B&B Thursday Update 9/5/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/5/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas asks Armstrong how he is doing. No one likes being locked up in a hospital for days on end. Ridge asks if his son is being released today. Armstrong is monitoring Thomas. They need to keep in mind that he is lucky to be alive at all. Thomas is a little impatient. He wants to get back to his life.

Katie asks Brooke if Ridge is back at the hospital. Brooke is not sure. Donny asks if Ridge is still defending Thomas. Brooke says that he is still Ridge’s son. Brooke thinks that he is still waiting for her to say sorry to Thomas. Donny asks if Ridge realizes that she intentionally threw Thomas off the cliff. Brooke explains that Ridge thinks that she hates his son. Donna asks what will happen when he is released. Katie cannot imagine that he is going to back to his life as if nothing happened. Donna cannot imagine that Ridge thinks that Thomas will get away with this. Katie doesn’t think that Thomas has ever been held accountable. Liam promises that he will be. Liam will make sure of it.

Armstrong does a series of tests with Thomas in regards to pointing. Thomas wonders how he did. He thinks that he is doing well. Armstrong knows that he has a little boy at home. Thomas does. Thomas wonders if he will see his child by the end of the day. Thomas feels better. He thinks that staying here one more day will drive him up a wall. Armstrong thinks that things are looking good. He will allow him to go home. Only if he follows his strict recovery instructions. Armstrong wants him to stay away from cliffs. Thomas is ready to get on with his life. Sanchez heard he is being released today. He wants to talk about the death of Emma.

Katie gets off the phone with Will. Katie tells them all that Will has a game tonight. Brooke explains that she hates that this has caused so much tension. Donna is shocked that Ridge thinks that he did this on purpose. Liam doesn’t think that this should excuse what he has done. Liam doesn’t think that Thomas is a child. He is a grown man who has been manipulating all of them. Hope is the only reason that Thomas even decided to go back to Steffy’s. Liam is worried about what will happen when he is released. Donna doubts that he could do anything. If he fights the annulment he will lose. Katie knows that Thomas is unpredictable and calculating. He is trying to score points with everyone. Brooke watched as Thomas took advantage of Hope’s suffering. Donna knows that Brooke and Ridge love each other so much. She cannot let this come between them. Brooke wonders what will happen when they came back from the hospital. Brooke asks what happens next. Liam assumes that Ridge would realize that this would be a terrible idea. Thomas is going to try and move back in. Liam asks if they are supposed to act like it is fine. It is not a fresh start. He targeted his wife and used his innocent child as a puppet. He doesn’t think any of them can allow this.

Ridge thinks that Emma’s accident was just that. Sanchez thinks that he knows that Xander told them that Xander and Thomas were not friends. Sanchez explains that Xander’s claims are alarming. Ridge thinks that this is enough. His son is dealing with a serious accident. Sanchez think that facts have a way of coming out. Sanchez explains that they have Flo in custody and Thomas’ name does come up. He understands a fathers need to protect his son, but the lie will catch up with Thomas. He wants them to have a good day.

Liam is sorry but he doesn’t meant to put Brooke on the spot. She is in a difficult situation. He cannot believe that she would let Thomas get away with this. Brooke won’t do that, but her and Ridge have fought hard. Brooke doesn’t want to risk it. Ridge swears that he doesn’t have blinders on. He won’t hold him accountable though. He gets defensive and she doesn’t want to be that way. She either has to fight or she has to fight for her marriage to Ridge.

Thomas is not going to confess to something he didn’t do. That is a joke. Ridge thinks that these are serious accusations. Ridge spoke to Flo as well. She can make things difficult for him. This doesn’t make it ok. Thomas cannot believe that he would actually think this. Ridge doesn’t want him to lose his freedom. Thomas hates that he kept lying and he is sorry. He is sorry to all the people he hurt and for lying to him. He is scared. He has a whole life ahead of him and Douglas needs a father. Thomas thinks that Ridge is the only one here for him. He needs Ridge to help him.

Liam is on the phone. Liam was just letting Hope know that Katie and Donna are on their way down to see her. Liam wonders if Brooke is ok with Thomas still in the picture. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to them. Liam knows that Thomas is committing crime after crime. Brooke reminds him that no charges have been made. Liam thinks that he needs to move out if Thomas comes home. He knows that Brooke sees it. He wants them to work together so that Thomas doesn’t do anymore damage.

Thomas is not worthy. He doesn’t deserve this. He has done horrible things that he is ashamed of. He is still here for him though and he needs him now more than ever. Ridge wants to ask him a question and he needs to be honest with him. Sanchez talked about the night that Emma died. He needs to know the truth if he chased Emma. He asks if he followed her all the way up to the free way and run her off the road. He asks if she is responsible for the young woman’s death. Ridge needs to know the truth.

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