B&B Tuesday Update 7/30/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/30/19


Written by Anthony

Liam thinks it is a nice idea that Douglas could take him to Beth but he can’t. Douglas says he can. Liam reminds him that he lost Beth months ago. Douglas can show him. She is alive. He can take her to him.

The phone rings. Hope thinks it could be about Douglas. Liam just wants to be with his wife. Hope cannot help thinking that this could be about Douglas. Thomas thinks that tonight is about them and only them. He continues to kiss her in the hotel room that he got for the two of them.

Donna tells Brooke in the CEO office that they are married. Katie doesn’t think that she loves him. Donna thinks that Hope did what she had to do for Douglas. It has always been about the children for her. Brooke thinks that Hope doesn’t think about the man Thomas but Liam. She doesn’t truly love Thomas. Flo walks in. She shouldn’t have married Thomas for so many reasons. Flo thinks that Thomas is wrong for Hope. Brooke doesn’t think that Thomas is the right man. Donna knows that nothing has been the same since Catalina. Brooke knows that Thomas used her grief to his advantage. Flo guesses that Thomas took Hope to a hotel where they are together right now.

Thomas continues to kiss Hope. Hope stops him. She is sorry. She realizes that he has expectations. Thomas loves her. Hope knows. Thomas wants to show her. He wants her to let go and get out of her head. Hope cannot do that. Thomas thinks that this is torcher for him. He thinks that a husband and wife should be together. He asks what she is thinking right now. Hope thinks he knows. It is Liam.

Liam loves that he wants to do that for him. He wishes that he could take him to her. Beth is… In heaven. Just like his mom. Liam asks him not to talk about Beth anymore. Steffy asks what is going on. Douglas says they were talking about baby Beth.

Katie doesn’t think that Hope loves Thomas the way that she should. Brooke thinks the marriage is doomed from the start. Donna thinks that what Phoebe did during the ceremony… Brooke thinks that babies do some unpredictable things. Hope has always felt that connection with Phoebe. Katie wonders why she would call Hope momma though.

Thomas reminds Hope that he is her husband. She is thinking about Liam though… Hope knows he asked her to hold back. Hope thinks he has already done so much. Hope thinks that he has given her the chance to be a mother to his baby boy.

Liam knows they all miss Beth. Steffy thinks that the girls are still resting. Douglas asks if he can go see. Steffy tells him to go for it. Steffy wonders if he is ok. Steffy knows how difficult it is for him to talk about Beth. Liam says that Douglas said something that makes no sense. It is isn’t true. He should have seen the look on his face. He was so sure of himself. Douglas said that Beth is alive.

Brooke thinks that Hope has a lot to work through. Brooke thinks the expectations of his new wife are hard. Flo wonders what is wrong. Brooke explains that Thomas has a history of instability. Katie knows he set Rick’s house on fire. Brooke still sees those issues even now.

Hope is committed to Douglas too. Thomas wants one night where they don’t talk about Douglas or anyone else for the night. Thomas thinks they are doing it again. They can’t have one conversation without it reverting. He loves Douglas. He needs to make sure that his focus is on her too. He cannot neglect her. She is his beautiful and sexy wife. He loves her so much it hurts.

Liam doesn’t think anyone knows how painful stuff like this is for Hope. He still has a problem with Thomas but… There are only two reasons that she is married to him right now. Douglas and Beth.

Douglas looks at Phoebe.

Flo is shocked that Thomas shoved Rick out of window. Brooke is happy that Rick wasn’t killed. Flo wonders if he hasn’t changed at all. She needs to go. Brooke asks where she is going. Flo cannot take this anymore.

Hope continues to stop Thomas from kissing her. Thomas doesn’t think that she can continue to keep doing this to him. Thomas will say this one last time. Liam is in her past. Beth is gone and never coming back.

Douglas looks at Phoebe and remembers Thomas saying that Beth is Phoebe. Douglas tells Beth that he knows she is Beth.

Steffy asks where Douglas would get this idea. Liam doesn’t know but he was so sure of it. Steffy will talk with him. Liam thinks he knows it is hurtful. Douglas says that he can take him to Beth. He is confident about this. Steffy knows this is hard for him. Liam loves the kid and feels for him but he cannot talk about Beth. Steffy asks where Douglas is. Steffy says he is with the girls. Liam walks into the nursery. He asks what he is doing. Douglas says Beth. Liam says that is Phoebe. Douglas says that is baby Beth. Liam says that is Phoebe. Douglas says that Phoebe is baby Beth. Liam looks at Phoebe. He starts to get emotional.

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