B&B Friday Update 8/23/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/23/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke thinks they need to find Thomas before anything else happens. Brooke thinks he has been aggressive in the past. Brooke knows that he almost killed Rick years ago. Hope walks in. She is going to head over to Steffy to get the rest of Beth’s stuff. Hope explains that Steffy is not going to be there. Hope knows it is a huge adjustment for everyone. Ridge asks if it is ok for him to feel bad for Thomas. Hope is filing for an annulment. Hope spoke to him on the phone. He didn’t take it well. He is upset. Brooke wonders what happens if he does something desperate.

Thomas tells Douglas that he lost Hope for good because he couldn’t keep his little mouth shut. Hope is annulling her marriage and not changing her mind.

Ridge is not going to talk her out of it. Hope wants to be out of this marriage as quickly as possible. Hope has lost all respect for Thomas. She wants nothing to do with him ever again. Hope should go. She doesn’t want to take too much time away from Beth. Ridge doesn’t blame anyone. Brooke knows she lost a lot of time already. Brooke knows that something like this will push him over the edge. Ridge doesn’t want to panic. Brooke thinks that he is out there hiding. There is no telling what he might do.

Thomas asks why he couldn’t listen to him. Douglas thinks that Hope needed to know the truth. Douglas thinks that Hope is happy to have Beth back. Douglas misses his old daddy. He is not like he used to be. Douglas wants his old daddy back.

Ridge cannot give up on his son. Ridge thinks that Sanchez is convinced he hurt Emma. Ridge thinks that this is hopeless. Brooke wishes that Thomas would stop thinking about himself for once. Ridge thinks he sounds like Taylor. Brooke thinks that Thomas is alone now. Hope left him and the police are questioning him. Brooke promises they have each other. Amelia dropped Douglas off to Thomas’ place. Amelia gives them an address. Amelia doesn’t know who this is. She realizes she should have said something but Thomas is his father. Brooke doesn’t think that Douglas should be alone with Thomas. Ridge tries calling Thomas.

Hope goes to Steffy’s house. She finds a stuffed animal and hugs it. She looks at Beth’s clothes. There is an outfit that says Princess Phoebe.

Douglas thinks that Thomas should be happy. Thomas thinks his whole world has been flipped. Douglas thinks that Thomas is a good person. Thomas asks if Douglas really thinks so. Douglas thinks he is his best friend. He said he loved him too forever. Thomas remembers. Douglas does too. Thomas thanks him for reminding him. Thomas knows it is wrong for daddies to act this way. Thomas knows he got carried away. He just wanted him to have a mother again. He forgot what was really important and that was Douglas. He loves him so much. He is so sorry. He hugs him. Douglas asks if he misses Hope. Douglas knows where she is. Thomas tells him to tell him. He has to see Hope. Thomas asks where she is. Douglas thinks it might be a secret. Thomas thinks that he should tell him. Douglas says she is going to play with him when she gets back. Thomas is coming home. He was only here temporarily. He would never abandon him. He needs to see Hope. Amelia shows up and Thomas tells her to look after him for a while.

Brooke calls Hope to check on her. She wants to know how everything is going.

Douglas asks how long he has to stay. Amelia has no idea. Ridge asks where Thomas is. Ridge asks Douglas where Thomas went. He promises he won’t be upset if he tells him. Ridge asks where he went. Douglas thinks he went to the beach to see Hope.

Brooke looks at a book of Beth’s. Se thinks about holding Beth when she was born as Phoebe.

Ridge calls Brooke. Ridge explains that Thomas is on his way to see Hope. Brooke is going to meet him there.

Hope looks at all the stuff. Thomas shows up. Thomas tells her that she cannot annul their marriage.

Brooke begs Hope to pick the phone up.

Hope tells him to get out. She has nothing to say to him. Thomas knows he hurt her. He thinks that Douglas still loves her. Hope thinks he knew the truth about Beth and kept it from her. Thomas is sorry. Douglas loves her. Hope thinks that he married her and lied. Thomas thought it made sense at the time. Douglas finally had a mother. Hope thinks he should be ashamed of himself. Thomas wants to say sorry. She owes him that. Hope owes him nothing. Thomas thinks he needs to explain. Hope is not interested in another word. They are over. Hope tells him he needs to leave. She is leaving. Hope tells him to get off of her. She runs out the back door. Thomas follows her. Thomas didn’t want to lose her. Thomas never meant to hurt her. Hope thinks that Douglas will be a part of her life but he doesn’t want her near her. Brooke tells him to et away from her daughter. Brooke pushes him away from her and he falls off the side of he cliff. Ridge runs over and sees Thomas passed out at the end of the cliff.

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