B&B Monday Update 8/12/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/12/19


Written by Anthony

Hope holds Beth. Liam tells Hope that this is a lot to process for her and Steffy. Steffy doesn’t think she can just say she is sorry and take her away. This is all just happening too fast. Hope thinks that it is time for her daughter to know her. Brooke doesn’t think they should be a part for one more minute. Steffy thinks this is the only home that Beth has ever known. Hope thinks that her daughter is going to go home with her tonight.

In the Design Office, Sally tells Wyatt that he is going to have to explain more. Such as why he is here. Wyatt explains that Sally is the only person that he wanted to see. He wouldn’t count what happened with Flo was a fight. It was a revelation of sorts that he wasn’t ready for. He guesses that Flo kept the worse secret imaginable. It was about Phoebe and Beth. Sally understands Phoebe’s relation but she wonders what this has to do with Beth. Wyatt thinks it is a long story. Sally has time. Wyatt guesses he will tell her. After Liam’s wedding he overheard a heated exchange between Thomas and Flo about a secret. Something that Hope wasn’t supposed to hear about. Then Douglas heard the most astonishing thing. He swore that Beth was Phoebe. Liam wouldn’t let it go. He looked into her adoption. They don’t even have record of Phoebe being born at the hospital. Flo is not Phoebe’s birth mother. Hope is. Phoebe is Beth.

Ridge doesn’t think that there is a reason to move Beth right now. Brooke reminds them that Hope lost the ability to see her own child for months. Ridge doesn’t think that Steffy knew that. Brooke agrees that Steffy is a victim too. Ridge wants to take a step back then for everyone. Hope thinks that too much time has been stolen from them already. It isn’t Steffy’s fault though. Steffy thinks that Beth will be confused. Beth and her are bonded. Hope has been kept away from her daughter for too long. She thinks that the mother in Steffy must understand that. She is coming home with her tonight so that they can be the family that they were meant to be.

Sally cannot believe that Thomas knew too. She thinks he is a bastard. Wyatt isn’t sure what this means for Steffy. She has loved this girl. Sally is glad that he ended things with Flo. Wyatt didn’t realize that Flo could be so blinded. Wyatt didn’t realize that she was capable of this. Sally knows that Flo was a perfect woman from his past that could do no wrong but she wasn’t actually perfect. Wyatt just wanted to tell her that he was sorry.

Steffy realizes that this is a life changing moment for her. It is for her as well though. She has been her mom. She has been her baby. Hope knows that her heart is breaking and she wishes it didn’t have to. They can do blood testing if Steffy needs them too. Brooke doesn’t think they have to do that. Hope promises that Beth will still be in her life and so does Kelly. It is time for her to let Beth go.

Wyatt is sorry about how he ended things. Sally knows that his high school sweetheart came into town and he dropped her. People make mistakes. Just like Flo did. Wyatt doesn’t think that the secret that Sally kept doesn’t even register on the betrayal scale anymore. That bar has risen. Sally guesses that he came back to her because Flo wasn’t good enough. She guesses he expects her to just forgive her. Wyatt just wanted to talk like how they used to. He has no expectations. Wyatt does care about her. Sally does think that is very sweet but she does know him better than that. If he cannot admit what is going on here, then who does he think she is. She isn’t just to just drop to her feet. There is an entire city out there of prince charming’s out there. Wyatt didn’t come here with the expectation of him taking her back. Sally asks if he is being honest.

Steffy feels that this is so hard for her to grasp. She is phoebe for her. She cannot just flip a switch. Ridge asks why they can’t just take a few days to adjust. Steffy wants to know how this is happening. She wants to know how Reese could do this. Liam thinks that Reese is a terrible human being. Flo signed the papers knowing that it was a stolen child. Brooke thinks that Thomas is just as guilty. Liam explains that his heart is breaking for Steffy. She doesn’t deserve any of this. She is smart and curious and so happy. That is all Steffy. Hope was robbed though. She never even got a chance to be their daughter’s mother. She never got a chance to do anything. Hope was sent into the worse possible depression imagined. He cares so much about Steffy though and their daughter. He thinks how they decide to move forward is going to be a defining moment for all of them. They will work together to give the best future possible for all of them. Hope needs to start living her life again with her daughter. Steffy explains that Phoebe has been her daughter from the beginning. Her and Kelly changed her life. She has so many sleepless nights worrying about their futures. She would have sacrificed her own life to save them. She wasn’t prepared for this though. She wants to fight for them and for herself. She loves all of them too much. She realizes that it won’t be good for them in the long run. Steffy realizes that is Beth. She is Hope’s baby. She needs to be with her mom. She needs to be with Hope. Steffy sobs in Ridge’s arms.

Sally thinks that if she were too give him a second chance he would really have to step up his game. She wants to be wined and dined. She needs lots of spa treatments. He would probably have to jet her away to Hawaii. Sally thinks so. It be like bootcamp. She would make him suffer. She wouldn’t even pretend to not enjoy it. Wyatt thinks it be worth it.

Brooke thinks it is terrible what Reese put them through. Ridge will find him and arrest him. Steffy walks out of the nursery and put together a few of Beth’s favorite things. Hope will never forget who took care of her daughter. Liam will never not have her in Beth’s lives. Hope promises that she will be able to see her as much as she likes. Steffy asks if she can hold Beth. Hope says of course. Steffy tells Beth that it has been so wonderful getting to watch her grow. She needs to let her go. This isn’t her home anymore. This isn’t goodbye though. She will see her all the time. She is going to give her to Hope now. Hope holds her and she walks away with Brooke and Liam. Hope looks back at Steffy and smiles reluctantly. Steffy falls to the ground sobbing. Ridge holds her.

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