B&B Monday Update 9/2/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/2/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge tells Sanchez to take it easy on him. He just woke up from a bad fall. Sanchez asks if it was really an accident or if someone pushed him.

Wyatt asks Sally how the kiss was. Wyatt thought it was a ten out of ten. Sally thought it was alright. She doesn’t think it was his best. Wyatt needs a chance to redeem himself. He wants another try. Sally wants him to slow his roll. Wyatt thinks that she set himself up for this. Sally doesn’t know if she is ready to dive in head first yet. Wyatt thinks that this is whatever they want it to be. Wyatt thinks they can take it slow. Wyatt likes that fast is better but it is Sally’s choice. Sally is just glad that Wyatt is talking with her after what she did. Wyatt admits that he did slightly overreact. Sally knows she should have told him what Thomas was up to. It was obvious that Thomas was using her. Wyatt thinks that Thomas would use anyone.

Sanchez asks if Wyatt remembers what happened. He was standing over the deck. They were both very angry with him. Thomas remembers. He was there near the edge. Sanchez asks how he went over the cliff. Thomas fell. Sanchez needs to know the truth. He asks if someone deliberately pushed him. Thomas says no. Thomas claims that no one pushed him. Thomas tells him that it was an accident. He looks at Hope.

Wyatt thinks that as far as he is concerned Thomas got what he deserves. He doesn’t want him to die but he got himself into this mess. Sally knows that he is right. You have to pay your price. Douglas already lost his mom. Sally thinks that he would be in jail otherwise. Wyatt thinks that Flo is sitting in jail for what she did. Wyatt thinks she should pay for her actions in this. It is one deception after another. Sally knows how he hates all this. Wyatt is hoping that he could move on with her. Sally thinks he sounds confident.

Sanchez asks if Thomas is positive that it was an accident. Sanchez thinks that stories have a funny way of changing. Sanchez will need to talk with him about information from Xander and Flo. Ridge asks how Thomas is feeling. Armstrong wants him to have time to recover. Thomas needs to say something to Hope. He has no one to blame but himself. Brooke thought that he was hurting her daughter. He knows what he did was wrong. Thomas knows he let Ridge down. He wanted to build a family. He took them away from their family. Precious time with her baby. He could have taken her pain away but he didn’t. He did this to himself. He put himself here. Thomas will never do anything like that again. Thomas promises. They have his word. He doesn’t blame them if they never forgive him. Hopes that they do. Thomas wants to speak with Hope alone. Brooke doesn’t think that is a good idea. Liam will not leave her alone with him. Thomas thinks that they should stay then. He is horrified about what he has done. He did it out of love for her. The love he felt for her was real. The vows he meant them. Douglas… He really wanted her to be his mother. He wanted her to be his mother. He should have told the truth. He knows it was wrong. He won’t tell the police what really happened. Thomas is just asking that maybe one day she will forgive him. He is sorry. Armstrong walks back in. He wants them to give Thomas time. Thomas meant what he said. He does love her.

Wyatt wants to maybe press the reset button. Wyatt knows what he is signing up for. Sally has a confession to make. She loves the noises he makes during breakfast. Wyatt wants to taker her on a date. Wyatt wants to treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Wyatt wants to start with this moment. Sally asks what he is getting at. Wyatt kisses her.

Armstrong admits he is shocked. He thinks that he is in remarkable condition. He would like to keep him her for observation but he doesn’t see any set backs. Brooke thinks that is a relief. Ridge knows that Thomas isn’t the only one who got lucky. She has to be happy that Thomas didn’t tell Sanchez the truth.

Liam cannot believe what happened today. Hope is just glad that Thomas didn’t blame Brooke on that. Hope thinks they know why Thomas did that. Hope doesn’t think that anything can make up for what he did. The first smile, bath, everything else. Liam thinks they have so many more to go through. Thomas is mad as well. Hope thinks that they are done with this. She just wants to focus on this little girl and the awesome and exciting future that she will have with her mommy and daddy.

Ridge saw Brooke push her. Brooke was terrified. She needs him to think about what she saw. She had to react. Ridge thinks that they aren’t going to see this the same way. Brooke thinks they were both concerned. Brooke knows her daughter was there and she couldn’t get through to her. Brooke was concerned about her daughter. She couldn’t get through to her daughter. She gave him a break. Ridge thinks that instead of badmouthing him, she could thank him. Brooke thinks that after that she needs to grovel. Brooke thinks it was an accident. Brooke doesn’t believe that he was telling the truth. Ridge doesn’t believe her. He is in the hospital because of her. Brooke doesn’t think this will end. He has to pay. Thomas has to pay for what he has done to Hope.

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