B&B Wednesday Update 8/7/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/7/19


Written By Anthony

Flo tells Liam that this is their baby. She cannot believe it. All these times that she held her before. Liam knows that she was hers but she didn’t know it. Hope realizes that this is really their child. She is in her arms right now. Hope laughs. Hope asks how this happened though. She needs him to tell her everything.

Brooke is shocked that Beth is alive. Brooke thinks that there is no protecting Flo anymore. Ridge asks if Steffy is really raising Phoebe. Flo is so sorry. Ridge asks how she can do this to a family. Brooke cannot believe that Beth is alive. Flo explains that it was all Reese. Zoe walks in. She will come back later. Ridge tells her to come back in. They just learned the truth about Beth. Brooke demands the truth right now.

Liam thinks that this is their little girl. Hope still cannot understand. Liam thinks that they should just enjoy this and let it sink in. Hope needs to know though. She held her and she wasn’t breathing. Liam knows that Reese did this. He is responsible for all of this.

Brooke thinks it is sick Reese did. Brooke thinks that there is no excuse for what they have done. She asks how long they knew. Flo didn’t even know until after the transaction was done. She knows she should have come forward. She tried too many times. Brooke guesses protecting herself was more important. She asks about Zoe and Shauna. She wonders if anyone was going to tell her daughter the truth. Zoe wanted to tell the truth. Flo thinks she will have her baby back. Ridge knows this will break Steffy’s heart. Brooke wonders if Taylor knew what was going on. Flo explains that Taylor trusted Reese just like she did. He and Taylor knew each other through medical stuff. Brooke guesses that he sold her granddaughter. Brooke knows that Reese gave Liam and Hope a dead baby. She asks whose baby was in her arms. Brooke asks what Reese did. She asks how he could convince them that their baby was dead.

Hope thought she would never see her again. Liam knows that is because Reese said that she was gone. Hope needs to know what he did. Liam explains that Flo told him everything. After her wedding, they were talking about a secret she wasn’t allowed to talk about. She slipped up and said she never had a baby. She never was a patient at any time. It was Reese who put this all in motion. Hope held a child that night. Liam says she passed out during labor. That is when he made the switch.

Brooke cannot believe that Reese put a dead baby in Hope’s arms. Zoe is so sorry. She is mortified for what her father did. Reese thinks that all Reese cared about was making sure that Beth was gone. Brooke cannot believe that Flo only did this as a favor. Flo admits that Reese gave her a little bit of the money. She thought it was blood money. Ridge tells them they will pay for this. Brooke explains that Hope accepted them into their family. Her heart broke into a million pieces and her marriage split a part. She wasn’t sure that Hope was going to make it. They set back and let this happen. They shamefully and willfully participated into this.

Hope asks why Reese would do this. Liam guesses money. He thought that taking Beth would pay down his debt. Liam guesses that Taylor knew Reese before hand and she was talking about adopting a child. Reese wanted a finders fee from Taylor. Liam says that Steffy and Taylor had no idea about anything. Hope knew that her baby was already gone. Liam explains that there was a woman who lost her baby that was still born. Liam guesses he looked her in the eye and handed her the baby. He told her it was Beth. Hope cannot believe that he kept their baby away from them for money. Hope asks if anyone else knew. Liam guesses that Zoe knew. Xander did as well. Emma did. She heard them arguing the night she died. She was on her way to tell them when the car went off the cliff. Liam explains that Thomas was chasing her. Thomas has known since they annulled their marriage. Hope knows they exchanged vows and he knew that Beth was alive. Liam thinks this is why he went after him. Liam just wanted to get to her in time to tell her the truth. Hope is so grateful that he did. He saved the two of them. Hope thinks they have a daughter. Hope thinks they have their Beth.

Ridge thanks the police in London. He wants them arrested. Zoe thinks he was desperate. Shauna thinks that they should call a lawyer. Shauna begged Flo not to do this. She cannot watch her go to jail. Brooke tells them that they will all suffer the consequences for what she as done. Brooke knows her granddaughter is alive. They have to tell Hope.

Hope tells Liam that he figured this all out. He gave her back their parents. Liam says that Douglas was right all along. Hope thought that Douglas was confused. She didn’t realize that he was telling the truth the entire time. He went against Thomas for Beth. Hope thinks this is surreal. Hope thinks this makes sense now. She remembers when Shauna had no idea that Flo was not pregnant. Hope was wondering why Shauna didn’t know. She let it go though. Wyatt had no idea that she was Phoebe’s birth mother either. Liam guesses they assumed that Flo wanted to put the adoption behind her and they had no reason to be suspicious that night. Hope even walked in on her and Zoe try to talk about Beth. They let her suffer. Hope thinks they will deal with this all later. Hope wants to focus on Beth. She was under their noses this entire time. She remembers when she crawled up to her at the wedding and called her momma. She thought she was gone. Liam doesn’t think that it helped that Thomas was manipulating her. Hope doesn’t think any of this should have happened but she has never been more grateful than she is for him. It is all their dreams. They can still rebuild. She loves him so much. He loves her too. Hope and Liam hold her together.

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