B&B Tuesday Update 8/20/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/20/19


Written by Anthony

Hope holds Beth and tells her that she is a Rockstar. She was worried about her but she is settling in just fine. She cannot believe she is really home. She will never take that for granted. It is the three of them like it always should have been. Hope promises that she will fix things. Liam walks over and asks how she is doing. Hope explains that Justin is stopping by later. She has questions about Phoebe’s adoption but more than that she wants to concentrate on their future.

Ridge asks Thomas on the phone how many questions he can leave for him. Ridge knows he is avoiding this. Brooke knows that they need to talk with Thomas. There will be consequences. Ridge knows but he cannot help him if he doesn’t know where he is. Douglas walks down stairs. He wonders where Thomas is.

Thomas sits shirtless on Vinny’s couch. Vinny suggests he call Ridge back. Thomas doesn’t think that Ridge gives a damn about him. He cannot trust him or anyone but Hope. Vinny asks about him. Thomas knows he is a good friend. He appreciates him letting him crash here. He thinks this is wrong. He feels like an idiot.

Brooke tells Douglas that Thomas is fine. She gets to hang out with the best boy in the world. Ridge knows that it was hard for him to tell the truth. Brooke thinks he did something that was a big deal. Douglas doesn’t think that Thomas likes him anymore. Ridge thinks that people who love each other fight. He should be proud of what he did. Brooke thinks that he is their hero. Ridge hugs Douglas.

Thomas wonders what is going on with their air conditioning. He feels like his brain is on fire. It is hard to chill out in this heat. His wife is with another man.

Hope cannot believe what an easy baby Beth is. They have Steffy to thank for that. Justin walks in and thinks it is good to see him. Hope thinks she can say that this is the happiest she has been in her life. Justin asks what he can do to help. Liam knows Carter had no idea what he was doing. Hope needs his help moving forward with their lives.

Brooke knows that Ridge is in a terrible position right now. Thomas is his son. Brooke thinks they have to realize what he is capable of. Brooke thinks he is scaring his son. She s worried about what he will do to Hope. Ridge thinks that Thomas will fix his relationship with his son. Brooke thinks that the relationship with Hope is over. She is going to have a relationship with Liam like she always wanted. They need to find Thomas before he does something he regrets. She thinks he is dangerous.

Vinny suggests they go and find some food. Thomas is not hungry. He had everything set up. Steffy had Liam and he had Hope. Thomas reminds him they got married. Vinny has never seen him like this. He suggests he try and take some deep breaths. Thomas asks how he does that when Liam is taking advantage of his wife. Thomas thinks that Liam needs to know his place. He needs to get him away from Liam for good this time.

Justin asks if Hope anticipates pushback from Steffy. Justin is sorry that they had to go through this. Hope knows that this is all that matters. Hope needs to annul her marriage to Thomas. She wants it over as fast as possible. Hope is worried this will upset Douglas. She will be there for him but she cannot stay with Thomas a second longer. Hope knows that he promised to love and cherish her. Hope never loved Thomas. She needs out of this marriage. Justin will talk with people about a fast track. Hope is sorry for Emma’s loss. She thinks of her every day. She misses her so much. Justin has been burying himself into his work. Hope doesn’t think they can thank him enough. Justin was shocked about the Thomas situation. Liam thinks that he was awful when he came back to town but he seems worse now.

Thomas is Hope’s husband. People better not forget that. He didn’t even get a damn wedding night.

Brooke thinks that Thomas is obsessed with Hope. brooke thinks he is the same person. Ridge cannot find his son. He is not answering his phone calls. Brooke is sorry. She sometimes acts like she is the only person who thinks this. Brooke knows how much this is weighing on him. They need to pay attention to these clues. Ridge thinks that Thomas is working through things. Someone knocks on the door. It is Sanchez. He is sorry to drop in on them. He won’t take up much of their time. Ridge asks what they can do for them. Sanchez wants to talk with Thomas. Ridge explains that they have no idea where he is. Brooke asks if he is in trouble Sanchez explains they are looking into Emma’s death again.

Liam knows that Thomas is a threat. He clocked him and dragged Hope against his will. He stopped him right in time. This is a guy who used his own son to manipulate Hope. A death that Thomas knew didn’t happen. It isn’t just that he is nuts. He is a treat. Thomas thinks that annulling this marriage might trigger the threat if he thinks this is over. They might want to consider this. Hope has and she is taking her life back.

Vinny tells Thomas to not talk about his wife and son like this. Thomas knows he cannot get stressed out. It scares Hope when he talks like that. Thomas knows he needs to be calm and rational when he tells her why he didn’t tell her about Beth. Then they will be able to move forward. Thomas meant every word of his vows.

Ridge thought they closed the investigation. Sanchez found new information through Xander Avant. Thomas chased Emma off the road. Ridge thinks that Xander is mistaken because this is his son that they are talking about. He didn’t kill anyone. They need to stop suggesting that Xander is a murderer. Thomas tells himself that Hope is his.

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