B&B Wednesday Update 8/14/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/14/19


Written By Anthony

Donna tells Brooke it is so incredible. Katie knows that after all they have been through they know that get their child back makes it so special. Donna wonders where they are. Brooke explains that they wanted to spend the morning with her. So, they will be up soon and they can all welcome her into the family.

Hope says good morning to Beth. Liam wonders how she slept. Hope thinks she was peaceful. Hope didn’t want to miss a second with her. She wanted to watch her breathe and be comfy in her crib. She is their daughter. The missing piece of the puzzle in making their family whole again.

Katie cannot wait to hold her. Brooke thinks it is as if an enormous weight as been lifted. Eric and Quinn walk in. He wonders where the little girl is. Brooke says she will be here soon. Douglas is upstairs with Amelia. Quinn is completely shocked. Eric thinks it is absolutely amazing. He feels badly for Steffy. Ridge knows that giving up Phoebe was a sacrifice. Brooke thinks that Beth is where she belongs.

Hope tells Liam that he had to put Beth in something special. Hope thinks that they have to give Beth extra kisses today. Hope thinks this feels like a dream. Hope think that this is real. They are introducing their daughter to her family. She thanks him so much. Liam thinks they have Douglas to thank.

Thomas looks at pictures of Hope on his phone. Vinny walks in and asks how he slept. Thomas thinks that he needs a better couch. Thomas shouldn’t even be here. He should be with his wife Hope. Vinny suggests they go and get some air. Thomas doesn’t want to do anything. Thomas gets a call from Ridge. He isn’t going to pick up.

Ridge hangs up his phone after being left in voice mail.

Vinny tells Thomas to chill out and stop throwing his stuff. Thomas is sick of this. This whole thing is messed up.

Katie guesses that Flo didn’t know what she was getting up to when she was going through the adoption. Ridge doesn’t think it is an excuse. Katie wonders where she even is. Brooke cannot imagine far. Ridge took away her drivers license. Ridge wants Quinn to ask her son where his girlfriend is. Quinn thinks that Flo is a good person. She thinks that there has to be more to this story. She needs to talk with Flo and Shauna. Quinn thinks they should all celebrate with the family. She is truly happy for the family but she has to go. Eric explains that Quinn is having a hard time with all of this. Donna asks how you do this to family. Brooke thinks the most important thing is that Beth is alive and home. Brooke thinks she betrayed everyone though. Eric cannot imagine how hard this was. Eric knows none of this would have happened if it weren’t for Reese. Brooke thinks that Flo should be in jail too. Hope and Liam walk up with Beth. Donna and Katie say hi to Beth. Hope introduces them all to Beth. Eric congratulates them both. Donna thinks they are a family. Katie is shocked this is Beth her daughter.

Thomas should be off somewhere with Hope. He is the only one who has ever loved her. Vinny thinks he messed with her life. Thomas wonders if anyone ever thinks about how he is feeling. Thomas doesn’t think anyone cares about how he is feeling. Ridge wants to yell at him. Vinny thinks that he will understand. Thomas thinks that Liam will never love him like he dos. Thomas thinks that Hope is his wife and Liam is married to his sister. Thomas was ratted out by his own kid. Thomas will always love Douglas but he needs to see Hope. She will understand.

Katie thinks she looks just like her. Hope is happy she is finally home. Eric cannot believe what Reese did. Hope cannot believe how many people knew, especially Flo. Hope knows that Thomas knew and married her anyway. Eric is sorry about that. Liam thinks she is where she belongs. Hope thinks it is because of Liam. Liam thinks they both knew that something was off. Hope thinks it all made sense when he put it all together. Donna doesn’t know what would have happened. Liam says that Douglas is the real hero. Douglas walks downstairs. Hope explains they were bragging about him. Douglas knows that Thomas is mad at him. Brooke promises they are all proud of him. Hope is proud of him so much. She thanks him for bringing Beth home.

Thomas thinks they said vows for better or worse. He needs o see her and explain things and hold her and kiss her. When he saw her in lingerie… He needs to fix this. She can have her baby but he will be with him. It will take a little bit of time but nothing will stop him.

Ridge knows that Beth has always been part of the family. They loved her as Phoebe and will love her just as much as Beth. Donna knows that Beth is now the youngest Logan and with Hope and Liam as her parents they will be so proud. Katie knows that Hope made it through all their struggles. She couldn’t take the pain away. She knew though deep down that she was still here and she was right. That is a true testament to a mother’s instinct and now it is her time to hold her. Katie welcomes her to the crazy Logan clan. She promises to never let anything crazy happen again. Brooke thought she would never see her alive and yet here she is. Brooke bets that her mother is watching over Beth. None of what they have been though matters and she will consider that she is a gift for all of them. Hope holds her. She thinks they have all been here every step of the way. Even in the darkest of times she never felt alone because she had her family. Liam thinks it is a point of pride to know that their daughter will be around these strong women. Starting with her mom. Hope thinks that he has given her so much in giving her this beautiful little girl. He reunited their family. She will never be able to express how much it means to hold their daughter. Their Beth.

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