B&B Tuesday Update 8/6/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/6/19


Written by Anthony

Hope and Liam hug on the roof of FC as they hug about Beth being alive. Liam promises to explain everything but right now they need to go see her. Hope agrees. She thanks him.

Ridge and Brooke kiss in her living room. Brooke thinks that something is wrong. She asks if he came from the office. Ridge says that Liam and Steffy are concerned about anything. He asks if she asked anything about Flo or the adoption. Brooke says no. Ridge guesses that Liam thinks that Flo might not be Phoebe’s birth mother.

Flo looks for her ID. Security is going to want it before she leaves. Shauna asks what happened. Flo is going to have to get out quickly.

Ridge guesses that Liam contacted the doctor on Phoebe’s birth certifiuct. There is no record of Flo giving birth at the hospital. Brooke wonders if Steffy should be concerned. Ridge thinks that Brooke wonders. Brooke wonders who she might not be Phoebe’s birth mother. He might be on to something.

Flo admits that Liam and Wyatt both know about Beth. Flo is sure that by now Hope knows too.

Hope and Liam show up at Steffy’s house. Liam thanks Tiffany for babysitting. Liam and Hope go into the nursery.

Ridge doesn’t think that Liam knows what she is talking about. Brooke knows that Hope kept praising Flo about bringing a little girl into their lives. She didn’t know anything about Phoebe. Shauna didn’t know anything about the pregnancy. Ridge thinks this is a clerical error. Ridge guesses that he thinks that Liam doesn’t know anything. Ridge knows that this isn’t like Thomas to say something that could hurt Steffy and Hope. Brooke asks what he is saying. Ridge admits that Liam thinks that Beth is still alive.

Flo thinks she needs to pay for what she has done. She was about to tell Wyatt when Liam burst in. She knew that this day would come. There is nothing that could prepare her for this day. Wyatt, Forrester, and this family is all gone. She cannot imagine that Hope will react well. The whole family will hate her and they should.

Hope tells Liam to wait. She is sobbing. Liam understands. It is a big moment. Liam tells Hope it is all good. Liam wonders if he needs to bring Kelly to her. Hope says yes. Liam tells Hope to take a deep breath.

Ridge is concerned about Liam. Something is wrong. Brooke assumes that Steffy was upset. Ridge guesses that Liam thinks that Phoebe is Beth. Ridge guesses they all forgot about Liam being sad over Beth. Brooke wonders if Ridge thinks it was the mini breakdown that set him off. Ridge says that Liam thought that Phoebe was Beth. He heard it from Thomas. Ridge tried calling him but he is not answering his phone. They have to accept this. Brooke needs to get to the bottom of this. Brooke wants answers.

Flo explains that Wyatt wouldn’t understand why she didn’t say anything sooner. She wanted to say something so many times. Shauna begged her to keep quiet that she couldn’t even think straight. Flo needs to not think about herself. She is glad that Hope is reuniting with her baby.

Hope sits on the couch thinking about wanting to see Beth and never let her go. She thinks about Beth not making it. Liam brings out Beth. Hope admits she never got to hold Beth on the night she was born. Hope promises that mommy is here. The two kiss one another She smiles and laughs at this.

Shauna tells Flo to get in her car and start driving. Flo doesn’t think she can do this anymore. Brooke and Ridge show up. Ridge has questions. Brooke asks what happened with Phoebe. Brooke heard that he talked with the doctor but they said they didn’t know her. Brooke wonders about Beth and Phoebe. Shauna thinks they need to come out with what they have to say. Brooke thinks that Flo gave Steffy so much. She asks who is wrong in all of this. She demands to know what is going on. She asks if that little girl was given birth too by Flo. Flo says she is not her mother. Brooke asks who is then. She asks if Hope is the mother. Brooke asks if that little girl is her granddaughter. Flo admits that Phoebe is Hope’s baby.

Liam knows this is their little girl. Hope missed her. She was in her heart every day but today they are reunited. She gets to erase all the pain and start a new with the two of them. She is never going to let her go.

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