B&B Monday Update 8/5/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/5/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas demands that Hope open the CEO office door. Liam tells Hope that Beth is alive.

Ridge asks if he needs to look after the children while Steffy is at the doctor. Steffy explains that Tiffany is going to look after them.

Flo begs Wyatt to look at her. He knows her. Wyatt thinks that she is supposed to be honest. To Hope and Liam and to him. She wouldn’t have done this to all of them if she were being honest. Flo is so sorry. She knows that is not enough. Wyatt doesn’t even know what to do with this. Wyatt thought she gave birth to Phoebe. Flo hated keeping this secret. Wyatt thinks she did though. He asks what happened to make her the kind of person who could do that.

Ridge knows that Liam has always been levelheaded. He wonders why he would believe that Phoebe is Beth. Steffy promises that Liam will be fine. Flo will tell him about the mix up at the hospital. Steffy thinks that Phoebe is her little girl and she is her mommy. She thinks they belong together. Steffy promises it will never change.

Thomas demands that Hope open the door.

Liam explains that Beth has been with them all this time. Thomas know and kept it from her. Her heart doesn’t have to be broken anymore. Liam begs Hope to come with him. If she takes one look at him and trust him, that she will know. Thomas opens the door and looks at them in anger.

Wyatt wants to know how she could do this. Flo thinks anything she says will sound like an excuse. Flo explains she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Wyatt thinks pretending to be the birth mom of a baby is a pretty big thing. Flo didn’t know that was what she was doing at first. He just told her to trust him. She stupidly did. She got too deep too fast. She didn’t see a way out. Then she met Hope and it was torcher watching her in agony. Wyatt thinks she had the power to tell her that Beth was alive. Flo kept trying to tell her but everyone kept telling her that if she said a word she would be ruining everything. Flo knows it was wrong. Reese and Zoe and her would have gone to prison and she would have lost them. She knows it sounds horrible and selfish but he wanted to make her explain. Then Thomas found out and he didn’t want anyone getting in the way. If she said anything then she would be destroyed. Then he started personally threatening her life many times. She didn’t know what to do and was so scared. She begs Wyatt to try to find a way out of this. She thinks that he has every right to be angry. She is still the same person that he fell in love with. When she got on to the flight from LA she had no idea what was going on. Wyatt thinks if she couldn’t tell Hope and Liam then she should have told him the truth. If she loved him that much. Flo knows.

Steffy knows that Liam thinks things in the most logical ways but he really thinks that Phoebe is Beth. Ridge knows that this is wrong. It doesn’t mean that Beth is alive. Blaming Liam isn’t the way to go though. Trying to work through things isn’t always logical. Ridge tells Steffy that Phoebe is asleep over there. They hug one another.

Thomas pushes Liam away from Hope. Liam calls him a lying son of a bitch. Hope demands that Thomas look at her. Hope asks if what Liam is saying is true. Liam demands that he tell the truth. Thomas tells Hope not to listen to him. Thomas punches Liam to the floor knocking him out on the desk. Thomas grabs Hope and takes her out the back door.

Wyatt thinks that so many people are affected by this. Flo should have told the truth the minute she found out that she was alive. Flo wants to still be with Wyatt. She hopes that she can find a way to be trusted again. Wyatt doesn’t know how you can do that. Wyatt didn’t know that was the kind of person she could be. Flo has hated how she felt the last few months. Trapped and helpless. She is glad though that it is finally out. It is like she can finally breathe again. Wyatt doesn’t think that she is the one that he trusted and loved.

Ridge thinks that Liam needs to face the facts. He lost a daughter. Beth is gone and Phoebe is alive and well. She is the only mother she will ever know.

Hope tells Thomas to let her go. Thomas will not lose her. Thomas tells Hope that they need to go so she can see how much he loves her. Hope doesn’t think that this is love. Hope asks what he said. Thomas will no let this happen. Thomas thinks this is all lies. He will not allow this. He cannot lock him in a room and fill his head with lies. Thomas is her husband. He is trying to make him look bad. He didn’t mean to scare her. He loves her so much. Hope thinks she says he loves her. She needs him to tell the truth about Beth. She promises not to leave him. Liam walks over and punches him in the face.

Wyatt is questioning everything right now. Her character and his judgement. He could never be so callas but he was all in it with her. Flo should have gone back to Vegas like she originally planned. Then she ran into Wyatt. The only man she ever loved. It all seemed unthinkable. Flo knows that she would have lost everything. Wyatt thinks she could have been a hero. Flo explains her mom said to live in the moment and they had been a part for so long she couldn’t stand the chance of losing him all over again but she did. She knew she would. Flo thinks she is going to jail. Everyone will hate her. She did this to herself though. Flo knew that there would be consequences. The only important thing is Hope, Liam, and Beth being together.

Steffy holds Phoebe and tells her that mommy is here.

Thomas wakes up and starts punching Liam on the side of the balcony. Hope begs them both to stop it. They are both punching each other out. Hope gets involved and tells Thomas to Stop. Thomas makes a run for it. Liam runs after him. Hope does as well. Thomas begs for the chopper to show up. Liam demands that Thomas tell Hope the truth. Hope realizes the truth. Thomas makes a run for it again. Hope guesses it is true. Beth is alive. Hope held her though. Liam thinks they know their child though. She is Phoebe. Steffy has had her this whole time. She didn’t know though but they will have their family back. Hope and Liam hug one another. Their Beth alive.

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