B&B Tuesday Update 8/27/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/27/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge looks through the window at Thomas in his hospital room. He walks over to Brooke and sits down next to her. Brooke asks if she can get him something like water or coffee or something to eat. Ridge says he wants nothing. Brooke asks if he is moving yet. Ridge says he is just laying there. He accidentally fell off a cliff as she knows.

Hope keeps seeing it on a loop in her head playing over and over again. Brooke rushing towards Thomas and him going over the edge. Liam is sorry she had to deal with that. Hope thinks it was horrifying. One second it was Thomas and her alone then Brooke and Ridge rush over. Liam doesn’t think it would have happened if he told the truth about Beth.

Justin cannot believe that Thomas might be involved in his nieces Beth. Justin thought that Thomas’ past was altogether since he grew up. Wyatt thinks he is a terrible father. Katie walks in. Bill thinks she brightens his day. Katie cannot believe how Brooke feels about Thomas. She must want to kill him. She was afraid they would lose Hope. it is hard to climb out of a dark hole. Hope felt she was making choices for the right reasons. She wanted Liam to be with his family. She thought she could help out if she let Liam go back to Steffy. Ridge asks if he has checked with Liam. Wyatt will call right now.

Hope cannot do this. Liam wonders about Steffy. Hope will text Ridge. She feels like she needs to be at the hospital. Liam gets a call from Wyatt. Liam was actually going to call him. There has been an accident. They are at Steffy’s. Thomas is the one who is hurt. He fell off the cliff. It sounds like Brooke pushed him.

Brooke thinks that he has to believe her. Ridge thinks that she pushed him. Brooke wouldn’t have pushed him. She wouldn’t have tried to kill him. The doctor shows up. There has been no change. Once he gets the results he will let them know. Ridge guesses it was an ordinary day and now they are here unsure if he will ever wake up. Brooke thinks he will be fine. She knows he is worried about him. Brooke would never do anything to purposely hurt Thomas. It was an accident.

Katie doesn’t believe that Brooke pushed Thomas off a cliff. Wyatt guesses he is alive but not awake. Brooke is at the hospital with Ridge. Ridge is probably never going to get over this. Wyatt has to assume that they would call. Bill thinks this is karma. It is a bitch. Everything that Thomas did. This is a result. Liam and Hope have reunited and now this loser is sitting in the bed. Katie is sure that Thomas found out about the annulment. Justin thinks that Hope ending their marriage would definitely do it. Bill thinks that if Brooke saw a desperate Thomas then Brooke would get involved. Katie knows that Brooke is protective of her children. She knows that and so does Ridge. Bill doesn’t want her to count on it

Brooke wants to feel useful if she could do something. Ridge doesn’t know what to tell her. Brooke thinks that he could tell her that he believes her. Brooke wasn’t trying to do anything. Brooke knows that it is shocking and horrible. Thomas will pull through though. Brooke has faith. He will have a complete recovery. Brooke begs him not to give up on him right now. Hope and Liam walk over and ask if he has woken up. Ridge says that he hasn’t. Hope says that Steffy wasn’t there when they left. Ridge will reach out to Steffy and Taylor when they have concrete information. They don’t need anymore stress in their life right now.

Bill thinks that Katie has a lot more faith in Ridge than he does. Bill thinks that Ridge has never cared about Brooke. Bill wants them to doubt his Spencey senses. Bill thinks that despite everything, he did what he dd to her daughter. Katie thinks that everyone knows that Thomas kept Beth a secret. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. She wonders what mother wouldn’t get involved. Wyatt thinks that Brooke had every right. He could have ended Hope’s suffering if he hadn’t ended guarded that secret. Justin has questions for Emma’s death. Katie knows that Brooke has been trying to warn Ridge about Thomas for a while. This is an awful situation.

Brooke doesn’t think that any of this wanted. Ridge tells them that there is no update yet. Hope wonders where Douglas is. Brooke says that Amelia took him to a playdate. Brooke doesn’t believe that this will be that bad. Brooke has been trying to explain to Ridge that she didn’t deliberately do this. He grabbed Hope by the arms and she tried to get him away. Ridge asks if Hope felt threatened or in danger.

Bill doesn’t think there is any doubt in his mind that whatever happened wasn’t an accident. He would come to Hope’s defense. She wouldn’t have pushed someone off a cliff. Katie knows that there is no way that her sister is capable of doing something like that. Wyatt doesn’t think that anyone is blaming her though. When Thomas didn’t tell Hope the truth there wasn’t much to go off of. Justin thinks that if he wakes up then he will wish the fall would have killed him. Katie thinks that they should all be wishing him a speedy recovery. Otherwise Brooke is in trouble. Bill thinks that she might already be in trouble.

Ridge needs to know the truth. Hope explains that Liam and her had an arrangement. Liam had work to do so she went by herself. Thomas startled her. Thomas was upset about the annulment. She told him that there was nothing more to say. He wouldn’t accept that. So she tried to leave so he blocked her way so she ran towards the back door. Thomas followed her.

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