B&B Tuesday Update 8/13/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/13/19


Written by Anthony

In their living room, Brooke tells Ridge that she took everything out of storage. Ridge is sure that Hope and Liam will appreciate that. Brooke is sure not as much as they appreciate Steffy right now. It took a lot of strength to let them walk out the door with their child. Ridge should have stayed with Steffy. Brooke knows she didn’t want him too. Brooke knows that no one could have imagine this would happen. Brooke is excited to be Beth’s grandmother. She knows this is difficult for him. She is happy for Hope and Liam. She wishes she could see their faces when they walk in with their little girl.

Liam walks into the cabin and sees Hope holding Beth. Hope cannot believe she is here. This is where they live. This is where she is going to be loved. This is home with mommy and daddy.

Ridge asks Brooke if she is going to go down and check on them. Brooke thinks that this is their time. They need to be alone with their little girl.

Liam wonders if Brooke really set up the nursery. Hope thinks that her grandmother is excited. If she had the chance she would be setting up the bed for her herself. Hope will never forget the night that she told Liam that she was pregnant with her. Liam thinks it is like the whole city was celebrating. Hope was so excited when they found out that she was a girl. Then they thought they lost her. Hope never gave up Hope. Their connection never made sense to her but then Liam told her the most amazing news. Hope thinks it has been an unbelievable journey. She has her little miracle in her arms.

Brooke wonders if Ridge has heard from Thomas. Brooke wants to know where he is and what he was thinking. Ridge demands that Thomas call back as he is on the phone. Brooke wonders what they will tell Douglas. Ridge doesn’t know. Brooke thinks they need to look after him. Ridge thinks that he needs stability. Someone knocks on the door. Douglas walks in with one of his friend’s moms. Ridge thanks her. Douglas wonders if Thomas is here. Ridge says no. Douglas told a secret he wasn’t supposed to. Brooke explains that she knows that Beth is alive now. Brooke thinks it is thanks to him.

Hope cannot stop looking at Beth. She wants to freeze time for as long as they can. Liam thinks that everyone would understand. Brooke wants to share the joy with everyone. She needs to tell Douglas how grateful she is. Hope knows he is worried about Steffy and Kelly. Liam is but he is worried about Thomas. He tried to kidnap her. Hope assumes that Douglas must have said something on the phone to freak him out. He told her to get dressed or changed. He bought her lingerie. They didn’t. She couldn’t do it. She still belonged to him. She realizes that knowing now what he is capable of. She ended her marriage thinking it what was best for the children. She never stopped loving Liam.

Douglas says that Thomas was mean. Ridge is sorry that he got upset with him. Douglas explains that Caroline told him not to lie. Ridge thinks that Caroline was an amazing woman. Brooke thinks that Douglas did help. The are in the cabin with Beth right now. Brooke promises no one will forget what she did.

Hope still felt like a mother all this time. Hope wonders where that leaves him. Douglas is a victim in all of this too. There is a knock at the door. Hope is worried that it is Thomas. Liam doubts he would knock. Douglas is at the door. He hopes it is ok. Douglas explains that Brooke said that she wouldn’t mind. Hope is so happy to see him. Her heart is so full right now. Hope wants to say sorry for not believing him when he told her. She should have known that he would never lie. He was right. Douglas heard him say that Phoebe is Beth. Douglas wonders why he would lie. Hope still wants to take care of Douglas. She will always look after him. All the bad stuff is behind them. Their family is together because of Douglas. Hope hugs him.

Ridge asks someone on the phone how Reese hasn’t been found. Brooke wonders if there is no sign of Reese. Ridge owes her a sorry. He knows that Thomas is the same as he always has been. Brooke knows it didn’t work. All the secrets came out and Beth is alive and Hope is reunited with her daughter. That is something to celebrate.

Douglas says hi to Beth. Hope thinks they are all together now because of him. Douglas doesn’t think it is hard to be nice and not keep secrets. Douglas explains that he told him that no one believed him about Beth. He told him that Liam did though. Hope explains that the phone call was important to them. Brooke walks in and tells Douglas that it is bedtime. Brooke says hello to Beth. Hope is thankful for everything that Douglas did. Hope loves him so much. Douglas loves Hope too. Douglas is glad that Beth is home. Brooke thinks they will check in tomorrow. Hope is shocked that Thomas wanted his own son to lie for him. It is difficult to think about all the time they lost. There is so much more she has to be excited about. She is her mother and she is going to kiss every skinned knee, read her stories, and sing her to sleep. Liam thinks that Beth has had too much excitement for one day. Hope holds Beth. She says hi to her as she rocks her to sleep. She has dreamed about this for a long time. She looks at her ultra sound photo again. It was all she had of her. She couldn’t let go of the memory. She is going to be a part of their lives and future. Liam holds Hope as she holds Beth.

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