B&B Monday Update 8/26/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/26/19


Written by Anthony

Hope begs Thomas to stop and let her go. Brooke runs over and tells him to get away. She pushes him away and he falls off a cliff. Ridge tells her to call 911.

Bill tells Wyatt and Justin to remind him to give them raises the next time he feels generous. He is glad that Wyatt was able to get a good deal. Justin wonders how things are going with Katie. Bill thinks they are just enjoying their family again with their son. Bill still cannot believe his granddaughter is alive. Bill thanks Justin to help them with their annulment. Justin found out that Emma’s death case is being reopened and Thomas is a suspect. Bill thinks that Forrester’s mini him is a loser. He thinks that if it weren’t for Douglas he doesn’t even want to think what he would do. Bill knows that Wyatt couldn’t see something coming. Bill cannot believe that a doctor would sell off a baby for gambling debts. Justin thinks that they all could have come forward a lot sooner. Bill thinks that Thomas needs to face his fate.

Ridge and Brooke run down to Thomas and ask if he can hear him. Hope is running down right now and is going to try and see. Hope asks if they are still there. He is breathing but not moving. Hope says that they shouldn’t move him. The access code to the gate is… Ridge promises it will be ok.

Bill wonder how they send annulment papers to someone that is hiding. Wyatt is willing to bet that Thomas is still here. Wyatt thinks they can think what they want about Thomas but he will not give up on his son. He won’t give up on Hope either. Bill asks how they serve the loser in hiding. Justin wouldn’t be shocked if Hope already told him. Justin knows that he was determined to get him out of his life. Bill thinks that Ridge’s son is a nutjob who shouldn’t cause anymore damage.

Hope thinks about what just as happened as she looks outside of Steffy’s house. Hope walks into the living room. Liam walks in. He explains that he dropped Beth off with Maya and Lizzie. He asks if he should take this stuff to the car now or later. Liam asks what happened. Hope says Thomas.

Thomas is rushed into the hospital and Doctor Armstrong is there to help out. Armstrong wants to get things under control. He asks if he can hear him. They get him into a room right away. The nurse tells Ridge that he has to wait. The doctor has to examine him before they can do anything. Brooke tries to touch Ridge but stops herself.

Bill knows that Thomas helped put his son through hell. Whatever part that nutjob played, he deserves whatever he gets.

Hope was here alone when he showed up. He was begging her not to end their marriage. She tried to leave but he wouldn’t let her. Then he started to follow her. She wasn’t sure what she would do. He grabbed her. Hope says that it isn’t how it sounds. She was frantic and she thinks that he was just trying to get her to listen. He was trying to say that he was sorry. Liam hopes they didn’t talk. Hope explains that they are over and there is nothing that he could say that would change anything. She just thinks that looking back she doesn’t think she was in danger. She could see how it would seem that way to Brooke. She was worried about her being here alone. Hope knows that Brooke drove here as fast as she could. She arrived and must have seen Thomas holding her and she could understand how a mother would want to protect her daughter. Liam asks what happened. Hope explains that she pushed him and he must have went over the cliff. To make things worse Ridge saw it all happen. He apparently arrived right when he went over the side. Liam asks if Thomas will make it. Hope isn’t sure.

Ridge asks Armstrong how he is. Brooke asks if he is still out of it. Armstrong says that the longer he remains unresponsive the harder this will be. Ridge is sorry. Brooke asks if there are other injuries. Armstrong says that he heard that he fell off a cliff. Brooke thinks it was a terrible accident. Armstrong will let them know when they can see him. Brooke knows he is upset. She is upset too. Thomas is strong and will get through this. He has him and Douglas and the entire family. He will wake up from this accident. Ridge asks if she thinks that Thomas is in there because of an accident.

Bill cannot believe that Thomas would pull this garbage. When he thinks of his innocent granddaughter spending time in someone else’s home. Beth should have been with her real mother. He kept this from Hope because he is a spoiled brat. It is hard not to go after him in the same way that he made the people he loves suffer.

Hope knows he was so still. She wonders what happens if he doesn’t make it. Hope thinks she needs to stay to break the news to Steffy.

Ridge thinks he should be in here with his son. Brooke could get the doctor for him. Brooke tells Ridge that she knows he is scared and Thomas is his son and he loves him very much. Ridge could lose another kid and Douglas could lose another parent. Ridge knows he has issues and he is trying to figure out what is going on in his head. Ridge wonders if it all fell apart when Caroline died. Thomas gave him solace. They thought she was the mother that Douglas needed. Lying is awful but he doesn’t deserve that. He asks what happens if he wakes up and he cannot take care of Douglas anymore. Brooke doesn’t want him to think that way. He needs to be strong and positive. Ridge knows she is right and he will be strong and positive. It will be hard for Brooke knowing how she feels about him. How she felt about him for a very long time. She didn’t want him to be with Hope ever or be around Hope and Liam. Ridge knew something would happen. He just didn’t think it would be here who pushed him off a cliff. He realizes she called it an accident. His son might be dead because of her.

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