B&B Tuesday Update 9/3/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/3/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge thanks Armstrong on the phone from the CEO office. Ridge explains that Thomas is getting better but is on the road to recovery. Brooke is happy to hear that. She means it. She just wanted him away from her daughter. Bill guesses she got that.

Katie and Bill kiss in his office. Katie is sorry she is furious. Bill thinks that this completely infuriates him. These losers stole his granddaughter. Katie cannot believe what Reese did with Flo’s help.

Shauna shows up to see Flo in jail. Shauna doesn’t think she looks so great. Flo admits that it isn’t fun to be in here but she has no one to blame but herself. Shauna went to Quinn but she is not going to help them get out of here. Flo is sure that they all think she is getting what she deserved and they are right. Flo had this glamorous job for a minute and the man she loved was in love with her for a minute. Shauna thinks that she was used and manipulated. Shauna is glad that Thomas got what was coming for him. Thomas fell off a cliff.

Katie thinks that Flo could have ended Hope’s suffering at any minute. Bill wants them all to pay a price. Bill thinks that Thomas is still out there. Thomas used that lie to manipulate Hope as a mother. Bill thinks what Thomas did was unforgivable and he will make sure that Thomas pays for what he has done.

Ridge doesn’t want Thomas to lose his life like Brooke almost did. Ridge thinks his son almost died because his wife hates him.

Flo wants to know how you even fall off a cliff. Shauna is not really sure. Shauna thinks that Flo was manipulated, threatened… Flo wonders if Thomas is ok. Shauna thinks that he will be. She wants Thomas to pay.

Bill thinks that Thomas tried to steal Liam’s life and he isn’t paying anything. Bill doesn’t think that they can get back those first few months with their daughter. Bill thinks that Thomas could have put an end to this at any moment. Bill thinks that if he thinks that falling off a cliff is the worst thing then he is mistaken.

Brooke wonders if Ridge really needs to defend Thomas. Ridge needs to know what happened. Brooke thinks that Thomas did something horrible and then the sorry’s come out. She will not let him target her children. Ridge points out that Thomas didn’t steal the baby. Brooke reminds him that he is family and he treated her own daughter like this. Ridge thinks about this all the time but Thomas didn’t turn her in. Thomas protected her so she needs to give him a break. He cannot get over the fact that she pushed his son over a cliff. Ridge cannot get to Reese right now. He can get to Flo though. Pam walks in and asks if there is something she should know. Pam knows that there has been so much drama going on around here. Brooke explains that he went to see Flo. Pam thinks that the nerve of Flo showing up at the Logan table is just horrible. Pam couldn’t help but pick up on the tension between the two of them. She gets it that there are two parents with children in an annulled marriage. Brooke really doesn’t want to talk with her about this. Bill walks in. She asks what he is doing here. Bill guesses she was right to be concerned about Thomas. Brooke knows that now that Hope and Liam are back together they can rebuild their lives. Bill thinks they will pay. He asks where Ridge is.

Ridge shows up to see Flo. Ridge tells Flo to sit down. He shows her a picture of the Logan girls at Hope’s wedding. They loved her. Storms long lost daughter. The Forrester’s loved her too. She lied to them from day one. She made Steffy think that she had a little girl that would be hers. Flo is not going to defend herself but she tried to tell Thomas to do the right thing so many times. She should have came forward and done the right thing but she didn’t. Flo is glad that he survived. Ridge asks if he is supposed to believe any of this. Flo has no reason to lie anymore. Ridge thinks that Flo could have had anything. A career and Wyatt. She had to lie though and continue to do so. He doesn’t understand why she would do that.

Bill is shocked that Ridge went to see Flo. Bill is glad to hear that. Bill thinks that the serving up the justice needs to include Thomas. He is not going to let him get away with this. Bill wonders what happened at the cliff house. Brooke was at the house. She saw Hope and Thomas together. He was there and shaking her. Brooke is sick and tired of him victimizing her like that. She didn’t realize that he was right next to the cliff. Bill doesn’t need her to defend herself. Bill thinks that Ridge tries to justify his bad behavior. Brooke really does think it is an accident. Brooke knows she is the one to blame. Ridge saw the entire thing. She isn’t sure they will be able to get passed this.

Flo didn’t want to lose everything and end up in here. Flo feels guilty every single day. Flo thinks that things would be better if she is here. Flo is just trying to explain herself. Hope and Liam had moved on. Ridge asks if she has any idea what pain she put Steffy through. She fell in love with her. That lie broke her daughters heart into a billion pieces. Steffy is strong and surrendered the baby with grace. He was there and watched Hope and Liam walk out of the house with their child. His strong and beautiful daughter was standing there as if someone had just pulled the spine right out of her. She collapsed into him. His little girl and there is nothing he can do to help her. So, Florence… he came here today because he wanted to see her face to face. He wanted to tell her how many hearts she had broken. He wanted her to acknowledge all the pain and suffering. His son is included. He almost died and she has nothing to say to that. Flo knows nothing means anything to him. Ridge admits it doesn’t. Ridge thinks what does help and give him comfort is the fact that she will be here for a very long time. Her beauty and youth is all that will be left. He is not a bad person but he wants her to suffer. He wants her to suffer the way that his family did. He will make sure that she keeps on suffering until the last broken heart is mended.

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