B&B Monday Update 9/9/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/9/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas thanks Ridge for not giving up on him after all he did. Ridge is angry and disappointed but he will not give up on him. He is here for him always. Sanchez calls Ridge. There is something he would like to discuss in person. Ridge will be there soon. Ridge explains that was Sanchez. He messed up and it will take a long time to make amends. He will not do it in jail. He will make sure.

Shauna has to get Flo out of here. She doesn’t have the resources. Flo knows that they both have a price to pay. They are not the only ones. Thomas deserves to as well. He should go right to prison as soon as he gets out of the hospital.

Thomas is asleep. He wakes up and Steffy is standing above him. He needs to keep his mouth shut and hear what she has to say. She needs him to hear what he did to his sister.

Shauna agrees that Thomas does need to pay but men like Thomas never seem to. Flo has no reason to lie anymore. Shauna is glad.

Ridge comes to Sanchez’s office. Sanchez thinks that Thomas has made some interesting choices. Ridge would love for him to leave him and his son alone.

Steffy doesn’t want to hear an apology or an excuse. Thomas thanks her for coming. He didn’t think that she would. Steffy reminds him that he almost died. She was scared when she heard he fell. She couldn’t come though until she knew he was strong enough to handle every scathing word she is about to say.

Ridge doesn’t think that Thomas broke the law. Sanchez closed the case on Emma. There is not enough evidence to prove that Thomas killed her. Sanchez decided not to waste anymore time on the matter. Ridge asks why he wanted to see him. Sanchez explains that Flo might be released today.

Flo thinks that she earned her place here. This is not supposed to be easy though. She feels shame and regret for what she did to Hope and Liam and Steffy and Beth.

Thomas begs Steffy to let him explain. He has loved Hope for years. This was about giving Douglas a mother after Caroline died. He tried to fix it and let things be fine with Kelly and Phoebe. Steffy reminds him that her name is Beth and he should have told her. He tried to tell her. It was wrong to hide it from her. Steffy thinks he is sick. Thomas wanted Steffy to be happy. Thomas saw her being a parent with Liam and she had an amazing family. Thomas couldn’t take that away. They both know what it was like to lose a sister. Thomas couldn’t take another Phoebe away. It was wrong but she needs to understand. She needs to forgive him.

Ridge asks what is going on. Sanchez explains that there is an ongoing medical situation. They want to make a deal. Ridge asks if he has a say in this matter. This woman did terrible things. There isn’t a member of his family who doesn’t want this to happen. Sanchez reminds him that if Flo goes to trial they are going to dig up everything. She will tell them everything that happened to Emma. Ridge thinks that it would be here say. Sanchez just wanted to let him know that there were ways to make this less messy for his son. Ridge asks if it would really work.

Shauna needs to do more. Flo explains that the lawyer she has will be fine. She isn’t denying any charges. She will probably be here for years. It is something she will have to accept. They both do.

Thomas doesn’t deserve her forgiveness but he is asking anyway as her brother. Thomas would do anything for her. Thomas saw a future for her and it was with Liam. Steffy thinks that Hope and Liam were in so much pain. He shouldn’t have kept her from her daughter. He continued this lie for months. At least Reese was protecting his child but he used his son and manipulated his feelings for Hope and grief for Caroline. Thomas thought he needed a mother. He saw an opportunity to give him one Thomas didn’t see it as anything else. Thomas thought that Beth was dead. Steffy was given a baby that was stolen and her bond was growing day by day. That was cruel. Steffy is an adult and she can process what is happening but the girls can’t. They are so confused and it is because Thomas was selfish. As hurt as she is she can get over this. What he did to her daughter’s she can never forgive that. She can never forgive her.

Shauna is not going to let her give up. There are other things she could do. Flo doesn’t see this happening. Shauna will find a way to get her out.

Sanchez thinks that the tabloids will go after Thomas. Sanchez gets a text message. He needs to take care of something. Bill wonders if he can think about this Sanchez guesses. Freedom rests in her hands. Shauna walks over and asks if she heard correctly. Ridge doesn’t think she deserves it. Shauna knows that Flo will never be able to make things right but she won’t be able to try if she doesn’t have the power to set things free.

Steffy can see Kelly confused. She tries to explain it but it is hard. Thomas was trying to protect her. Steffy thought that he understood what she wanted to give Kelly. It makes it all the more disgusting. She is glad that she came. She is glad that she got to look in his lying eyes. He crossed a line. One that he cannot come back from. She needs to protect herself and her daughter from him. Steffy doesn’t know if she can be in the same room as him. Hope, Liam, and her will move on without him. Steffy walks out. Thomas sobs.

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