B&B Friday Update 8/30/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/30/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas is still passed out in his hospital room.

Ridge asks what Sanchez wants. Sanchez wants answers. He wants to hear more about this fight. Hope explains that Thomas was trying to say he was sorry and wanted to explain. Hope explains he didn’t really get the chance to though. Sanchez asks if he can help shed some light on to this. Sanchez wonders if someone deliberately pushed him.

Wyatt is shocked that Shauna would come here. Quinn wanted to help at first. Shauna is important to her. She couldn’t jump on to the bandwagon. Quinn thinks after hearing the whole story she tried to feel pity for them but she couldn’t. All she felt was betrayed. Quinn assumes this isn’t easy for Wyatt. Wyatt is dealing with this the only way he knows how. He is trying to move on. Wyatt wonders if Flo was the rebound. Quinn hopes that he doesn’t mean Sally. Quinn wonders if they are really ranking lies. Quinn knows she stole from the company. Quinn heard about Thomas.

Sanchez wants to know why this happened. The nurse tells Hope that she doesn’t have to sit with her husband. Hope think that some time with Thomas might be good Ridge doesn’t think that Hope is a threat to Thomas. Sanchez wonders who is then. Hope doesn’t think he should be here. He wouldn’t be had he just told the truth about Beth. She will never forgive him for what he did.

Quinn wants to be told if anything changes. She is sending positive thoughts. Wyatt is shocked. Wyatt thinks that Thomas has hurt a lot of people along the way. Quinn sends him positive thoughts every minute of the day. Wyatt thinks that Flo keeping her niece was kind of a bad thing. Quinn thinks that this is a life lesson for Wyatt. Wyatt thinks that is because she as being manipulated. Wyatt wanted to see if he could pick up where things left off but he wants a second chance with Sally. He should have understood the whole situation. He let this get the best of him. He will not run from this. Sally is his girl. Sally walks in. Wyatt tells Quinn she was just leaving. Quinn guesses she should check in at the hospital. Quinn leaves. Sally asks what is wrong. Wyatt explains that Thomas had an accident and it doesn’t look good.

Ridge is concerned about his sons health and his recovery. Not his ridicules accusations.

Hope thinks that Thomas know what he was stealing but he didn’t care. None of this mattered to him. She doesn’t think she has ever hated anyone in her entire life but she hates Thomas. She hates what he did and his lies. She hates what he has become.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Thomas is fit to take care of his child. Sally thought he was a good guy. Wyatt thinks that is what this is about. He was obsessed with making Hope his step-mom. Wyatt doesn’t think this is the best subject for them. Sally would prefer to talk about what she heard him talk about with his mom. Wyatt meant every word. Sally thinks he has done a good job at showing it lately. Wyatt regrets how he ended things. Sally thinks it is a big city. She thinks that just because it didn’t work out with Flo doesn’t mean it won’t work with others. Wyatt is in the room with the best woman in town though and he doesn’t deserve a second chance but he would be a fool not to try for one.

Hope thinks that he lied and used him. She asks how he could claim to love her when he was hiding the truth about her daughter. Hope never loved him though and he knew that. He used her grief against her. He told her that the only way that she could be a mother… It makes her sick. Hope shouldn’t even be saying this to him. She wants him to wake up so that he can prove them all wrong. He needs them. She asks what happened. She asks if it was losing Caroline. She doesn’t think this is him. She needs him to wake up but do it for Douglas. He needs to prove that he needs to be the man who needs his father. Thomas starts to move. Hope runs out and says that he is waking up. Sanchez thinks that he might get answers now.

Sally might just like this. She asks he booked the spa weekend. Wyatt asks what she is doing next weekend. Sally wants to go t Fiji. Sally guesses getting away might be much. She thinks that they should just spend the weekend in Malibu. She has been given a lot of second chances in her life. She thinks that it might be time to return the favor. She thinks now would be a good time to kiss her. Wyatt agrees.

Ridge asks Armstrong how they are looking. Armstrong is pleased Thomas says Ridge’s name. He welcomes him back. Armstrong doesn’t want Thomas overwhelmed. Sanchez has questions then he will be on his way. Sanchez asks if he knows why he is in the hospital. He asks if he remembers how he fell. Ridge reminds him he was at Steffy’s with Hope. He asks if this was all an accident or if someone was trying to kill him.

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