B&B Thursday Update 8/15/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/15/19


Written by Anthony

Hope asks how old Beth was the first time that she held her finger. Liam thinks young. Will walks in and is the baby inspector. Katie and Bill show up. Bill brings in a life size pink teddy bear. He hopes it doesn’t give her a nightmare.

Brooke asks if they have seen her. She hangs the phone up. Brooke tells Ridge that Wyatt hasn’t seen them anywhere. She wonders if they should call the police. Ridge doesn’t think yet.

Xander walks into the design office. Zoe is shocked he came back. Xander heard what happened. Zoe has never been so scared. Ridge is waiting for her right now. She has never needed him more. Xander thinks that it is sad that she didn’t think so when he tried to prevent everything that happened to her now. Xander asks where Thomas even is now. Zoe doesn’t think anyone knows. Xander asks why she reserved her loyalty for her father when everyone else has been better to her. Xander doesn’t think it matters anymore so they can go. Xander asks what she is waiting for. Ridge is waiting for her so they will face them together.

Brooke thinks he knows why he doesn’t want to call the police. Thomas. He is just as guilty as everyone else. Ridge thinks that when Thomas is ashamed or afraid then he doesn’t want to see him.

Liam knows Bill has seen Beth before. Bill knows but she is a Spencer now. Hope smiles. Bill tells Will to put the bear down. Liam asks why he bought this. Will thinks that he has a size obsession. Liam is just glad that he didn’t bring her a sword neckless. Bill thought of it. Just in case she got lost or anything. Hope doesn’t think that she will be lost again. Bill wonders if Reese has been arrested. Liam says that Ridge is coordinating with the London authorities.

Zoe walks into the office with Xander. Xander tells Ridge that he wasn’t hiding. He wants that man behind bars just as much as he does. He knew he needed to come back to make sure the whole truth was told. He tried to prevent the annulment papers. Brooke knows that he barged in and demanded to be heard. Xander explains that Thomas stopped him and threatened if he didn’t keep quiet. Until he drove Emma to his death off the side of the road. There was nothing they could do until Thomas was in the way. Xander can show proof and he is glad that the truth is finally out. Ridge thinks that a five year old is the only one who was brave enough.

Will wants to show Beth about investing one day. Liam wonders what it is like to be Will and be raised like this man. Bill thinks that back then he didn’t know what he wanted. He thought he had a clear conscious but he didn’t. That was then and this is now. He wants to spoil his grandchildren now. Liam wants ground rules now. No nice cars until they are twenty five. Bill tells Beth he will work on him.

Zoe explains that she found out when she discovered that Reese had a condo. The key fit but there was someone living there. Flo. She found a copy with Phoebe’s adoption with Steffy’s name. Flo only knew the first name which was Hope. Zoe is not trying to defend her father. Brooke thinks she is. These people were making threats against her life. She didn’t want him to go to jail. He finally cared about her for once. He would send a Christmas card but finally he was here. Xander thinks that he was running. They traced him here. Zoe says he said he was sorry and he loved her. She knew that he meant it. Brooke asks if she has spoken to Flo since then. Zoe thinks that Flo was taken in by her father. As soon as he found out she wanted to tell everyone so many times. Reese stopped her and she stopped her. Ridge doesn’t care about any of that. Ridge thinks right now the question is what to do with both of them. Ridge gets a phone call. He hears that he is in custody. He thanks him. He will get his lawyer on it. Ridge explains that he doesn’t have to explain that phone call. Ridge is not a lawyer. He doesn’t know what they will charge them with. A lot of money changed hands. They didn’t take money. Ridge guesses they lied. You don’t go to prison to that. It isn’t a crime against society but a crime against his family. He loves his family. They are both fired. Xander is truly sorry. He knows how much their family means to them. Zoe explains that Xander only kept quiet because of Thomas’ threats. Ridge tells her that she needs to take care of herself. Zoe is actually genuinely glad that Beth is back with her mother.

Bill thinks that Liam has quite a family. Bill didn’t know what to say when Beth was gone. Bill thinks it hit him hard. He didn’t want to bother him because what would be the point. He has always had a complicated relationship with the man upstairs. He wonders if he is there or not. He decided to air on the side of caution so he said a prayer. It might not have been a prayer as much as a request that he watch over him and Hope and Beth. Liam thanks him. Liam thinks that prayers are great. So is having a grandfather. Bill says she has him. Liam thinks that it is nice to have him here covering his blind spots in check. He needed his dad. Bill promises that he has him. Bill needs something from Liam. Liam asks what. Bill hasn’t held his granddaughter yet. Liam wonders if he would like to hold his granddaughter. Hope doesn’t think he has to ask. Bill calls him Beth Spencer. She gave them a scare. Bill bets that Liam looked like her at her age. He would have told him what she is hearing. Life will be so good to her. Daddy will see to it.

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