B&B Friday Update 8/2/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/2/19


Written by Anthony

Wyatt tells Liam to back off. Flo admits that Phoebe is Hope’s child. She was never pregnant and she never had a child.

Thomas waited so long for this. Thomas has waited for years. He wanted to be able to touch her hair like this but there was always another guy for her until now. He kisses her.

Steffy tells Douglas that he can’t tell anymore stories about Phoebe. Douglas wonders if he can call Thomas. Steffy will show him how. She tells him to click the picture of him and it will call. Douglas loves Steffy. Steffy loves him too. Steffy goes to get the door. Douglas knows that Phoebe’s name is Beth. Ridge shows up. Steffy tells Douglas to make his call in the girls room. Ridge asks who he is calling. Steffy tells Ridge that something is going on with him. He says that Beth is alive and that Phoebe is Beth.

Hope stops Thomas. He said he could be patient but he is not being patient. Thomas gets a call from Steffy. Hope tells him to take it. Thomas picks up the phone. Thomas asks if he is alright. Douglas tells him that Steffy and Liam are nice unlike him. Thomas asks if they feed him and give him all the clothes. Douglas thinks that Kelly and Beth are nice too. Thomas told him to never speak about Phoebe like that. Douglas knows that Phoebe is Beth. He told Liam. Thomas asks what he said. Douglas hangs the phone up. Hope thinks that something is wrong. She wonders if Douglas needs them. Thomas wonders if Liam and Steffy know where they are. Hope says they do. Thomas thinks they should do something else. He wants her to get dressed. Hope goes to get changed.

Wyatt asks why Hope is saying these things. He wonders why he would do this. He asks if Phoebe and Beth are twins. Liam explains that Phoebe is Beth. Flo admits that Beth is alive.

Ridge thinks he should go and talk to Douglas about this. Steffy thinks that he should be left alone. Steffy gets a call on her landline. Thomas asks how it is going. Steffy wonders if Douglas called him. Thomas explains that he did. Steffy asks if he told him that Phoebe is Beth because he said that he did. Douglas tells him to stick him in a time out. Thomas wonders if he explained that to Liam. Steffy says that he went to go see Flo. Thomas hangs up. Ridge wants to talk. Steffy thinks the call dropped.

Hope walks back out from the bathroom. Thomas thinks she looks beautiful. Thomas wonders why she is wearing that. Thomas wants to go somewhere else. It is going to be a surprise. She will thank him later. Hope guesses she will go and pack again. Thomas will not let this end this way. Thomas calls for a helicopter.

Liam demands to know how this happened. He held his daughter in his hands. Flo says that she wasn’t Beth. She had a friend who wanted her to pose as a birth mother of a baby. She assumed it was a public figure that needed something done on the hush. Liam assumes this friend was the go-between Taylor. Flo says yes. She didn’t even realize she was an accomplice until it was too late. Liam wonders how this happened. Flo explains that he delivered her. He claims that it wasn’t pre-meditated but Hope passed out. There was someone else who gave birth to a still-born. Wyatt asks if he put a dead baby in Hope’s hands knowingly. Liam asks if his baby was sold for a gambling debt. Flo guesses that Taylor told Reese that she would pay a lot of money to get Steffy a baby. She knew about this but she wanted to tell Hope so many times. She had this new life and she was being threatened. Liam assumes by Reese. Flo says no. Xander, Zoe, her mom, and Thomas know. Emma knew and confronted Thomas about it and she was going to go to Hope that night and tell her the truth. Thomas told her that what happened to Emma would happen to her. Liam tries to call Hope.

Hope’s phone rings from inside the drawer of the hotel room.

Thomas and Hope show up at FC. He wants to get on a chopper on the roof. Hope needs a better answers to why they are doing this. Hope asks how long they will be gone. Liam thinks she is going to ruin the adventure. Flo gets a call from Thomas. Liam tells her not to tell him that he is here. Flo picks up. She asks what he wants now. Thomas doesn’t like her attitude. Thomas asks if he is on speaker. Thomas guesses that Liam is on his way. Pam shows up and wants to go to a baby shower with Hope. Thomas tells her to keep her mouth shut or something will happen. Liam runs out.

Thomas tells Hope that he is sorry. Steffy thinks that they should go and have fun. Thomas is asking for Hope’s truth. He thought this was what he wanted. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for her. He is going to go check in with the pilot. Thomas walks away. Hope goes into the CEO office and closes the door. She locks the door.

Flo doesn’t think that Wyatt can hate her more than she hates herself. Wyatt knows that everything has been a lie. She knew that she would lose him. She is still the woman that he fell in love with.

Hope doesn’t think she has to go. Someone knocks on the door. Liam is on the other side. Liam wonders where Thomas is. Hope thinks he is talking with the pilot. He ordered a chopper to take them somewhere. Liam locks the door. Liam says that they lied to them and sold her like furniture. Everything they thought they lost they didn’t.

Douglas sits down next to Steffy. Steffy explains that Kelly has a doctors appointment. Douglas guesses that he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone that Beth was Phoebe.

Thomas wonders what is taking so long.

Hope doesn’t think he is making any sense. Liam explains that there was a baby that was still born the night on Catalina. Reese lied. Hope asks why they are talking about this. Thomas has been using this against them this whole time. Liam explains that Steffy thought she was adopting Flo’s baby. The doctor never heard of Flo. Flo admitted she lied. She was never pregnant. She passed out that night. Thomas bangs on the door and demands that they open up. Liam explains that Steffy didn’t know. Phoebe’s mother is Hope. Beth never died. Beth is alive.

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