. Brooke doesn’t want him here or at Forrester. Brooke doesn’t even want him in LA. Brooke will not let him burry his head in the sand. Ridge sees his son in trouble and he is helping him. Brooke will not be a part of that. Ridge asks if she just wants revenge. Brooke wants him to get help but not around Douglas. His impulses took over. That was sinister. Ridge knows that Brooke pushed him. Ridge is going to go because he will say something he regrets. Brooke begs him to listen.

Wyatt admits that in all honesty he is glad that she is ok. He hated thinking about her like that. Flo wasn’t going to fight anything. Shauna was desperate to get her out. Wyatt thinks that he let Steffy to believe that baby was hers. He asks how he would even fix something like that

Ridge sits at Bikini. He tells the bartender to keep them coming. Brooke tries to call and he ignores her. Brooke tells him that she loves him and doesn’t want this to come between them. Brooke asks him to come home. She doesn’t want to argue. Someone knocks on the door. Shauna is at the door. Shauna is not here for herself. She is here for her daughter. Flo is her family. She begged Flo to put this behind her and that was her mistake. She is asking her to give her another chance and to have mercy on her child.

Flo was just as disgusted as he was. Wyatt knows she still did it though. Wyatt was so happy she was back. Wyatt left Sally over something she did to him. He begged her to open up to him. Flo wishes she had but she knew the truth would ruin them just like it is right now.

Carter finds Ridge. Carter wonders if he is drinking alone. He asks if this is about Thomas. Ridge thinks that Thomas should be fine. Ridge came here to walk away from the possibility of saying something he might regret. Ridge explains that Brooke is being rude to Thomas.

Brooke thinks that Reese is just as guilty as she is. Brooke heard about Flo. She is sick to her stomach that she thinks she can get away with it. Shauna asks if she explained it to her. She wants to thank Ridge. Brooke explains they both wanted Flo in jail. Brooke thinks what Flo did was criminal. Shauna thinks that Flo lost everything that was important to her. Shauna thinks it was too late and she was in too deep. Shauna promises that she is determined to get her forgiveness. Brooke knows that everyone wants their crimes to be erased. Brooke thinks that Flo is not a victim. She doesn’t deserve her forgiveness and she will never have it. Shauna thinks that Flo loves her family. Brooke would not help steal a baby. She thought she lost a baby. Everyone kept it quiet. Brooke think that Flo is a tramp from Vegas. The best thing that Flo could do is leave. Brooke tells her to leave. She is not welcome back.

Flo knows it is too soon to ask for forgiveness but she begs he doesn’t hate her.

Brooke tries to call Ridge again but he isn’t listening.

Ridge gets another call from Brooke. Carter asks if he is not going to answer that. Ridge thinks that she is trying to look after her family. Ridge knows that Thomas has done terrible things but he cannot say anything about it. Ridge wants to know why she cannot forgive Brooke. Carter tells Ridge to call if he needs anything. Danny promises not to let him drive. Ridge demands to be fed. Shauna shows up.

Brooke sends Ridge a text that it is late.

Shauna walks over to Ridge. She finds it funny that they keep bumping into one another. Shauna assumes that Brooke is not happy. She appreciates him.

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