B&B Wednesday Update 9/4/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/4/19


Written By Anthony

Brooke reminds Bill that Thomas could have died. Bill doesn’t think that is a loss. Brooke knows she was running at Thomas but Hope says he was just saying sorry. Bill knows that she had to act fast. Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge sees it that way at all.

Ridge thinks that everyone should pay. Flo agrees. She isn’t asking for any type of special treatment but he deserves to know the full truth. Flo wanted to tell the truth so many times. Flo couldn’t enjoy this new life she had because she hated the fact that she didn’t have the courage to tell the truth. It was his son who kept her quiet though.

Bill cannot believe that Ridge would blame her. Bill doesn’t think that Ridge knows her at all or he doesn’t know Thomas. Brooke doesn’t think he sees Thomas as a grown man. Brooke doesn’t feel sorry for him. She will not thank him for showing her mercy. Not after what he did to their children.

Armstrong tells Thomas that his vision has improved. His symptoms should improve over time. He thinks this could have been an extremely tragic accident. Thomas remembers Brooke pushing at him.

Ridge feels that Thomas made a bad choice in keeping the secret. Flo knows that Thomas is his son. He married Hope and chose not to tell her. He threatened to destroy their lives. After what happened to Emma… Flo explains that there are a lot of people who think that Thomas is responsible for Emma’s death.

Bill thinks that he is using his weakened state to tug at Ridge. Brooke knows what Ridge would want to see the best in Thomas but what he did was cruel and calculated. Ridge needs to see things clearly. Bill is shocked that he wants her to say sorry. Brooke is not a criminal. Thomas is the one acting like a criminal. Brooke thinks it was frightening. He kept saying how much he loves her. Bill thinks that there is something seriously wrong with Thomas. Thomas is a sociopath. Brooke doesn’t need Hope or Liam to think about Thomas. Bill will do something.

Ridge wants to know what Flo could possibly say. She has lied since the day she got here. Flo thinks that Thomas did more than lie to keep this secret. Ridge thinks that she is saying that Thomas is responsible for all the lies. Flo thinks that was so obsessed with her that nothing else mattered. She wonders what he thinks would happen if someone else got in their way. Flo thinks that Thomas has serious issues and is guilty of a serious crime. Flo tells Ridge that they are done. She tells the guard she is ready. Flo takes the picture of her aunts and Hope.

Bill goes to see Thomas. He wonders how the boo boo is. He thinks that Thomas is doing fine. Bill thinks he is full of tension. What he did to his family it upsets him. The way he treated his nephew and stealing Hope from Liam. Bill tells him that he needs to keep his temper in check. Bill would normally have walked in here and choked him out. He is no going to do that though. He is proud of himself. On the other hand though he will be damned if he lets this go. He is not going to smooth this under the rug. He knows that Thomas wants to call this a mistake. Bill thinks that this mistake is going to have consequences. That is not a concept that he is familiar with. He cannot wait to teach him how this works.

Katie guesses that Thomas falling off a cliff doesn’t make him a new man. Brooke guesses that he regrets it all. She wishes that she could believe him. Brooke thinks that this only got worse since the accident. Brooke still cannot believe what Thomas did to Hope. There is a dark side to him. She cannot forgive this even for Ridge. She will not pretend that this is ok.

Bill is not threatening him. He wouldn’t have to ask if he was. Bill thinks that he has nothing to fear from him. Thomas is supposed to be resting. Bill thinks that Hope was supposed to be a mother. Thomas didn’t steal the baby. Bill doesn’t think there is a difference. Bill thinks he took this to a whole other level. He let parents and their families mourn the loss of a child that he knew was alive all along. That is a whole other level of sick. Bill knows he laid out his black heart. No one is buying it other than Ridge. He has no choice otherwise he has to admit that his son is a full blown loser. He did nothing to admit anything. Reese and Flo are in jail. Xander and Zoe were fired. Thomas is the only one who gets away with this. He talked with Brooke. He will not defend this. He will make sure that he pays for what he has done. Ridge walks in and tells him that there is no need for him to be here.

Katie asks if Ridge thinks this is ok because that is not how he acted. Brooke thinks that he wants her to excuse what Thomas did because she is not in jail. Brooke thinks he is trying to manipulate them. Brooke will not let Thomas manipulate them anymore.

Bill asks if he should object to what Thomas did. Bill thinks that Thomas did nothing better than Flo and Xander. Bill thinks that he coddles Thomas. Bill is not going to let him protect Thomas this time. There might be a connection between Thomas and Emma’s death. Bill doesn’t bluff or blink. Armstrong walks in and wonders what is going on. The doctor needs rest. Bill says that Ridge got out of control. Bill tells Thomas that he needs to get rest. He needs to get a dose of reality. Daddy cannot save him from this. Justice will be done this time. He will see to it. Bill thinks that Thomas needs to pay for what he has done. Ridge is worried about him. Bill thinks he needs to pay for the crime. Ridge thinks he is trying to make amends. Ridge reminds him that his son almost died. Bill thinks that he did because of his own actions. Being responsible for a death will put Thomas away and there is nothing he can do to stop him.

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