B&B Thursday Update 8/8/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/8/19


Written by Anthony

Hope wonders if Beth looks like him or her. Liam thinks she looks like herself. Hope is so sorry. Liam tells her to stop. She is their miracle child and it feels like she came back to life. Hope holds Beth. She tells her that she is always so familiar even when they called her Phoebe. Steffy shows up. Steffy tells them that Kelly is a poster child for health. Steffy tells Kelly they have company.

Zoe tries to call Reese. Ridge tells her she doesn’t get to leave a message. Zoe tells them that Reese went back to London before she knew. Flo only knew after the fact. He told her that it was too late for her to back out at that point. Brooke wonders if it really didn’t matter to her that the baby that she was giving away was stolen. Flo says it did. Flo is just trying to explain herself as much as she can. The birth mother was random to her. Shauna wants to be blamed or Zoe. They both told Flo not to say anything. Brooke thinks the consequences are going to be worse for her now.

Ridge tells Shauna that they need to step away from the door. Shauna is not leaving without Flo. Zoe explains that Hope’s phone was left in her hotel room. Brooke takes the phone from her.

Steffy asks if she can get Hope anything. Liam gets a call from Brooke. Brooke says that Flo told her everything. Liam doesn’t think this is a great time. Hope thinks she needs to talk with her. Brooke prayed for a miracle and it happened. Hope says that Steffy just got home. Steffy asks if she needs to take Phoebe. Brooke think it might not be as easy as she thinks walking out that door with Beth. Hope knows. Steffy wants to put the girls down. Liam wants to keep Phoebe with them for a minute. Steffy guesses that is fine. Liam didn’t realize how difficult this would be. Steffy doesn’t think as difficult as it already has been.

Brooke doesn’t think that they had the conversation with Steffy yet. Ridge is heading over there but he is calling the LAPD. Ridge demands to have their drivers licenses. They are not getting in a car or plane. They will not go anywhere.

Steffy wonders why Hops is here. Hope wonders if Douglas is ok. Steffy thinks they were both behaving oddly. So was Liam. Steffy tells her to put her daughter down. She thinks that there is something different about the way that she is holding Phoebe. Hope just wanted to be close with her. Hope puts Beth down. Steffy knows she feels close to Phoebe. Hope explains that nothing about any of this is normal. Steffy knows that Liam tore out of here to see Flo. Liam called the doctor and the hospital and they never heard of Flo. Flo was not the birth mother. It was an act. She admitted it. Hope explains it is what she did. Steffy is going to talk with Flo herself. She is going to call Carter. Liam doesn’t want to call anyone yet. Liam thinks that she said she didn’t know and he believes her. She had a friend. A doctor friend. He is a doctor who helped find children. They know the child’s name.

Shauna wonders if she gets a phone call. Flo explains that Reese hired someone. Brooke wants to give Liam and Hope some time. Ridge wonders about Thomas. Zoe wouldn’t worry about Thomas. Flo says that Thomas knows. He has known for months. Brooke asks if Thomas married her daughter and didn’t tell her. Zoe and Flo say yes.

Liam explains the doctor was out of the country. Hope wants Liam to call the number on the letterhead. Hope asks to see the information. Liam says the number is no longer in service. Hope asks if there were any discrepancies. Hope thinks that this medical exam is the one truthful contribution. Steffy is the mother. She has heard enough theories. Hope is so sorry. Her adoptive daughter was stolen. Kidnapped and taken from her mother. Steffy doesn’t think they know that. Steffy sighs. Steffy asks if this doctor just took a baby from a patient. Liam guesses he was heavily into gambling debt. Flo didn’t know this at the time. He said that the baby died. Steffy thinks that if anyone took her girls away. Steffy asks why she didn’t demand to see the baby. Liam explains that there was another patient whose baby was still born. Steffy thinks she will be sick. Steffy thinks they must know who the birth mother is. Steffy realizes they do.

Ridge guesses they will take down as many people as they can. Flo explains that Xander overheard them and he went to see them. Thomas heard this and forced the whole story out of him. Thomas knew that Hope wanted to go right back to Liam. He threatened their lives. Ridge thinks that Thomas is a good guy and father. Brooke thinks they know that Thomas has a dark side. Ridge thinks that Steffy’s nightmare is just beginning.

Liam explains that this is being taken care of. Steffy knows that Taylor must have had dealings with this person. Hope explains that her friend was the doctor. Hope explains that it was Reese. Steffy doesn’t care about the money. Hope thinks she has been a wonderful mother. Steffy thinks the adoption papers were fake but she is the mother. Hope was all alone the night she gave birth. It turns out there was another patient there. She was pushing and then she passed out. She woke up to Liam telling her the baby didn’t make it. He didn’t see the second mother. The one whose dead child Reese put in her arms. Flo and Zoe confirmed this and Thomas knew too. Hope thinks this has all been lies and sadness until they all met this little girl and they all know why. She understands this is a shock for them. She can help care for her. She knows her daughter better than she does. Hope says that this is Beth.

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