B&B Friday Update 7/26/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/26/19


Written by Anthony

Liam is on hold with someone on the phone from the hospital. Liam was the guy asking about if Flo was at the hospital. Liam wonders if he could just pass along the name and number. The receptionist can do that. Liam thanks her. Steffy walks out with Phoebe. Steffy explains that someone wants their daddy. Liam picks up Phoebe and asks if she had a good nap.

Hope sits down in the design office. Flo understands that she cares about Douglas. Hope thinks more than care. Douglas is trying to be this big boy but he cannot understand things. She wants to help and take care of him. Flo wants to understand. She just worries that she is not thinking about how things will affect him the rest of her life.

Douglas keeps looking into the mirror and telling himself that Beth is alive. Thomas walks in and tells him that he is sorry. He got heated before. Douglas knows he got mad at him. Douglas doesn’t think that he can say what he thought that he heard. Thomas tells Douglas that those words can never come out of his mouth again.

Liam thinks that all the little pieces have come into their life for a reason. Steffy knows that they have a family now.

Hope tells someone on the phone that Thomas is happy to do publicity. Flo gets another message from Thomas not to cross him. Flo is still worried about her. They are cousins. It comes with the territory. She isn’t so sure that she can be without Liam. It isn’t fair that she doesn’t get Liam. Hope isn’t so sure she knows what that word means anymore. Flo didn’t honestly think she would go through with this with Thomas. Hope thinks that Douglas needs a mother too.

Thomas has worked hard for them to have a great life. He thought that he loved Hope. Douglas misses Mommy. Thomas explains that Hope is his wife. If he ever repeats what he heard… Douglas knows that he said that Beth was alive. Thomas thinks he cannot repeat anything about Phoebe, Beth, or babies. He needs to be a big boy. Douglas leaves. Thomas makes a call to Hope. He is counting on things getting better. He asks if she is excited about tonight. Hope will call a car and meet him there. Thomas thinks that sounds good. Hope explains that Thomas is planning a staycation. Hope thinks that Thomas is trying to do something sweet. Flo wants Hope to be careful with him. Hope has known Thomas all her life. Hope doesn’t think she needs to worry about her. She promises. She needs to get going.

Douglas walks back into Thomas’ bedroom. Douglas thinks that she is the coolest. Thomas wants him to lose the mug and smile. Douglas likes Liam. Liam is nice to him. Thomas tells Douglas to be a good boy while he is gone. He cannot say anything about Beth.

Liam thinks that Phoebe totally got his joke. She heard the punchline and laughed. Liam looks at his phone. Liam is waiting on a call. Liam asks if she said that Douglas is staying over. Steffy says they are going to a staycation. Hope shows up and says hi.

Zoe wishes that Flo wouldn’t ghost her. Zoe knows that she wanted to go to Brooke’s. At lease she didn’t go through with things. Flo knows her cousin is married to a maniac. She hates feeling trapped and helpless. She used to be a good person. Zoe thinks she is still a good person. They got caught up in an awful situation. Flo thinks that she just left. Thomas is taking Hope to a hotel room for an intown honeymoon. This makes her nervous. Zoe knows that Thomas has what he wants. He might actually calm down. He might not threaten them. If they all come to terms with this new reality life can go back to normal. Flo explains that Thomas literally pulled her aside and got aggressive and that the marriage was a done deal. She taunted him. He yelled at her and got really scary. It is like he got really dark. He told her that she was going to keep this secret until the day she dies. Thomas threatened her life and he is dangerous. She knows what happened to Emma and now she is Hope’s husband.

Hope feels like she sees a little bit of Liam in Phoebe. Steffy agrees. Thomas and Douglas show up. Thomas picks up Phoebe. Hope asks if Douglas is excited for the sleepover. Douglas wonders if they can go to the beach. Steffy says that Kelly will be at the beach. Liam looks at his phone. Thomas asks Liam how he is doing. Thomas imagines it was hard watching them get married. Thomas tells him he better not hurt Hope. Douglas wonders if Phoebe’s name was always Phoebe. Hope wonders why he asks.

Flo guesses that Phoebe kept calling Hope mama. Zoe doesn’t know how that could happen. Flo thinks that Hope might find out someway else.

Steffy says that Phoebe has been up for a while. Thomas and Steffy go into the nursery together. Hope plays with Douglas. Hope walks over to Liam. Hope really loves Phoebe. It has been that way since she laid eyes on her. Liam guesses she actually married that guy. Hope thinks he knows why. Liam doesn’t want to picture her alone with him. Thomas is not a good person. Good people don’t do what he does. Hope cannot keep being drawn to Steffy’s child. She needs to be a good mother to Douglas. Their daughter is gone. Douglas says she isn’t. Douglas says that Beth isn’t gone. Hope asks what Douglas is saying. Douglas says that Beth is alive

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