B&B Wednesday Update 7/31/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/31/19


Written By Anthony

Liam looks at Phoebe. Douglas tells him that she is Beth. Thomas says that is Phoebe. Douglas says that Beth didn’t die. She is alive. That is his baby. That is Beth.

Thomas reminds Hope that he is her husband. Hope cannot just choose to do this. Thomas wants her to take Liam and put him in her past.

Flo walks into Wyatt’s house. She calls for him. He isn’t home. She texts him asking when he will be home. It is important. Flo remembers Reese telling her to pose as Beth’s mother and then meeting Hope. Shauna walks in. She has been concerned. Flo is done with this. She cannot keep this secret any longer.

Thomas is not upset with her. He finds it odd that she is upset about Liam. He actually prefers that they take things slow. It is more romantic. He thinks they could get room service for two. Thomas thinks they have all day and night.

Liam wonders why Douglas would say this. Douglas thinks it is true. Liam wonders if he dreamed it. Liam wonders who would tell him that. Douglas says Thomas told him.

Shauna wonders why she cannot let this go. Flo thinks that she was threatened by Thomas. He told her to keep the secret until he day she dies. Shauna thinks that his past actions were just as crazy. Thomas blew up Hope’s brother’s car. She cannot change what she did but she can change how she acts going forward. She is giving her baby back today.

Thomas gets a call from Vinny. He wonders what he heard about him getting hitched. Hope gets room service. Thomas will call him back. Vinny has something that he will enjoy for a wedding gift. Hope wonders if he is checking in on Douglas. Thomas tells her not to worry about Douglas.

Steffy asks if everything is ok. Liam says not exactly. Steffy tells Douglas not to make up lies. Douglas promises that he is not lying. Douglas goes upstairs to play video games. Douglas hopes that Liam is not mad at him. Caroline told him to always tell the truth. It took her a long time to learn that but it is important. Liam thinks that Caroline was right. Steffy assumes he was trying to get attention. Liam wonders if she heard him on the monitor. Steffy didn’t. Liam says that he said that Phoebe is Beth. Steffy asks why Douglas would say that. Liam explains that Douglas told him.

Shauna wants to give her motherly advice. Flo needed her to give her advice and she didn’t. Flo is mad at her, Zoe, and Reese. She is done. As soon as Wyatt comes home she is telling him the truth. She knows that he will help her go to Hope and Liam and they will finally know that their little girl is alive.

The bellhop wonders if there is anything else he can get for them. Thomas did. This is a celebration.

Liam guesses that Thomas told him that Beth was alive. Liam gets a phone call and has been waiting for it. The doctor on Phoebe’s birth record. There is no record of her ever being a patient. Liam wonders if there is any chance that she was under a false name,. The doctor was out of the country at the time. Liam says her name and the hospital. The doctor has questions of her own. Steffy asks what is going on. Liam says that Flo lied about where Phoebe was born. It wasn’t there. Steffy asks what he is trying to say.

Flo thinks this will be worth it. Hope’s little girl will be alive. She will always regret her involvement. She will have something to be proud of. She needs to do this. Flo has too.

Thomas and Hope toast to their family. Thomas is sure that Beth is looking down on her and wants her to be happy. She wants her to have joy. Thomas gets a call but it is just work. Hope tells him to take it. She could use a minute. Thomas goes into the hallway. Hope tells herself to just let go and move on. She thinks about Liam proposing.

Steffy doesn’t think that Flo lied. Steffy asks why he would even think about that. Liam says that Flo implied that she never gave birth. Steffy guesses it was somewhere else that Phoebe was born. Liam thinks it was on Catalina. Liam thinks that Douglas was right. Beth… Liam goes into the nursery. He picks Beth up. He starts to sob as he holds her. Beth calls him dada and he agrees that he is her dada.

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