B&B Tuesday Update 9/10/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/10/19


Written by Anthony

Shauna only heard the end of the conversation but it sounds like Ridge holds the cards to get her daughter out of jail. Ridge reminds her that Steffy is in a world of pain because of her daughter.

Flo asks if her mom has come back. The guard says she doesn’t know. Steffy walks in. Steffy thinks that she had to know that she would eventually come. Flo is sorry. Steffy thinks it does. She kept a secret that destroyed her family. For months they were so good to her. She asks how Flo could do this. She says how dare her.

Brooke looks at a picture that Douglas has drawn on a tablet. Douglas wonders when Thomas is coming back. He has been gone a long time. He wonders what he is doing. Brooke explains that Thomas has a lot to think about. He is here with Beth and Liam and Hope. Brooke thinks that he is surrounded by love right now. Douglas wonders if Thomas is ok. Brooke exlains that he is fine. Right now though there is someone anxious to see him down at the cabin. Brooke will take him to see her. Katie is still getting used to hearing Beth’s name. Donna knows that it is a miracle. Donna thinks that it goes to show you what comes to people. Katie thinks that Flo is learning about justice right now.

Shauna was only thinking of her own daughter and how she could lose her new family. He has every right to be mad. It is killing Flo to see her. Shauna thinks that this is something that she has been carrying arund since day one. She wants Flo to be able to go home.

Steffy didn’t come here to bond and forgive her. Flo feels terrible and she is so sorry. They all deserve so much better than her. She cannot expect them to forgive her when she cannot even forgive herself.

Brooke thinks it is amazing how amazing children are. Brooke explains that Hope spends a lot of time with Douglas. He spends more time up here. Brooke doesn’t want to be reminded of all the horrible things that Thomas has done. Katie thinks that this is a recipee for disaster.

Shauna thinks that Flo has been a good person her entire life. Ridge thinks that she signed papers. It was her own act. Shauna reminds him that Thomas told everyone they would be hurt.

Steffy sits down. Flo thinks that she has every right to hate her. Flo will not make excuses. Once she knew what she was involved in she tried. She wishes that she could see how hard she tried. Steffy knows that Hope suffered and was grieving. Phoebe was her little girl. She was Kelly’s sister. They were a family. Flo is so sorry. She knows she needs to pay for what she has done. She cannot even imagine the hole in her heart. She Is so sorry. Steffy doesn’t care that she is sorry. She is left here because she waas too selfish to tell the truth.

Brooke loves Ridge and knows that he is struggling. Katie knows that no parents wants to believe that their child is the way they are. Brooke doesn’t think that Douglas needs Thomas around. She will not let Thomas hurt Douglas anymore than he has.

Steffy knows that Flo lied about being the birth mother of a child she thought she adopted. Hope’s dead baby. From the minute she joined him, she stole from them. She stole Beth from Hope and Liam and stole families. She is disgusting. There is a silver lining even in this horror show. That’s Flo being bars. She can think about all the damage she has caused. This time slowly marching on. She needs to think about Hope grieving her dead baby for months. Think about her believing that the child was actually her own. She hopes that Flo rots in prison. It is what she deserves.

Ridge asks if Sanchez really needs an answer right this minute. Shauna begs him to say yes. Sanchez thinks that this is a better option than a trial. Ridge doesn’t object. He will deal with his family. Shauna asks if this means that Flo will be free. Sanchez is going to set the wheels in motion. Ridge is not doing this for Flo. He is doing this for his son.

Katie asks how Flo could be so cruel. Katie cannot believe that Shauna would tell her that this was all ok Brooke thinks they are both horriible. Flo and Shauna will have to pay.

Sanchez shows up to see Flo. She needs to come with him.

Shauna is not going to change his opinion. He still supported this. It is all because of Ridge. She is grateful. Flo feels grateful for Shauna. Flo is an amazing person. This experience will make her a better person. She is forever indebted to him. Sanchez walks in with Flo. She asks why Shauna is here. She asks what he said. Flo thinks that Ridge has every right to be angry but direct it towards her not Shauna. This is not on her. She is the one who is paying for this. She will not let anyone get hurt for this. Shauna tells Flo that there is no trial or prison. She is coming home. They agreed to let her go. Ridge didn’t do this for her. Flo asks if she just gets to leave. Shauna says right now. Flo hugs shauna. Shauna thinks she is coming home. Flo knows she doesn’t deserve this. She will do whatever it takes to be worth of it. She knows this seems impossible right now. She will never stop trying. She will earn his respect one day. Shauna will wait right here for her. Flo thanks Ridge. She thanks him so much. Shauna promises that he will not regret this. He will see what kind of a good person she is. He just gave Flo a beautiful gift for her daughter. He has no idea what he has done. She will find a way to repay him. She hugs him. Ridge stops her. Flo thanks him.

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